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  1. I'm not seeing the issue here at all. You can give orders to your Platoon in the 3D view without ever using the map, to include "Engage" tactics, or ordering your driver to move to a specific piece of terrain in the 3D world by holding control and right clicking. Steel Beasts is one of the most user-friendly simulations I have ever played when it comes to giving precise orders quickly to a large number of units. @Lumituisku Honestly, for me playing with all map updates off is unrealistic in any modern scenario, unless you have fully manned units in multiplayer and there is a deliberate focus on the quality/frequency of SITREPs. Modern AFVs go so far as to give you the option to automatically populate an enemy icon wherever you lase, with the type being determined by the weapon and ammo selected. All of this, of course, being instantly shared globally. I do agree with the ammo status though. Poor ammo management is one of the few things that'll kick a good plan right in the teeth.
  2. That looks interesting; I'll check it out at some point. I generally just use PowerPoint. 🤷‍♂️
  3. Numero 5. I'll be honest, I'm really not a huge fan of playing this mission solo. I feel like it would work best as a co-op between four to eight players, rather than Mission #1 in a "How to Play Steel Beasts" scenario pack. Maybe I just haven't found the "magic formula" for acing this mission every time, but my results seem to be a random combination of the enemy shooting at exactly the wrong moment, combined with a general decent tactical plan. That being said, if you can beat this mission reliably, you are well on your way to becoming a good Platoon Leader in the Steel Beasts world! Ok, rant over. I'm going to modify this scenario to include enablers (2x AH-64s, a UAS, possibly some mortars,) to show how at the platoon level you can integrate them into your maneuver plan to improve general lethality and survivability.
  4. My mistake, I'm not a guru when it comes to SB artillery and all of its workings. Changed the original post to reflect. Anyway, I think you are taking our responses with a different tone than intended. This is the place to ask questions, and you are welcome to join the game this Sunday, if you want to.
  5. 4x will be fine. Priority TRPs already give a pretty quick splash time, and there is nothing, other than integrity, holding BLUE to only executing 12x priority missions.
  6. Brett Stern: "Good evening, I'm Brett Stern, newscaster extraordinaire. It isn't every day that miracles happen, especially in the midst of an ongoing war between the peoples of Donovia and Atropia. However, tonight we bring you a special report from the front lines. Our corespondent, James Hughes, bring you this heartwarming story! Take it away, James!" James Hughes: "Ivan Petrochevski was just an ordinary OPFOR Soldier who thought today was just another day at work!" Ivan Petrochevski: *with comically heavy Russian accent* "I normally spend my days riding in the back of BMP-3, waiting for fiery death from capitalist pig-dogs!" *Cue stock footage of tanks doing tank things* James Hughes: "Fiery death is what can certainly be expected. A new shipment of Leopardo 2Es to the Republic of Atropia has increased their lethality in the never-ending war with Donovia over the province of Erdabil." Ivan Petrochevski: "Radio was going off; comrades were reporting how they were taking fire, some were even requesting permission to retreat." James Hughes: "But Ivan was prepared to lay down his life for Donovia; retreat was not an option!" Ivan Petrochevski: "The driver just kept going along the same route, over and over again. Even if I wanted to escape, there is no way that Boris would ever stop the BMP-3!" James Hughes: "And never stop he did, even as a SABOT round tore into the hull of the BMP-3; fired at close range from an Atropian Leopardo 2E. But then, a miracle!" John Smith: "I was just photographing bushes in the middle of the warzone, when I heard a massive explosion!" James Hughes: "Eyewitness John Smith snapped two photos of the carnage." John Smith: "I saw a great explosion, as the ammunition and fuel inside the BMP-3 combusted, sending the turret flying. I thought that no one could have survived, until I saw a man sitting inside the crew compartment, cooking smores!" Ivan Petrochevski: "Smores are great snack when fighting capitalist pig-dogs! I was wondering about how to cook, when entire crew compartment became one great bonfire!" James Hughes: "After cooking his smores, Ivan calmly dismounted from the raging inferno, being sure to take his assigned AT-weapon system with him." Ivan Petrochevski: "I grabbed my kit and left the raging inferno. In absence of orders, I crawled to the right side of burning BMP-3 and sat tight. Until I get new orders, I will stay next to charred wreckage of formerly glorious Donovian IFV!" Brett Stern: "Wow James, what a truly inspiring story! In our next story of the evening, here is a video of fluffy kittens playing with balls of yarn..." ************ So yeah, I shot a BMP-3, a dramatic explosion occurred, and 1x infantryman survived in full fighting shape. Is this a bug, or simply a feature? The AAR file is attached, if it is needed. Tanks_v3a_Leo_2E_11572_050119DESKTOP-71SU2118.aar
  7. Here is a video I did up really quick of setting up a TOW Missile Team from a Unimog. By default, the Unimog does not come with an ATGM team, so I am assuming this was changed (by you maybe?) in the mission editor. The scenario is also included for you to try. Do exactly what I do in the video and let me know if it works. Note: you will need to wait a few seconds after the TOW launcher is set up before you can use the missile sight. As stated above, posting a scenario will be useful for reference so we can figure out exactly why you are having a problem with this. Also, can you confirm that you are trying to use a TOW missile? Different ATGMs may have additional/different steps compared to using a TOW. TOW_Test.sce
  8. Ensure that you have the team set to a tactic; "stay" tends to work well if you do not want the AI to move from where you have placed them. They will take some time to set up the launcher. For anything on the technical side, I would refer to Gibsonm's excellent ATGM Tutorial:
  9. So a couple of things here. 1. You don't have to press "shift" when indexing rounds. 2. By default, the M1A2 SEP carried MPAT, which is selected with the END key. Unless you M1A2 has HEAT loaded, pressing DEL will not do anything as you don't physically have HEAT ammo. 3. Yes, this is normal. In traditional tank doctrine, the last loaded round is kept in the tube until fired. The loaded then loads the next round as called out by the TC. For example "Fire, Fire HEAT" tells the Gunner to fire the current round (SABOT in this case), and to load the next round with HEAT. 4. IF your tactical situation allows for it, you can order the loader to reload the ammunition by pressing the corresponding ammo key twice. For example, pressing the END key twice will tell your loader to physically open the breach and remove the SABOT round, and replace it with an MPAT round. This is very dangerous, since you now have a live round exposed in the crew compartment, not to mention the previous extra seconds that this can take. One of the few times that I would do this in a combat situation is if I am in a defilade, I am currently loaded with HEAT, and the target is currently concealed by thick vegetation, necessitating a SABOT round to prevent a pre-mature detonation of the HEAT round.
  10. I'll be honest man, I don't exactly know what you are asking for. Do you want to be in a Mech Infantry Platoon, or do you want to try the FSO position?
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