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  1. You can join the french community of SB on discord server 507RCC. https://discord.gg/x9W3vKEF
  2. I use a Leclerc TC/gunner replica for most (all excep remote weapons) AFV. I have use them for 11 years in active unit so I'm confortable with them, even if it's not what can been found in real M1, Leo or CV
  3. I'm on Holliday, I will be there. We will have a link to DL the map before the mission?
  4. On Leo2A5 if you close the daylight door with the swicht in F1 view, you can still use thermal but externally both door are closed. if you close the thermal door with the switch, you can't use thermal but externally the door is open. if you close the doors with the key bind, both are closed
  5. my longest run was 10h51mn. Approch and conquer an small town with 2 companies of mech infantry.
  6. 12 years later, I still miss an icon editor to draw units on the map
  7. We tried to reproduce and it never happened again
  8. I was able to cross a bridge laid at mission start that was not present for client.
  9. Darklabor made Leclerc gunner/TC handles with 3D print. Very effective
  10. copy the directories into the appropriates named directories: The contain of Documents in C:\Users\User\Documents the contain of Maps in your maps directory
  11. https://drive.google.com/file/d/14X1C2gbsfvlUZrPTVTxCv62L1H4wXtFZ/view?usp=sharing Contain maps and campaign.
  12. I have the 4.1 maps and scenarios, but can not make my map server running for some reasons (not visible, even in LAN...)
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