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  1. my wish: WW2 Panzer like T34 vs PzIV so the whole era of the tank fight is covered
  2. work fine, thx Ssnake. will be good we can use "ssign the groups" in Editor
  3. Formation Handling It is now possible to assign multiple (up to 240) units to “preset groups” – e.g. a company team. It is then possible at runtime to enter a New group route that will automatically get cop- ied over to all other members of that preset group; the first route leg is always on hold to allow individual route adjustments before then a “group proceed” command can be given. How will it work?
  4. Thx Ssnake I send all Infos i have to you, i hope your Team find the License Error. This Morning i buy a new 1 month license (now the third), i will not shutdown my Notebook only stand by. Without shutdown PC the license work fine this time
  5. I make all you list, but nothing helps. I have Windows 10 Home after license purchase my license in the control center is green, after PC restart the license is Red
  6. you use the CodeMeter Runtime-Kit 6.30a für Windows 32 und 64 Bit http://codemeter.de/de/service/downloads.html same Error with the new CodeMaster Version
  7. This Morning i buy my second time limited licence for Steel Beasts 4.0. I try the activation with Microsoft Edge and Explorer. With Edge i get a Message i have no Java activ with Explorer all work fine, i get a activation Message and a confirmation of the License is on. I start Steel Beast 4.0 all work fine. After some new Game starts i make my PC off, now after PC restart my License will not longer work i get the same Error Message like my first Timed License i active with Google Chrome. So what is the Problem? I know i am not allone with this Error, so we need help from the CodeMaster or eSim producer. I send my Mails and all files he need to CodeMaster and Ssnake, i will play Steel Beast now
  8. Hi mikwors I have the same proplem see here: still waiting for E Mail answer from Ssnake
  9. i send a mail to you at 17uhr german time Gruß Olaf
  10. "Please enter your ticket" where i find my Ticket in a timed license? I have Chrome as web browser make Chrome problems with CodeMeter?
  11. I buy this morning a "one Year License" and start SB 4.0, no problem. Now at afternoon i start SB 4.0 again and get the Error 200 and Error 263! My eSimGame License say "all License are activ" i make a new SB and CodeMeter install, no Game start and self Error message. what can i make?
  12. when is the 4.0 version on OkaySoft.de available?
  13. one question Do we get the Austrian version of the M60 tank (M60A3Ö) with the 4.0 Version? Or the M60A3 with german labels inside the Cockpit?
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