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    Group move

    Select multiple units, right click, and form them as a task force. That'll enable you to send group moves.
  2. And if you don't wanna do that, play some of the great scenarios that come with the game, or that you can download from the 4.1+ Single Player Scenarios section.
  3. I just asked for the equipment composition... not the entire plan. So, what does he actually have? T-90s? BMP-3s?
  4. Questions: Can we get the scenario posted so we can download to test if we have the correct map package/troubleshoot prior to the game? What is the equipment composition of the enemy? What is the composition of friendly dismounts by element?
  5. Kanium games in 51 seconds.
  6. Doing actual battle tracking makes everything much more interesting. Big issues here though are that your subordinates should also be able to print a map, put graphics on it, etc. Which is why removing unit icons for printing is ideal...
  7. While I appreciate you trying to find a workaround, I just wanna print the displayed map after opening a scenario, during the planning phase, without the unit icons. I don't want to go through a six step process for something that *could* be as simple as turning an option off before printing. This is not a current feature in Steel Beasts, to the best of my knowledge. Which is why I am posting it as a wish. I don't see that as asking for anything unreasonable. Let's leave it at that and move on.
  8. Yeah, we aren't talking about the same thing man. What I am asking for is the ability to "print displayed map" without having unit icons on said printout. This is done from an Offline or Network session. Not from the Map or Mission editor.
  9. Other random admin-related wish request: The ability to print the displayed map while excluding unit icons. Sometimes you just want the base graphics.
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