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  1. Good game folks! Despite that i couldn't operate the OPFOR because i couldn't get in time to join the match. But, as i've predicted, you guys came for the hill near the OBJ1, i'm pretty happy that i could predict that =D Anyway, excited to CO OPFOR again.
  2. Night folks! Just replying to say that this seems interesting and that i'm in!
  3. Players are impatient things :biggrin:
  4. Ha very good! We just need the T=72A and T-72B to get better, TvT matches will go burn!
  5. Nah, i don't think you got the point Koen. We can play redfor normally on multiplayer by just choosing the side, but we can't play redfor normally on singleplayer(practicing) matches without doing some... adjustments before. It would be pretty much cool if we could go redfor just setting us on a playable redfor vehicle and START the game. Anyway, forgive me folks for being so annoying about something that its irrelevant to most of you guys, but i think that it's a simple thing to the devs to do and and i guess that some other members ( Soviet VU? ) would appreciate such detail either, so that's why its in my wish list for 3.0
  6. I keep asking just a few things. -Be able to play with redfor on singleplayer without having to change sides on game. -More non-crewable and crewable eastern vehicles, like the chinese mbts and newer versions of T-72. -More countries on the list so we could make scenarios with syria, china, india etc...
  7. No new playable eastern vehicles
  8. Hability to play with Redfor on singleplayer without having to go BLUE then change to red.
  9. Special weapons platoons with more weapons options instead of only NATO stuff.
  10. More factions as the Syrian army would be cool, crazy about shooting some islamic rebels (FSA).
  11. +1 - The capacity to use "Redfor" as SOLO playable in Singleplayer gaming. - More playable russian/soviet armored vehicles, specially all the T-72 variants and T-90.
  12. As i suspected. Anyway, for example, a T-72M will never penetrates a Leopard 2A5 armor front-armor, it will not bounce but will creates a small hole in the hullarmor, correct, is that what are you saying?. Anyway, this impact makes a noise hehe.
  13. Hello folks, i was reading the wiki and i saw the campaigns, and I got impressed with the content i've found about the Red Tide one. The complexity of rules and the whole level of operation impressed me, was what I was looking for years. So cutting to the point, i would like to known when's going to be the next big H2H campaign?. Can we have an estimate or a guess? Anyone has an idea about the next one already?.
  14. Maybe for the French, they are the ones who likes wierdo design stuffs like that heheheh. :biggrin:
  15. The IntHit audio file would be what you hear, inside the vehicle, from an exterior bounce, right?. It doesn't matter the penetration noise since you would be screaming or not paying attention to it. So yes, i want to known the bounce, ding, " It didn't go trough ", noise from the crew perspective INSIDE the vehicle. Anyway, SB has only one sound for hitting shells, so you would hear, from 3rd person perspective (F8), the same sound as the crew would hear inside.
  16. So it would still, theorically, sound more metalic?.
  17. 39WCdGTc5oI ARMA 2 OA with the UO .
  18. Congrats mate! Forget about sleeping now hehe.
  19. Exactly, i made a sound mod changing the impact sound because i didn't known when i was being hit. Anyway, that doesn't mean i want an arcadish noise.
  20. Well, it's logical that none will sell you a working gun tank, it doesn't matter, i don't want one to ride on the street, crushing others people cars. I just want a nice 40t V10 diesel tank to ride on the weekends, on a large property, just for fun. Anyway, i heard that u can even drive those in Hungrary, it seems they have a "Tankodrome" where you can pay to drive some WP vehicles. However, i'm much more interested in MY T-72 . It's a long time dream.
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