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  1. I ran a comparison of the hashfile outputs for the map package installation files on the eSim download page, and the ones that I had from 4.167. The hashes were identical. Unless the new installer is downloading the map package installation files from another source, it appears that they are one and the same.
  2. Quick guide on the installation. This is assuming that you have a PC with access to a relatively fast internet that can download the files in a timely manner. To install from scratch: Leave everything checked except for "keep installation on disk." This will download all files, run the installation, and then delete the setup files. To upgrade: - Uninstall Steel Beasts AND the Steel Beasts Map Transfer Manager. - Download the new SB Pro PE Bundle Installer - Select the options that you wish to download (for those upgrading from 4.167
  3. This video focuses on the new installation process present in 4.250. Please disregard the information on installation presented in video #1 (unless you are using 4.167 ).
  4. Uncheck the option to "keep installation on disk."
  5. No. Follow the release notes on page 3. Uninstall Steel Beasts Pro PE and the Map Transfer Manager. Don't uninstall the maps.
  6. MUCH easier installation experience. I also appreciate the Mission Editor text on the main menu changing when you press CTRL, ALT, or SHIFT to show what it'll do when you left click on it.
  7. @Pteradon Open the CodeMeter Control Center and click on File -> WebAdmin (Ctrl+W).
  8. Part 2A is up. This focuses on mission editor basics (mainly editing an existing scenario to put in vehicles that you want to use), using logistics assets to repair/rearm vehicles to get them back into the fight, and an introduction to using indirect fire. Next video will focus on playing the scenario edited in this video.
  9. There are few times when I can truly say that I have shot someone in the face and mean it literally. This is one of those times.
  10. I view Steel Beasts as being able to fill two particular areas: simulation of modern armor, and being a wargame at the tactical level. The simulation aspect is pretty simple: one can experience it by interacting with the interiors and various systems modeled inside the tank. Steel Beasts is the best simulator of modern armor on the market, so I won't go into this point. The wargaming aspect is more interesting. Steel Beasts requires you to apply the warfighting functions of Movement and Maneuver, Intelligence, Fires, Mission Command, Sustainment, and Protection (to a
  11. So the SB Map Transfer Manager is only for downloading specific maps that do not come with the map installer. Are you trying to download a specific map for a scenario? Ensure that you are executing the following steps to install SB: 1. Download and install the CodeMeter software (https://www.wibu.com/us/support/user/downloads-user-software.html) 2. Download and install the Map Package Installer (Part 1A through Part 3C and the Executable) 3. Download and install the SB Program itself (Part 1 - Part 6) You'll need to place all items fo
  12. It is an option, but CSS is generally VERY boring to play. You might want to consider being a wingman in a Leopard 2A5, especially since you have played before.
  13. Very sad news. I'll miss hearing Dboy's voice in our games, and the joy that he brought to everyone. He will truly forever be a part of this community.
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