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  1. I guess i'm a bit late! I still have the files, and I'm currently reworking them to get up to 4.0 standards.
  2. yeah, congo, mud, hole, stuck.. guess noone heard my cries for help?
  3. The Swedish army do NOT use Bill 2 equipped CV9040s. But we do use bill 2 equipped AT squads riding in CV9040s. Reading the article you linked i can say that most of the stuff in there is pure fantasy.
  4. Some stuff have come up and i wont be able to finish the sunday missions in time. Im pretty sure Zip have som missions up his sleave for you all to play. i might be able to join you guys later i nte evening.
  5. ok, that vid made it clear why you guys didnt want to trade that hill for some time =) Apart from that little glitch this could be used as a tutorial on a delay mission. Almost textbook! =)
  6. You guys did exelent, i could have sworn we did alot more damade to you then we did. and one thing is for sure, the CV9040c can hold its own against t-55s!! At least at night and in the jungle =) A problems during this mission was the pathfinding for the AI, lots and lots of them got stuck along the roads in the woods. also, AI T55s would not engage moving CVs 25 meters away. For the sake of playability i gave all the units on the red side NVGs (to be able to use the observer view and coax them out of the woods if stuck) and still they would not engage. But i think the red side had fun! At least i did=)
  7. good work! reinforcements are on its way. Local militia from Elanga will take over the guard task. (not scripted in mission).
  8. Situation: ~36H have passed since the last mission. Most of the company have been repairing and resupplying east of Elanga. As soon as a 3 vehicle platoon could be spared it was sent north to relive the Cav troop and set up Ops to warn of any enemy movements. So far everything is quite up north. Blueland have sent more reinforcements to Elanga, and since 6h ago they are managing the defensive line on their own. 1 Cav Troops act as a QRF in the rear area. Heavy fighting have taken place south west of Elanga, about a company of infantry was airdropped in our rear area to disrupt our defenses and stop reinforcements from reaching Elanga. This situation was dealt with by the Australian Arm Cav. The company is down to 3 platoons of CVs. Blueland have given you command of a platoon of tanks (3), and a motorized platoon of infantry (trucks) for this mission. The rest of the Bn is involved in delaying actions North and East of FOB Kalix. No more spare CVs are available as replacement at this time, and due to the involvement of Redlands air-force we do not expect this situation to change in a few days perhaps as much as a week. Orders: C1 (castle 1 Bn cmd) My intent is to delay any units moving south along the route to Elanga. This will give Blueland units in Elanga time to prepare the defense of the town enough to be able to hold the town on their own. Set up OPs along route red to warn of any Redland units heading south. Engage and delay the enemy along route red at your own discretion for at least 1.5 hours. At line 86 North break contact and pull back east of the river via Elanga main bridge. Intel: At this time we do believe that enemy’s main effort is focused on the easternmost route.(East of FOB Kalix) And that their objective is to capture an airstrip. But we suspect that at least a reduced regiment is moving south along the westernmost route. (Route red) composition of lead element unknown but we suspect a Bn size mech unit with tanks cross attached.
  9. Well, it was "peacekeeping" during the first missions. But as soon as that northern neighbor decided it didn’t like that UN interfered with their covert dirty business in the area, and decided to make you leave. It became a "fight for your life" mission. The issue on what to do now is being debated at the highest level. The Security Council is divided into two factions. One wants the UN to pull back and avoid combat. The other point to the fact that the northern neighbor is conducting an offensive war on Blueland and that the UN should take actions to push them out of the country. At this time the general in charge of UN operations in Blueland have decided that delaying the advance of the Redland forces is the priority. Lots of UN personnel need to be evacuated from the areas threatened by Redland, and even if the Security Council decides to pull back, you need to evacuate them.
  10. In real life the Eagle IV have a crew of 1+4, I’m guessing the gunner is one of the transported soldiers, both when equipped with a pintle mounted MG/HMG/GMG or a RWS. I understand that at this time there is no way for SB to simulate a crewmember leaving a vehicle rendering a crew station unusable. That means there are still 3 soldiers i the vehicle. I guess the Eagle was specifically modeled to train soldiers in the operation of RWS, and that the need for the 4 (3) scouts to be able to disembark was not a priority. I have no idea how much work it would involve adding 3 lightly armed dismounts to the vehicle, but i do know it would make this little gem a lot more useful, and realistic. In my opinion, a recon vehicle without the ability to dismount a recon team will be limited in its use. If this small but significant addition to the Eagle has not been considered, i hope you will take it into consideration now. Thanks for your time.
  11. I there is an intrest for running this as a coop, feel free to use this thread to both meet up, and coordinate a time for the game. If you want to do the mission solo? just play the mission, Write an AAR, post a video, etc. in this thread. for me to be able to take your results into consideration the post must be made No later then 2010-09-12, 15.00 zulu. That gives me 2 hours to edit the mission.
  12. 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: About 60 minutes ago 2 medium size twinengined turboprops passed southwest of Elanga. supplytrucks heading for Elanga reported seeing parachutes but could not pinpoint the location. Estimated 1 Company of enemy infantry airdropped about 60 minutes ago. Local enemy militia might be supporting, numbers unknown. b) Own: After being relived by B company, your troop rendevouzed with 2nd troop 3 Km east of Elanga, and started resupplying. About 1 hour ago a replacement ASLAV arrived from the main base in Kalimva. c) Attachments and detachments: None 2) MISSION: Head Southwest and locate the dropzone used by the airborne units. Neutralize enemy units already on the ground. Secure the DZ, take mesures to denie its use by the enemy. Recce the road to secure passage for Blue transorts to Elanga. 3) EXECUTION: That’s up to the player! Intent: Prefered endstate, free passage along route blue for friendly units. DZ in blue control. iii) Additional assets: 1X3 tubes of 120mm mortars, HE and smoke avileble 5) COMMAND AND SIGNALS: As SOP Other: Mission time 90 minutes AAR or reports to be posted in this thread. ISTAR mission 2.rar
  13. Forget about the T-72, the M1A2, and all the other tanks we once wanted to have in the game! We need this!!! http://bpg-werks.com/military/ And we wont stop whining and spaming the forum about it untill we have it!! =)
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