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  1. Indeed! Along with countless other enhancements and features! It's a masterpiece of simulation! Love it!
  2. So the wife was away this weekend, i got bored and made a mission with every military vehicle in the sim in it! 😆 No OPFOR or targets as yet, just the vehs all on Blue side and all able to jump into to mess about with. No idea if this has been done before? Probably, maybe not recently though? I've never seen most of these in game before tbh and i've had the sim over 11 years now! 🙄 Anyway, here it is, no civvy vehicles, only the heavy metal!!! Enjoy, be warned it takes about 2-3 mins to load on my PC which has the sim running on a 1TB Samsung NVME SSD 32 GB RAM and i7 9700K @5.0 GHz. 🙂 Steel Beasts Pro PE - ALL VEHICLES TO TEST.zip
  3. Hi guys, Thanks very much indeed for all the very helpful information, much appreciated!
  4. Thanks v much Mark, i had a play around with it all and i see what you mean. Luckily the pathfinding options in the right click menu for each route make it easier to quickly assign individual vehicles to road or cross-country routes etc. Very very useful in mission building!!!
  5. Hi Tankista's, Can anyone elaborate on where to find the "System Menu" in the Map Screen that is mentioned on p57 of the manual under Formation Controls? Is this enabled in the PE edition of the game? I can't find any way to create the six preset groups that are mentioned in this section as there doesn't appear to be a System Menu on my Map Screen anywhere? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for all the info guys! I dragged them a bit and there they were! Didn't know about that!
  7. Hey Tankers, I've noticed that if i divide a platoon of 6 tanks, change 3 of the tanks into PC's and re-attach them to the tank platoon i only end up with 4 vehicles, 1 PC and 3 Tanks? Not 3 and 3? Tried it with several different vehicle types but still same result? Am i missing something? I think i did this successfully a couple days ago but now it seems to not work the same? Am following the manual for guidance. Thanks.
  8. I notice that the LOS bubble when moved around changes from black to clear. I understand this relates to the "focus of attention" of the units concerned but does this indicate clear LOS onto that point and if so does it indicate clear LOS for all sub-units within that platoon etc? Referred to p71 of the manual. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Snake, it is indeed! I wonder how many others are playing this way from time to time? Or at all? Either way i'm really glad the software has this feature and i believe it also assists in making better missions in that you can "wargame" various scenario's out prior to implementing them in the final cut of a mission.
  10. Hey tankers, Here's a short and pretty rough and ready video i made earlier today of some SB "RTS" style gameplay. I'm really enjoying playing this way at the moment and its great to jump in and out 1st, 3rd and RTS views to mix up the gameplay experience! Apologies for the black box around the video itself, i'm still getting to grips with OBS Studio and producing vids in general, this is only my 5th ever!!! Lol! Let me know what you think? Cheers!
  11. Hey Snake, Yeah it worked fine again with the variable set to "operational". Glad it helped to find a bug if that's what it turns out to be? Good luck with fixing it.
  12. Hi, It worked, i moved the spawn zone box and also changed the variable to "friendly units" "destroyed" equal to "> 10" as opposed to "operational" etc. Also changed OR to AND but as you guys said it probably didn't matter in this instance. Thanks for the help. 🙂👍
  13. Thanks guys, will try Snakes suggestion on moving the bounday etc. Will post outcome of changes.
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