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  1. 12 years later, I still miss an icon editor to draw units on the map
  2. We tried to reproduce and it never happened again
  3. I was able to cross a bridge laid at mission start that was not present for client.
  4. Darklabor made Leclerc gunner/TC handles with 3D print. Very effective
  5. copy the directories into the appropriates named directories: The contain of Documents in C:\Users\User\Documents the contain of Maps in your maps directory
  6. https://drive.google.com/file/d/14X1C2gbsfvlUZrPTVTxCv62L1H4wXtFZ/view?usp=sharing Contain maps and campaign.
  7. I have the 4.1 maps and scenarios, but can not make my map server running for some reasons (not visible, even in LAN...)
  8. A scenario of a brigade offensive had to be cut in half. Each part last between 6 and 9h. The scenario include the cleaning of a town by an Infantry Regiment. Each house was visited...
  9. now it's easy to add a new server with the map transfer manager
  10. if needed, 507RCC has it own map server. config on request. I do the deploiement files process
  11. My new SB dedicated controller, by Darklabor (3D printed Leclerc gunner/TC handle)
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