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  1. I start the Manager, click on Connect and get the "Failed to connect to the service! Exception message: The system cannot find the file specified.(7)" serviceLog.txt [09:28:25,487] TRACE: WinMain [09:28:25,487] TRACE: ctor [09:28:25,488] TRACE: onStart [09:28:25,488] INFO : Version 31.000 [09:28:25,488] TRACE: Starting up [09:28:25,488] TRACE: Loading configuration [09:28:25,488] INFO : Loading configuration from 'C:\Program Files\eSim Games\Steel Beasts Map Transfer Tools\Service\config\config.xml' [09:28:25,488] INFO : Map Package Directory is 'F:\jeux\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages' [09:28:25,489] TRACE: Refreshing mappackage directory [09:28:25,489] TRACE: Refreshing folder 'F:\jeux\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages' [09:28:25,489] ERROR: Exception! boost::filesystem::directory_iterator::construct: Accès refusé: "F:\jeux\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages"
  2. A friend hit his own barrel with TC MG on AMX30B2...
  3. Happened to me IRL during trials in Qatar, 1999. I was the far right tank and several targets were on my 1h. The platoon sergent on my left engaged those target and after he fired a round the gunner saw me entering his los... Luckily he was firing HEAT, and the round passed over my tank.
  4. Added anti-tank ditchs, bunkers, names.
  5. nom : Golan_revised1bmodifiedV3 type de carte: delta carte de base : Golan_Revised [autocreated base] carte delta : Golan_revised1bmodifiedV3 lien: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SVYygDIg2MBIB6NwRWNRdNErkq8LWgyW/view?usp=…
  6. https://507rcc.leforum.eu/t397-maps-4-1.htm
  7. @Apocalypse 31 I know I am part of the dev
  8. "Avoir le coup d'oeil" is not only about distance evaluation, but also the ability to see what others don't see, like a key land feature, a tactical advantage and exploit it, seing an camouflaged eny at distance... it's more to be smart and good observer than real distance appreciation (even it's also used)
  9. As a former platoon commander, the way it is modelled currently is perfect. Being outside to check the map is no-go. You are too exposed during a vulnerable action. And if you want to use the map to navigate while outside the hatch, print it!
  10. That's a very sad news. He has made a lot for SB and the multiplayer community with his missions during LNoT. RIP kameraden
  11. Alt+F3 as TC MG on other vehicule per exemple? And it will disable the AI gunner controls the time you are in the sight
  12. Milan was not fired from inside. it was just an external mount of the firing post.
  13. AMX13 crewable (sight only). Would be easy to implement (no FCS). We have the french user manual if needed.
  14. Same goes to mine field, since the save in progress feature exist.
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