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  1. I see lines, boxes, and text on a map. I'll be sure to add more lines, boxes, and text. That is all you need to do to CO, right?
  2. For what it is worth, I like the addition. I'm fully prepared to receive all of the "back in my day" comments. Send 'em.
  3. Uh... what? I wasn't replying to your post.
  4. There's two recipes, one behind the golem boss up north and one behind the injector bug boss down south. Dragon statue recipes are behind the injector bug boss. #Thread
  5. Cavalry Troop Reconnaissance was a LOT of fun while playing it co-op. Can't wait to get it back onto my hard drive.
  6. FYI, they definitely get put into missions. 😉
  7. @whatever I would be weary just posting your email address on a public forum. You might wanna remove it from your post and speak to @Ssnake regarding any issues related to email. His contact information is in his signature. eSim does not offer a two year license, unless you purchased two one year licenses at the same time. For deleting maps, go to (by default) C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages and delete the ones that you don't need. I would recommend finding a different solution for freeing up hard drive space, since not having all of the base maps is going to seriously restrict the scenarios that you can play.
  8. I recommend checking out my Beginner's Guide to help you get started. The installation part can be skipped; the newest version has a bundle installer that makes it much easier. Steel Beasts is focused a bit more on modern armor. While there are plenty of capabilities for later-Cold War scenarios, you will be a bit limited with the arsenal when looking at stuff from the mid-70s without some creative degrading. This can all be done in the Mission Editor. All vehicles available in Steel Beasts can be viewed here: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Category:Vehicles Good hunting.
  9. As commented on the video, use left alt and the scroll wheel on your mouse to focus the thermal imager in NFOV mode for better target identification.
  10. I've had the first one in the works for a while. I'll try doing it when I'm a bit less mobile in life.
  11. Since most of these questions seem to be focused on what a new player controls, perhaps a method to further classify new 4.1 scenarios in the download section is to organize them by the size of the element that the player is in direct control over. Something like: Platoon Company Battalion Brigade This can be an optional classification by the scenario author to help further sub-divide them in a manner that is easy to find aside from the description. Some cases in point: Seize Objective Bear (4.265) is a company-sized mission. I know this due to the description. It is also in the very first line so I don't even have to read the full description; I can easily see while scrolling through the full list of scenarios. US ARMY COMBINED ARMS is a lot more vague, telling me that I have a "small force of US forces." I'm assuming that is a company-sized element, but unless I download the scenario I have no idea based on the description. I have to click on the scenario in question to read the blurb about a "small force of US forces." Clearing Kandahar is a Platoon-sized mission, but I have to read up to Paragraph III of the OPORD to know this. Not picking on any of the authors, but this shows how it can be harder and more time consuming to find the scale of player control in a scenario just by reading the description... assuming that it actually tells you. Sub-dividing by scale would be a fantastic feature to help newer players (and make it quicker to sort through; even experienced players want something simple.)
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