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  1. A33 For me please if it is still free, otherwise wherever needed
  2. Im happy to play any of the Bravo callsigns, but would prefer to get a few more games in before playing as a Plt Leader.
  3. My main problem was the sinking trees at the edges of woods, it caused some issues with infantry and LOS in a mission. I fixed it by changing the type of tree to one that has a bit more trunk to it. Thanks for all the help!
  4. Ahh yes, that was the problem, looking further into larger areas of woods they are not sunk into the ground a few tiles in. Thanks! Now I only need to find a fitting tree that does not become a huge buch that covers any sight into the wooded areas.
  5. I'm currently updating some old maps I made a long time ago and remaking some old scenarios. A lot of things have happened in the map editor since I last used it. I have found and odd problem that i can't really find a solution to. I searched the forums but have been unable to find any topics covering it. Trees in a woodland tile are sunk into the ground about 2 meters, and the trunk of the trees can not be seen , only the branches are above ground. Single trees placed however are normal. in the attached picture the trees are all of the same type, the one on the right is the sing
  6. I guess i'm a bit late! I still have the files, and I'm currently reworking them to get up to 4.0 standards.
  7. yeah, congo, mud, hole, stuck.. guess noone heard my cries for help?
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