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  1. Ahhhh!! It was really that simple? Ok, great thank you very much indeed.
  2. Hi, Am just getting into basic SB mission editing and i notice that certain units are greyed out when i try to place them on a map? Can someone tell me why this is and if there is a way to place those units? Thank you.
  3. As i said from the start, i'm just getting back to SB after about 2 years on other sims. Need to RTFM and Briefings more closely and use my noggin!!!
  4. Ok guys, Thanks to TSe419 and all of you for your help. First mistake i made was not realising there was no TC. Next was thinking there was all 4 ammo types loaded by default, in the briefing it states 60% SABOT 40% HEAT M-PT M830A1 (So no M830 loaded for this tutorial as well as no TC on board!) I also noticed just now that the gunner calls "HEAT" as the very first round is loaded. So he's loaded a HEAT M-PT M830A1, i missed this and looking at the top right indicator saw APFSDS etc. and thought a SABOT (Fin!! ) was up the spout!! More Brit-speak! So, from what i can discern, from then on i was firing HEAT M-PT rounds that were in-correctly indexed as either APFSDS or HEAT M830 as i was only flipping between INSERT and DELETE and not going near HOME which is the correct setting for the M830A1? This explains both the high trajectory and also poor effects on some of the targets? Am i right? Thanks again.
  5. For newcomers to the thread..... I have been hitting DELETE since Monday afternoon.... That ship has sailed.... I can try hitting it again though?
  6. Hi guys, Check out this short vid i uploaded to my YT Channel just now? @Ssnake nope, hitting HOME tries to load Canister but no Canister on board for this tutorial? Still seeing same behavior? No superelevation is being aded when i hit DELETE, the round flys way over the lased target every time? Only way to hit is manually drop the elevation and try again? Thanks.
  7. @Colebrook For SABOT the ammo counter flashes while the round is being loaded and goes solid when loaded. For HEAT, it just flashes constantly, during loading, firing and re-loading? The round in use is the M830. So, only time i get solid loading indicator is with SABOT. Hitting DELETE key twice to unload/reload HEAT etc. doesn't fix the problem either, not that that should be necessary 9/10 times? I've only been playing as gunner so far, not commander. Will maybe post a very short YT vid of what i'm seeing? Can meet @Assassin 7 online too to demonstrate but 7 hour time difference from me so may be problematic? Thanks guys.
  8. Thanks for the replies and info guys. I was running the M1A2 in Gunnery Tutorials A. through E. No custom missions just yet.I did have a crack at the Gunnery Range as well but with exactly the same results? I don't have the SEP showing as an available vehicle, only the M1A2? Or are they both just classed as the M1A2 nowadays? I will have another try later today as i just cracked on with the M1A1, Challenger 2 and Leopard 2A5 last night after i couldn't figure the problem out with the M1A2. Thanks for the help and additional info ref MPAT, M830 etc. guys.
  9. Hi, I've just come back to SB (Pro PE 4.023) after a while away and running through the tutorials for M1A2. I may be forgetting something but when hitting DELETE to load a HEAT round and then firing it the round falls long of the target every time? I have checked the Ammo switch inside the turret view and it is set to HEAT. The display in top right of GPS view says HEAT is loaded. Have checked the manual, the Wiki and a couple of You Tube video's but can't pick up anything i might be missing out. I'm lasing the targets and this is just stationary, not moving etc. Am dumping lead where necessary when going after movers? This feature works fine on all other tanks in the sim. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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