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  1. Put me down as a tentative for B41, or CO. Gotta check the duty roster when it gets published.
  2. Wrecking house with a Company of T-14s with T-15 support. It is pretty impressive how lethal these vehicles are!
  3. We've done it before in game without proofing the breach. While not ideal, it is doable. Just avoid the remaining mines, and follow the guy in front of you very carefully.
  4. How much experience do you have with Steel Beasts? Would you rather be on a tank (Leopard 2A6 or M1A2 SEP) or a CV9040? Would you feel more comfortable being a gunner for another player, or having your own vehicle?
  5. Hey all. The US Army has released a new system for accessing information on the Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE), called ODIN - the Operational Environment Data Integration. This site provides background for fictional countries in Africa, the Caucasus, Europe, and the Pacific. It also includes fictional non-state actors within the region, and orders of battle for the various entities depicted. It goes pretty in depth, and can definitely be used to create a convincing background for any scenarios in Steel Beasts. It is pretty sleek for a US Army website, and is surprisingly easy to navigate. https://odin.tradoc.army.mil/DATEWORLD
  6. Starting in about 20 minutes from the time of this posting.
  7. Livestream for those who want to watch in progress (or watch if later after completion. )
  8. @Gladiator(911) Another round of RFIs (requests for information), this time for the BN S2: 1. Is there a currently templated probably line of contact (PL 2; south of the 81 Northing?) 2. What is the estimated enemy strength and disposition on OBJ 1 and OBJ 2?
  9. @Gladiator(911) I am assuming that OBJ 1 is annotated as "ZZ" on the displayed map?
  10. It very much depends at the echelon. As a Platoon Leader, or as a Vehicle Commander, making decisions based on the reality on the ground makes sense... as you can actually see the ground. At Company level, and especially at BN level or above, you are fighting off of a variety of map, either physical or digital. Key leaders will put themselves at identified points of friction, but at Company and above you are reliant on your subordinate units to paint the picture of the battlefield environment based on good reporting. This works with human players at the Platoon level. "B6, this is B1, my Bravo Section has made contact with enemy infantry!" However, the AI's reports cannot currently paint the same level of detail by being as concise. "Unit B-14: Contact, Personnel at 0859 7352" "Unit B-14/ TM A is taking fire" "Unit B-13/ TM A is taking fire" "Unit B-14 is taking fire" "Unit B-14/ TM B is taking fire" "Unit B-13 is taking fire" "Unit B-13/ TM B is taking fire" Having the ability to quickly identify elements under fire by a flashing icon isn't any worse than having routes flash red when a unit gets stuck. It makes things a bit easier when managing a large number of AI units.
  11. While messing with the DF30 Commander's Cupola, I discovered that it is powered and allows rotation. Pretty cool! Anyway, when doing so, a wire connection is severed, and stays dangling on screen, with the two pieces no longer being connected (see 0:18).
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