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  1. Checked out the AAR. Awesome work! Here is a synopsis of what the OPFOR try to do in this scenario. Obviously, spoilers if you happen to be browsing and haven't played this yet. Unlike in typical Nyumban doctrine, the OPFOR doesn't have enough forces available after their attack to seize Mtangazajiland to commit to a deliberate attack. Their basic idea is to conduct a spoiling attack as quickly as possible to disrupt the Amari's offensive timetable, and give them more time to prepare a deliberate defense. As such, the enemy only has two elements they are committing: the fixing element, and the exploitation element. The fixing element is the initial recon force, and is approximately a Company (-) They have two goals: 1. Determine the best ECOA for the commitment of the exploitation element. This is done though determining friendly composition on OBJ Hammer and OBJ Anvil. You didn't allow then to see your full forces on each objective, so they were unsuccessful here. 2. Fix Amari forces in place though the use of indirect fires, ATGMs, and positioning their elements on the flanks to attack unprotected high payoff targets. They had success here on OBJ Hammer, with the destruction of 1x Mi-17, and several exposed Centauros. The second element is the exploitation element. They consists of a Battalion (-) and intend to break through the Amari's guard and either engage units from the flank (the 12 AT to the west) or fix the main body (3 Mech BN to the south.) They don't have the required forces to do both, so they will mass on one OBJ (the less-defended one if their fixing element does their job), dismount their infantry, and conduct a hasty attack. They will try to isolate their objective with smoke on the opposite objective to degrade observation and fields of fire, before committing rocket artillery and IDF onto their chosen OBJ as they transition from movement to maneuver. This is what you encountered on OBJ Anvil. If you had failed to inflict sufficient casualties, they would have continued to drive towards your western boundary with 12 AT, crossed it, and attacked 12 AT, stalling the planned Amari offensive. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed it, and I welcome your comments and feedback!
  2. Two points for your understanding: 1. 21A means you are the platoon leader of that element. Make sure you understand that you are expected to lead it, and that you understand how to move units in deployment zones (drag and drop, it is easy.) 2. The Centauro is very different from a typical western MBT. Make sure you do the tutorial for it, and hit the tank range on it to get a feel for how it works. I just want to make sure you are aware of these two things going in. It might be worth seeing if you can switch positions with one of the more experienced players in 2A.
  3. I can't join this one, but I'd love to see the AAR (or a recording if anyone is doing that) afterwards.
  4. I could use a mouse pad, but my address is decidedly different from where I last ordered from.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    A decisive engagement is when a unit is fully committed and cannot maneuver or extricate itself. The action must be fought to a conclusion and won or lost with the forces at hand. This scenario is set at the National Training Center and features a late 1990s US armor company team conducting a hasty defense against a Krasnovian tank battalion executing a spoiling attack. The equipment and ammunition used by both sides would have been seen as 'cutting edge' at the time. This scenario is designed to present a challenge to experienced players. This scenario aims to be run as a tactical decision game that can be completed from planning to the AAR within 40 minutes. The recommended timeline for this format is below: Planning - 10 minutes. Execution - Approximately 20 minutes. AAR - 10 minutes. Feedback on this scenario may be sent to the author at steelbeasts.com (Mirzayev) or via Discord (revenant_mz). Special thanks to Nike-Ajax, ben, and Apocalypse for testing and feedback.
  6. When your hobby consists of posting stuff that no one will read.
  7. You know there are multiple drones already in Steel Beasts, right?
  8. You can take screenshots by holding Shift+F12.
  9. That's awful! He was a good man and I enjoyed the many hours I spent playing Steel Beasts with him. I'm glad I knew him.
  10. 1. Click "Offline Session." 2. Pick a scenario. 3. Play it. Yep.
  11. We're beyond license activation. He's asking how to play single player scenarios and the hotkey for third person.
  12. Or just keep going. There shall be no end to the shenanigans!
  13. I know this won't be read by the OP, but for others who may want to know about license activation: https://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/7797-license-activation-how-to/
  14. If only there were freely available release notes on the same download page as previously linked that told exactly what the latest version was, and how to install it...
  15. There was an M3A3. They have all been converted to the M2A3 layout.
  16. Wish: the ability to save IP addresses with a nickname for multiplayer sessions so you can select something like "Rev's Server" as opposed to ""
  17. @ben and I figured this out six months ago with one of my scenarios. I guess I shoulda reported it. 🤣
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