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  1. Thanks to everyone, I had no problem with the upgrade and purchasing the 4.3 licenses.
  2. When I purchase the new license how does that update the dongle? Or is it just for the computer I am using for the sim?
  3. Hey, folks since I have the 4.1 version I need to purchase the license for the 4.3 ver. correct? I installed the 4.3 version and it's telling me my dongle license is now invalid.
  4. I have been running 4.157, and what has been the slow down as far as my machine goes was the Pagefile and physical RAM. I haven't bothered with getting another 8 GB of RAM but I did increase manually the Swap file in windows which gave me a few extra FPS. This machine is pretty unique, I am running a pentium 3258 OCed to 4.2 ghz. with 8 gigs of RAM and a Radeon 550 video card. With medium settings I am getting between 25-30 FPS. With the Benchmark scenario, 20-40. I am assuming this game, 4.1 is using multiple cores whereas the 4.0 appeared to be using only 2 cores.
  5. I too would like to try some multi player games. Now should I download Hamachi and would that set my computer up for an online session? With the teamspeak d/l of course. Wayne
  6. Hello, I was given the demo for a couple of weeks and I just wanted to inform the group that the graphics runs smooth and I haven't seen any lag at the highest settings. This is on a HP Pavilion G6-1c87nr. I find it best to run the sim on a large screen monitor, for me squinting at a 15 inch screen is a headache. Thanks, Wayne
  7. I have a laptop HP Pav. G6 with a Radeon 6470 M. I was wondering what the scaleable graphics are for SB pro. I have the original SB but the resolution is limited to 480.640? Would i be able to run the sim in full screen? Thanks, Wayne
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