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  1. ETA on terrain patch?

    The famous " 2 more weeks"
  2. M1 Tank Platoon, 1989 - 99 Missions

    I made the 99 missions 5 times with my Atari in 1990-1991-1992-1993-1994. After I was a real tanker for 15 years...
  3. breaching graphic bug [FIXED]

    yep, was not the case before.
  4. breaching graphic bug [FIXED]

    after breaching operation, the marked lane does not appear on player map, but on the eny side map.
  5. Stopping gunner from scanning

    Why not add "scan rear" command? I know it's might not look SOP for most , but it's usefull for platoon column all around security (and it's donne automatically for IA platoons)
  6. Pictures ITEC 2017

    We had a similar system for night operation in AMX 30, pre-planned points for blind firing. There was an other on the gun assembly for elevation. If eny showed himself on say crossroad 3, turn turret to planned angular, elevate the gun to match the range, and fire!
  7. Real Minimum System Requirements

    Sorry, but with a better cpu and gfx I ran at 4fps with SB PRO PE 4.0. Core 2Duo 8600@4000Mhz; GTX560Ti : 4 FPS
  8. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 8-12 may 2017

    Me too, one of the participant!
  9. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 8-12 may 2017

    PaMas G1= beretta 92 under licence.
  10. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 8-12 may 2017

    There is a friend from 501 RCC with the team
  11. A simple SB CPU benchmark

    Core 2Duo 8600@4000Mhz; GTX560Ti : 4 FPS (my rig until SB 4.0 came) Core i7 6700K@4300Mhz; GTX 970 :60 FPS (my new rig) Core i5 6300HQ@3000Mhz; GTX960M: 35 FPS (gaming laptop for deployment)
  12. Fratreicides?

    Blue on blue, or for instance, red on red. Red killed by blue artillery are accounted for blue kill ("killed by artillery" in the AAR)