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  1. Darklabor made Leclerc gunner/TC handles with 3D print. Very effective
  2. copy the directories into the appropriates named directories: The contain of Documents in C:\Users\User\Documents the contain of Maps in your maps directory
  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/14X1C2gbsfvlUZrPTVTxCv62L1H4wXtFZ/view?usp=sharing Contain maps and campaign.
  4. I have the 4.1 maps and scenarios, but can not make my map server running for some reasons (not visible, even in LAN...)
  5. It's the armored box for the MRS emitter. But it's an empty box, MRS was not needed, gun is less prone to bend than 120Rh gun.
  6. A scenario of a brigade offensive had to be cut in half. Each part last between 6 and 9h. The scenario include the cleaning of a town by an Infantry Regiment. Each house was visited...
  7. Je fais déjà la traduction du fichier de localisation depuis 19 ans. J'ai fais les voix (avec des amis), le manuel, les tutoriels.
  8. now it's easy to add a new server with the map transfer manager
  9. if needed, 507RCC has it own map server. config on request. I do the deploiement files process
  10. My new SB dedicated controller, by Darklabor (3D printed Leclerc gunner/TC handle)
  11. Helped him to improve the optics and give unclassified datas
  12. Yes I saw this. This yould be great to not have it for base maps only, to have really map specific textures
  13. If you want to customize a map, just add the custom textures files in maps/package/name of base map/name of delta map/actors/textures/woodland
  14. @Gibsonm edited procedure as requested, as it seems people are dumb enougth not to be able to adapt the procedure for their own case... It's my last contribution for international communauty.
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