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  1. Hey there,iam dutch too,so lets do some training together..
  2. Up and running again,..34inch widescreen,elgato streamdeck,and a 2nd monitor tablet running the F5 map with a program called Twomon(Lan)...Now i just have to figure out how to open the ports of my router and then iam ready to go online Again!!
  3. please get rid of the pushing arrow keys to traverse a turret,it doesn't add anything to the experiance,traversing a handcranked turret in real live goes easy and smooth,.. please do us a favor.hand crank,no problem
  4. interesting read> Russian Ground Forces OOB (Institute for the Study of War, pdf)
  5. Ctrl alt delete gets me to the task manager and then my only option is to reboot my system..the trouble started when i pressed Alt+w during a game...i think iam going to reinstall SB when i have the time..
  6. The whole pc freezes,when i change to full screen mode,looks like a bug to me.
  7. I can't press the ok button and have to reboot my pc....
  8. when i want to run steelbeasts on full screen,the sb displayscreen will freeze,when i restart my computer and restard SB it will still run on windowd mode.....any advice here?
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