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  1. I'll normally use Shift + the left or right arrow to order the gunner to traverse left or right, respectively. Holding down shift and right clicking on the observed target prior to this simulates you reporting the target as a contact, meaning that it will appear on the map, AND the AI will "know" that it is there and be more likely to see it during scanning.
  2. Layering events is about the only way to have a message fire multiple times if someone enters a penalty zone. I put a sample scenario below in which it fires once any friendly vehicle enters the zone. It is also worth mentioning that in the current version of Steel Beasts the message "You are in a penalty zone!" flashes across your screen in bright red letters. This screenshot was taken in an offline scenario with realism set to "high." If you just want to warn your player that they are in a place where they shouldn't be, the game takes care of that for you.
  3. You aren't explaining your endstate. Why do you want the condition to be on when a unit enters a region? What do you want that condition to do? Explaining that will help us help you.
  4. @Striker It might help if you give us an example of what you are trying to do. For example: "I want to spawn an enemy tank platoom within 5 minutes (+ or - up to 10% for randomization) upon BLUE occupying a battle position. I also want to send a message to the player indicating that SIGINT has detected that the enemy will conduct a counterattack within 5 minutes." We can possibly give you a solution to what you want to do with a description like that above.
  5. False. My active ear protection (which I normally use for shooting) is capable of reducing sudden noises by 40 db, and continuous noises by 15 db. That'll make standing next to a plane's jet engine have a db equivalent to a loud trombone player. Even a relatively cheap pair of quality earplugs can reduce noise by 20 db. Yes, it can get loud, but the purpose of the high wattage is for headroom within the speaker itself. I can run a drum machine pumping out both drums and synth bass, a synthesizer, and my guitar modeler through that one PA speaker without the sound quality turning t
  6. It sounds like a frequency limited, distorted mess. Instrument amplifiers have a limited frequency response focusing on those areas that are traditionally considered "most pleasing" for said instrument. A 100 watt tube guitar amp, for example, will NEVER be able to put out the bass response of something like an 800 watt bass amplifier (headroom in the power amp for lower frequencies, etc.) You *might* get something decent with a dedicated acoustic amplifier due to them being much more neutral in their response. The best bet if you wanna get REALLY loud with good sound
  7. Just for fun (while on the subject): A view of the Whale Gap in Steel Beasts: A view of the Whale Gap in real life:
  8. I don't know of anything that is exact to those out here, but here are a few locations that come to mind: Brown/Debnam Pass - The Whale Gap (probably based on a fictional, scaled-down version of this) Portapotty Wadi/1SG Wadi
  9. I feel like this topic should be its own thread in tutorials since it is mind blowing every time it is described. It is also incredibly useful.
  10. Took place during a TankSim multiplayer event. T-72 died to a 7.62 round. No prior damage to the tank itself. Kinda unfortunate. B17 Rebel Raid East Africa v1.0.0_10500_031621COLTON-PC1715.aarAAR is attached if that matters.
  11. Playing online in a VU setting where you have 20+ people regularly is where Steel Beasts shines, in my humble opinion. It is one thing to come up with a good plan and "telepathically" transmit that to an AI that will do exactly what you tell them to do. It is another entirely to have to communicate said plan to a group of players in a manner that they understand, and to consider the personalities of your subordinates and how they will perform. Many games try to simulate this, but nothing comes close to actually having to deal with real people.
  12. This. So you are saying that a player in the role of the Company or Battalion Commander would now have to think about how to employ infantry as part of their maneuver plan to actually win a battle? Just like in real life? What a concept! I would argue that those who know how to employ infantry already ARE dangerous opponents even without having an "AT shoot here" option (just like there is already with the HE and Smoke grenades). No one thinks it is game breaking that you can manually fire from one of the many Tanks and AFVs already in game, or manually fire
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