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  1. It is only for one session per event. You've got a week per event to do it.
  2. Thinking October/November timeframe. I'm not firm on dates yet. Depends on how available the teams are. If we get enough.
  3. My plan is to make a time window of about a week to complete each event. I want to add flexibility to people's schedules so I'm not having to coordinate 9+ people to get together at the same time for each event.
  4. 2022 Ultimate Tank Crew Challenge You might be pretty good, but are you the best? The 2022 Ultimate Tank Crew Challenge is meant to answer that question. Teams of three (3x) (Tank Commander, Gunner, and Driver) will compete in five (5x) events designed to push both crews and tanks to the limit. Since we, as a community, haven't run one of these for a while, I wanted to gauge if there is sufficient interest. To continue forward, I would like at least three (3x) teams to express interest. If you want to know more, read on! Basic Concept Note: as this is an initial concept, events are subject to changes based on feedback from participants and in the interest of fun and competition. I. Team Rules. a. All teams will be comprised of three (3x) players who will be identified as occupying the Tank Commander, Gunner, or Driver position. Players will remain in the position they have signed up for during the duration of the event. One (1x) additional player may be designated as a reserve crew member and may fill in if a member of the primary crew cannot attend an event. The reserve crew member will not compete unless a primary crew player cannot participate in the event. Example: Team TankSim enters with Apocalypse (TC), ben (Gunner), Revenant (driver), and Assassin (reserve). During event #1, Revenant is unable to attend. Team TankSim can use Assassin to take his place as the driver. If during event #2, Apocalypse is unable to participate, Assassin can take his place during that event. IF A TEAM IS UNABLE TO FIELD THREE CREW MEMBERS FOR AN EVENT, THEY WILL FORFEIT THAT EVENT. b. Each team will choose a playable tank with a thermal imager and the ability for the TC to engage targets in the event of gunner incapacitation. More than one team may choose to operate the same model of tank. A list of tanks fitting this description is below: Challenger 2 Leopard 1A5 series Leopard 2A4+ series M1 Series M60A3 TTS T-72B3 c. Each team will choose a camouflage scheme available in the mission editor. More than one team may choose the same camouflage scheme. A reference of available schemes is available here. II. Team Entry. a. TEAMS WILL SIGNUP FOR THE EVENT USING THE FORMAT BELOW: Team Name: Tank: Camouflage Scheme: Tank Commander: Gunner: Driver: Reserve (optional): b. Example: Team Name: Team TankSim Tank: M1A2 (SEP) Camouflage Scheme: US 2010 Tank Commander: Apocalypse Gunner: ben Driver: Revenant Reserve (optional): Assassin III. Events. a. Teams will compete in five (5x) events. Events 1 through 4 will have known tasks and standards on which the team can train. Events 1 thru 4 will each be conducted by a single team during a defined one-week window. The 5th Event's tasks and standards will be revealed upon the event’s start. Event 5 will use some of the tasks conducted during Events 1 thru 4; no additional tasks not present during Events 1 thru 4 will be added. b. Each event will conclude upon one of the following conditions: i. The Team completes all assigned tasks. The score attained at the end of the event will be used for ranking. ii. The Team elects to end the event. The score attained at the time of termination will be used for ranking. iii. The Team's tank can no longer continue the event (i.e., destroying the engine or main gun, the driver is incapacitated, etc.) Conditions that preclude the Team's tank from continuing will be briefed before the execution of the event. Meeting these conditions will terminate the event. The score attained at the time of termination will be used for ranking. iv. The Team reaches the time limit for the event. The event will auto-terminate at this time. The score attained at the end of the event will be used for ranking. c. The five (5x) planned events are listed below with a brief description. 1. Mounted Land Navigation. Teams will be given a list of points via 10 digit grid. Crews must plot all points on the map using checkpoints before initiating movement from their assembly area. Teams will have up to five minutes to plot points and build a plan. Upon expiration of the five minutes, Teams will have a set time limit to find as many points as possible. The ranking is determined by the number of points found, with time used as a tie-breaker. 2. Gunnery. Teams will conduct offensive and defensive engagements against Warsaw Pact-style targets, including trucks, tanks, PCs, and choppers. Offensive engagements will begin on the move. Defensive engagements will involve both hasty and deliberate fighting positions. There will be at least two Tank Commander engagements. Friendly Western-style targets will be included during engagements; shooting them will result in a penalty for the Team. 3. Degraded Gunnery. Conditions as listed above will apply. The event will automatically apply degradation to systems during engagements. Teams must train to conduct gunnery in emergency and manual modes to be successful during this event. 4. Situational Training Exercise. Teams will conduct offensive maneuver to reach a designated end point while facing a Warsaw Pact-style threat. 5. Secret Event. Teams will compete against each other to accomplish assigned tasks. Tasks will be selected from the four (4x) previous events; no new tasks will be introduced. This event's score will count twice (2x) for scoring purposes. IV. Scoring. a. Specific scoring per event will be posted during the event's execution window. b. Overall scoring will be a cumulative number of each Team's ranking for each event. A lower score is better. 1st place in an event will yield a score of 1, 2nd place a score of 2, 3rd place a score of 3, etc. The Secret Event's score will be doubled. 1st place will yield a score of 2, 2nd place a score of 4, etc. c. The Team with the lowest cumulative score at the conclusion of the 2022 Ultimate Tank Crew Challenge event will be declared the 2022 Ultimate Tank Crew. Interested? If so, let me know by filling out a Team Application. I plan to run this if we can assemble three (3x) or more Teams. I am open to questions. Team Name: Tank: Camouflage Scheme: Tank Commander: Gunner: Driver: Reserve (optional):
  5. A gunner is usually fine. MAKE SURE to do ALL the tutorials for the vehicle in question. I'd recommend the T-72B3 or the BMP-2, depending on your preference.
  6. Press F8 again in the observer's view to go to the overhead view (if enabled in the scenario by the author.) This provides an 'RTS-ish' view where you can use the scroll wheel to zoom to your hearts delight.
  7. Great to see that a LOT of community feedback in the support sub-forum was incorporated into this new patch. A few that I recognized: Fixed bug #11180; you may now delete Record entries from within the Main Menu @Mirzayev Fixed bug #11212; Leopard 2 family: Thermal imagers no longer out of focus @Mirzayev Fixed bug #11173; M1A2 SEP: LED lights are no longer missing from ICDU, so you identify your FCS mode @Assassin 7 Fixed bug #11196; BMP-2: NVG option for driver @Vikingo o Improved the behavior of the turret ring area, to make it less likely to absorb extreme angle impacts on its upper "lip" @Assassin 7 o Set the default carried RPG and LMG type to Soviet equipment (MT-LB and Ural 4320) @Apocalypse 31 Fixed bug #11207; Scorpion: main gun sound FX is missing during gameplay" @BlackDeath Let me know if I missed any so I can add it here.
  8. Here is the eSim tutorial video on YouTube. It is pretty good.
  9. Step 1: Uninstall Kaspersky Step 2: Install Steel Beasts. Step 3: Have fun. Here is an older thread describing a somewhat similar issue. Disabling Kaspersky seemed to work.
  10. Rating: 4/5. Didn't use defend tactic when near trenches. Seriously though, I'd recommend looking at pages 118-119 of the manual for a description of how the AI understands assigned tactics. "Buildings" includes things like trenches, and bunkers.
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