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  1. Well, I think I solved it. Bought the upgrade to v4
  2. Most likely Tried again and indeed the CM install happens during the overall install process, and that is when the popup comes. No selection to skip that part when trying the custom installation.
  3. 6.90 is a fresh install yesterday from the CM website. When you say to skip the built-in CM install, I don't see that option anywhere. Just to be clear, I also think this is only caused by the CM stuff, not SB itself. 😀 Edit: 6.90 is from 30 july 2019.
  4. SP Pro PE v 2.654 Win 10 CM version 6.90 CM Stick 2.04 CM Serial is 2-nnnnnnn At end of installation, popup "Codemeter runtime: Unsupported operating system, major=6, version=2.2, sp=0.0, type=1". When closing the popup the installation says it´s completed but no .exe to start SB. I´ve rebooted computer after updating the CM firmware to 2.04
  5. I also use a Saitek X52 Pro. Being in the early stages of tank simming I´ve yet to fiddle around with programming all the knobs, switches and whatnot. As a complement I also have a Logitech G13 which is nice if one have a need to control more keys than can be fitted to the stick. I suspect that for me it will end up with stick plus G13, while the throttle stays sidelined. By default I find the vertical input from the stick to be a bit too agressive, but it´s easy to tune that to ones liking.
  6. Ah, found the kit. Gonna have a look. Cheers! Ohh, not the most printer-friendly layout... :eek2:
  7. Waay off topic (or is it?). Just curious if any others were shown this during crew training? I was sent to driver/crew school for the MTLB-variants that Sweden bought (was given?) in the late 90ies, and this was, if not the highlight of the course, at least a solid song for when we hit the bars. Shake Hands with Danger
  8. I hope this is an acceptable section to ask. Having just made the purchase after trying out the demo I was wondering if there are any recommended mods/maps/missions etc. that I should install without delay? I´m going to focus on learning the Leo2/strv122 and have seen a sound mod that should fit? I´ve also installed the Camp Hornfelt missions.
  9. Thanks a million mate. I´m unfortunately still at work and much of this weekend is consumed by having my old folks visiting. Offer greatly appreciated, I hope to take you up on it in the near future. :drink:
  10. Thanks for the welcome guys! Tjay, do you post server login info somewhere, or would I get that via TS? I haven´t gotten to the MP part yet, do you usually run on a dedicated server? It would be neat to hook up to a MP session before an organized event, just to verify that everything works and get a feel for the environment before getting lit up by some nasties.
  11. Well, just to say hi in the form of an introduction of myself. I just got the trial info out of the spam mailbox, sigh. I´ll most likely get the cash out, 100$ for a quality sim isn´t really all that much. Back to myself. I´m 43 yrs. Have a wife and two young boys. I currently live just north of Stockholm, Sweden, and work in telecom since -99. I have a keen interest in various sims and struggle to balance that with raising kids, spending some time with the mrs :smilelove-1: and sleep. Prior to my civilian career I served in the Swedish defence forces up in Boden. I started out with the usual basic infantry conscript training and ended up in C3. I then continued in the service mostly in that role. I´ve also thrown around one or two 120mm mortar rounds, great fun. I did a UN/IFOR tour in Bosnia in 95/96. I´ve never been active in the armored role though we had CV9040s and STRV122 in the brigade when I left the service. Also, the swedish international effort in those days were not of the kind that we see today so I do not have any training in for instance NATO signalling procedures. On the other hand it´s been 13 yrs since I did any signalling at all, so... On to this sim. I´m just getting started with checking out the documentation and forums, but I think I´ll be concentrating on one vehicle, STRV122 or CV90. Any recommendations there? Also, after doing some SP scenarios, what´s the recommended route to get into multiplayer? Cheers, hoping to see you soon (in my sights :ANI_army: )
  12. Greetings, first post here. I do not own SB, not for lack of want but rather insight of how little "gametime" I currently have. Just a quick intro about me. I´m 43 (born -69), married and have two boys age 4 and 6. I have a background in the Swedish Armed Forces as a Captain in the Arctic Brigade I19. When my career started there it was a mixed inf/armor regiment that later translated into mech inf and armor. I was mostly into the C3 area with a bit of 120mm mortar action on the side. I now work in a civilian telecom company. Anyway, what I came here to do was to give a small taste of the real world in the way of some pics from the initial parts of a largeish (at least given the current size of the Swedish defence forces) exercise that is taking place in my old neighbourhood, Boden. Nevermind the text, enjoy the pics. The top one embedded in the text opens a gallery. Hope you´ll like it Readying for battle Cheers, perhaps we´ll see each other ingame someday?
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