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  1. interesting read> Russian Ground Forces OOB (Institute for the Study of War, pdf)
  2. Ctrl alt delete gets me to the task manager and then my only option is to reboot my system..the trouble started when i pressed Alt+w during a game...i think iam going to reinstall SB when i have the time..
  3. The whole pc freezes,when i change to full screen mode,looks like a bug to me.
  4. I can't press the ok button and have to reboot my pc....
  5. when i want to run steelbeasts on full screen,the sb displayscreen will freeze,when i restart my computer and restard SB it will still run on windowd mode.....any advice here?
  6. Hi all,i can finally call myself a proud owner of the last update,all works very well,great update.. I have to practice on my skills cause i haven't played SB for a while now...anyway i own a steam controller and i would like to try it out with SB..Does anyone own one as well?,and is there someone here who all ready made a keyfile for it?
  7. Hi,i want to buy the latest update from the esim store,but I don't have a credit card,is there a way to pay with paypal?
  8. ah!,..didnt check.. thanx👍
  9. Hi,iam trying to add a sensocopter to an infantry unit,but somehow i cant get it deployed in game..is it just compatible with certain vehicles?. i added one to a lemur vehicle 1A,when i deploy the troops ingame,and get in the commands section of the troops commanders view,doesnt deploy..weird.any suggestions?
  10. Time to reread this classic!
  11. Great work,but can i get the password to edit the blue side,i would like to change the M 1 to other vehicles.
  12. great mission Cobra,80 minutes of intense clash of the titans!,i won of course but close. great work!!
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