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  1. Fun mission, even with the crash that occurred. Looks like it DID bear some qualities similar to its namesake.
  2. I'll take A66. Hopefully this operation goes better than this... "firearm."
  3. Might be kinda hard to get permission when the poster's last activity on this forum took place over 13 years ago...
  4. I'm out for this week. I'll be doing equally manly stuff.
  5. There are plenty of different report formats. I like SALT, or Size, Activity, Location, and Time. It is pretty quick, IE: Black 6, this is Red 1, SALT to follow, break. 3x T-80s in a hasty defense, VIC CP 37, time 1537L. The break gives the receivers time to prepare to write the report down, frees up the net if anything is more pressing, etc. You can also make it a SALTY report to add in Your Recommendations if you need to ask the CO for permission to modify your maneuver plan. There is also a SALUTE report, for Size, Activity, Location, Uniform, Time, and Equipment. This is a more in depth report and works better if you have time to develop the situation (ie recon, not in direct fire contact, etc.) On the other hand, a contact report is even quicker than SALT, and is used when you come into unexpected direct or indirect fire and haven't developed the situation. IE: Black 6, Red 1, contact, tanks, north, out. This tells the CO to give you about two or three minutes to develop the situation before he tries to pull the next report from your Platoon. It is also helpful to assign responsibilities for who calls in reports. When I was a PL, I had my PSG call in all routine reports so I could focus on maneuvering the Platoon (opening and closing checkpoints, crossing phase lines, etc.) He would call in any contact reports, and I would follow up with the CO with SALT or SALUTE reports when the Platoon was given a battle drill to execute. Obviously, this is all SOP, and there are multiple ways to solve the problem of how to effectively create a common operating picture at the Company level.
  6. I'm sorry that I have to do this, but I'm going to have to drop being the CO for Sunday. Some "winner" decided to vandalize my car, so now I've got to deal with filing a police report, calling my insurance, etc.
  7. @Paladin1CD Yes. If you have a license for 4.0, then the upgrade will be exactly what you will need to play 4.1. Following that, download and install the map pack, and then Steel Beasts. If you want to add the Map Downloader (I would recommend it) make sure that you install Steel Beasts first before installing the downloader.
  8. Yes, there is an upgrade to 4.1. Here is the page to order the upgrade: https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1530 It only costs $30 if you are upgrading from 4.0 to 4.1. Definitely worth it, in my opinion. Do you have a CodeMeter, or did you purchase the time license? If you have a CodeMeter, just put it into your PC and try to run Steel Beasts 4.0. It should run without any error message about the license. If this happens, your license is good!
  9. Maybe take another look at the download page? Go here: https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1607 Make sure that you download and install the map packages first, as previously suggested. Once that is done, do a search for "SB Pro PE 4.161 Installer." Once you find it, download all six parts into the same folder, and then run Part 1 once they are all downloaded. Don't rename any of the files. There is also no need to download and apply the 4.161 patch if you are downloading the full game itself. Edit: Also, yes, you do have to purchase the upgrade to 4.1.
  10. Are you sure that you are running 4.1? There is a massive difference in just the terrain engine alone...
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