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    H66, or a Tank Platoon Leader if someone else is itching to be the TF CO.
  2. Operation Delaware River

    Still at Gunnery. I won't be able to make it.
  3. Glad to be here.

    There is of course the option of Kanium. We play every Sunday at 1900 GMT. Games are generally about 2 hours long, with human players fighting against a largely scripted OPFOR with some human controllers. Newcomers are welcome, and you can go as complex as you feel comfortable with for your first few games. Plenty of new players start out as a gunner. Here is the signup thread for the game for the upcoming Sunday, if this is of interest to you. You can always ask questions there as well.
  4. Traveling overwatch vs Bounding overwatch

    Let the gunner be the gunner. As the TC, if you are not in contact, you should be unbuttoned and scanning with either the Mk. 1 eyeball, your binos, or the TIM/CITV/Periscope, depending on the tank that you are using at the time (I know that the default is the M1A1(HA). Hold down shift and right click on any enemies that you observe to report them to your Platoon. The enemy icon will appear on the map and the AI gunners will adjust accordingly. This statement is fairly ridiculous...
  5. 'nother n00b thread

    Changing the tanks in Camp Hornfelt is 100% NOT cheating. Practice with the platform that you want to learn, be it a Strv 122, a Challenger 2, an M60A3, or an M1A2.
  6. 'nother n00b thread

    Mission 1 is, in my opinion, one of the hardest missions in Camp Hornfelt. Try Mission 2 and 3, then go back to Mission 1.
  7. About that deleted thread

    You said the following: Those are your words; I was pointing out that you are wrong; every person that you mentioned as an example would have a security clearance in real life. I would also hesitate before assuming that an almost 10 year old document from Oak Ridge National Laboratory is accurate when it comes to classifications and derivative classifications in the current US Army.
  8. About that deleted thread

    Actually, every person in this example would have, at a minimum, a Security Clearance of "Secret" in the US Army. Furthermore, you can't just look at a document and determine what information is secret or not by how "juicy" you deem it to be. I would stop while you are ahead; your knowledge on this subject appears to be based on conjectures and not facts.
  9. New Project

    I knew this was coming... Let the man build what he wants. I, for one, will play it.
  10. Has Steel Beasts Died?

    The holiday season tends to do that, with people spending time with their families, etc.
  11. 2.64 Upgrade

    Welcome back. I am familiar with your mission In Motion, although changes to how the AI operated in the current version may have changed the playability a bit from what was intended. Go here for the upgrade options. https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1530 You will need to "Upgrade License from version OLDER than 2.5" for $80. It'll send a 3.0 license to upgrade to for your CodeMeter, and then you will upgrade the CodeMeter to the latest version (4.0).