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  1. Finally applied the license. Looking forward to the release whenever it is ready.
  2. Eh, fits into this conversation about as well as everything else. 🤣
  3. Having "OPFOR" vehicles with a thermal system will certainly lead to more interesting scenarios. T-72 focused missions can now be made more scaleable in difficulty for the player. Which is always a good thing.
  4. Nah. Gotta drive. Gotta be in Arizona by Monday morning at 7:30.
  5. I'm a simple man. I see a Steel Beasts upgrade. I buy said upgrade.
  6. DCS in Space? Probably more along the lines of this: https://store.steampowered.com/app/882140/Reentry__An_Orbital_Simulator/
  7. MICLIC followed by a mine plow through the exact lane is what we do in real life. Also works great in game. AEVs are the best based on the width, and their ability to drop flags to mark the left side of the lane. I usually run this manually based on how important it is to get the lane right.
  8. Yes, it penetrated (155mm) and likely killed the crew, causing the tank to be considered destroyed.
  9. Messed around with the Challenger 2 with HESH. It works as intended when using first and last return. Not a bug.
  10. Definitely recommend a wingman as being pretty good for first time. Get a feel for things.
  11. Hit the general Discord up. We'll all respond.
  12. For #2, you can absolutely have a Mech Infantry force be the center point of a scenario. All depends on the scenario designer. What I will say is that the infantry model is somewhat limited in specific terrain... namely MOUT style operations. You won't find the level of fidelity there as compared to Shock Force 2, etc. Dismounted ATGMs though are very dangerous, and I've used them countless times to absolutely wreck OPFOR. #4 can be done by adjusting the number of Batteries in the scenario editor. Each Battery allows the processing of one fire mission due to the presence of a Fire Direction Center IRL. You can also edit number of rounds by type, etc. To chime in for #1, Company can be done with less micromanagement with appropriate use of routes, waypoints, and triggers during the planning phase in Single Player. I demonstrate that some in this video, where you can activate a trigger to cause specific elements to move along a route to a new point, etc. I would *highly* encourage learning to use task forces when managing infantry; it'll save you significant time. With that being said, Kanium (and other virtual units) have been doing Company-sized to Battalion-sized multiplayer missions for years, depending on player count.
  13. @F.T Did you read the Wiki link I posted? It contains all of this information...
  14. Read this: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php/Challenger_2#Engaging_Targets_with_HESH It'll explain what is going on.
  15. Yes... yes it does. That is a calculation of lead. The reticle isn't stabilized on both planes, so you'll see some "lag" and offset.
  16. I assume that you have installed the latest CodeMeter software? https://www.wibu.com/us/support/user/downloads-user-software/file/download/9353.html
  17. I'll patiently wait for the next, next update.
  18. Figured I'd spare everyone from requesting satellite-based lasers, modeling of ICBMs, or <Insert Random Low-Production Prototype Here> and focus instead on asking for some more quality of life/planning phase improvements. 1. Having a number of participants counter be displayed for all players during a Network Session. Yes, the host can see this on their end somehow; I'm not a host with a server key. The issue is that the host is sometimes not the "leader" of the session, who needs to know if they are up on the proper number of players (or if the new guy is still in TeamSpeak and doesn't have the IP address), how to adjust the manning roster, etc. Something like this would be great, with the "# Of Participants Here" saying 15 in this case. 2. Having a "flip text" option associated with graphics, where it turns the text 180 degrees but still locks it in to rotate with the graphic control measure. Sometimes you just want the text to be the other way, and don't wanna have to start moving text while changing from 22 to 45 degrees until it finally fits on the map overlay while still being legible. 3. Being able to hold down the SHIFT key while placing a custom line to lock it onto a road. This would make creating route graphic control measures a LOT quicker. This is my second most common use for custom lines (phase lines are the first). 4. Having the Axis of Attack being "drawable" similar to the Direction of Attack, where the graphic control measure shapes itself to your desired direction as opposed to being a rigid "arrow." This is doctrinally appropriate (US, ADP 3-90): An axis of advance ((name change; same method of marking)) November 2020) provides a general area through which the bulk of a unit’s combat power must move. A direction of attack (November 2020) a specific direction or assigned route a force uses and does not deviate from when attacking. Sometimes I want assigned combat power to move anywhere within a larger area to get into an advantageous position, versus moving along an assigned route and not deviating from it.
  19. It has different features tailed to the specific customer. But to be short: "no."
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