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  1. For those who can't join but still wanna watch the grand battle of BAE Systems vs General Dynamics.
  2. Would prefer A11 or A31. Will take 66 if absolutely no one else is willing to do it. And if I take it, plan will literally be a single arrow with the words "figure it out" written next to it.
  3. Made this a while ago. This is "a method." Might help with walking you through the process.
  4. Not to diminish their work or anything, but why add a Panther A to a game which is set during the Yugoslav Wars of the 90s? Just to add something for the T-34-85 to fight?
  5. Another one! Wish: a CH-47 "Supply" variant to provide a Western version of the Mi-8 "Supply." Can function exactly the same as the base model, just with a supply radius.
    Fun set of challenging missions that require use of all of your assets to accomplish your mission. OPFOR is realistic in how they fight, and has modern equipment. Don't underestimate the infantry in this one, as the NLAW will do a lot of work against enemy armored vehicles in both the defense, and the offense. Definitely worth a download and a play.
  6. We still move the turret using the arrow keys. And it is still as not fun as it was 11 months ago.
  7. Let me take that down to more accurately reflect the quality of the plan:
  8. Note in regards to the T-72's stabilization: WARNING: Leaving the stabilization on continuously for about 50-60 minutes will cause the hydraulics overheat and a loss in stabilization. To avoid this, the gunner should turn off stabilization until contact is imminent. The AI gunner will manage this properly on its own. Obviously this comes into play when using a human gunner, or when remaining in the gunner's seat for a long period of time. Flip the switch as pictured down until we are ready to engage. Also disengage stabilization when conducting things like reloading drills, etc. Don't be like some people here I won't name and burn out your stabilization. You know who you are, you stabilization burner outer you! 😉
  9. Talking about this specific image, and how said model looks like he hasn't slept in years.
  10. @ 1:02:59 Damn Apoc, you really let yourself go! 🤣
  11. Doing a final clearance of an Objective.
  12. @Ssnake guessing this qualifies as spam?
  13. https://youtu.be/Dmykqo9vp6M&t=390 An actual recording of me making the "plan."
  14. Probably an error in modeling. 🤷‍♂️
  15. I tried to keep it off most of the time. When you can suddenly start seeing targets somewhat clearly is usually when it is on.
  16. Thankfully the AI didn't see me with their thermals, since I am shining a giant IR searchlight at them.
  17. I'm glad you joined just to tell us that, @bretsteve 🤣
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