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  1. Hi All,


    I am currently on v4.00 (I have a Codemeter stick I currently use while playing), I'm assuming I need to purchase "Upgrade License from version 4.0" for $30, correct?


    My apologies if the question is silly, I just want to make sure I don't pick up the wrong one. lol



  2. 13 hours ago, Marko said:


    I was very pleased to discover how effective the T-55AM can be if it survives long enough to use the AT-10.

    I managed to take out three Leo-2A6 with a company of T-55AM's lost seven of them but talk about breathing new life in to an old dog.

    Had that been in a T-62 or T-55A/M they wouldn't have stood a chance in relatively open ground



    The AM is drivable?!

  3. On 8/6/2016 at 6:18 AM, Marko said:


    There are a few SB players I know of with an interest in Soviet equipment and tactics.

    The problem I found when I ran a Soviet equipped unit is there is not enough to interest you need at least ten players

    And you need to put a lot of training hour in, the concept of a well trained VU competent in soviet tactics is a good one IMO.

    Soviet tactic do work. but are very rigid.

    One of the biggest MP campaigns I have seen in SB.

    The C/O's of both sides used correct doctrine/tactics for there  sides not gamer tactics and the red side won the campaign.



    Thanks for the link what an interesting read.


    Would you happen to have a video of that operation? Sounds awesome.

  4. Found these and wanted to report them.



    Not sure if this is a model issue or intentional. The road wheel is placed in the "way" of the smoke dischargers. Easier to move the road wheel or remove it? lol


    Thanks for your time and product!

  5. So we have an A-10, P-51, and "light" ground combat game. An F-18 in progress and a Las Vegas map.

    Maybe next they will go for a combat diving module and yachting simulator.

    How about just ditching the ground sim stuff and maybe focusing on an AH64 and Kiowa?

  6. Rise Of Flight has a similar DLC model.

    Essentially, all of the addons are installed via official patches and people who purchase the new flyables get the crewable positions and ability to fly them. Everybody has the DLC, but only those who paid have them activated as flyable and both parties fly online together with no issues. Works flawlessly.

  7. We'd still be burdened with the hassle and distraction of an eventual lawsuit - something we can very well do without, thank you.

    That's crazy that you folks can't use pictures from museums. They don't just let you take reference photos?

    And I thought things were weird over here. Lol

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