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  1. Darklabor made Leclerc gunner/TC handles with 3D print. Very effective
  2. copy the directories into the appropriates named directories: The contain of Documents in C:\Users\User\Documents the contain of Maps in your maps directory
  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/14X1C2gbsfvlUZrPTVTxCv62L1H4wXtFZ/view?usp=sharing Contain maps and campaign.
  4. I have the 4.1 maps and scenarios, but can not make my map server running for some reasons (not visible, even in LAN...)
  5. It's the armored box for the MRS emitter. But it's an empty box, MRS was not needed, gun is less prone to bend than 120Rh gun.
  6. A scenario of a brigade offensive had to be cut in half. Each part last between 6 and 9h. The scenario include the cleaning of a town by an Infantry Regiment. Each house was visited...
  7. Je fais déjà la traduction du fichier de localisation depuis 19 ans. J'ai fais les voix (avec des amis), le manuel, les tutoriels.
  8. now it's easy to add a new server with the map transfer manager
  9. if needed, 507RCC has it own map server. config on request. I do the deploiement files process
  10. My new SB dedicated controller, by Darklabor (3D printed Leclerc gunner/TC handle)
  11. Helped him to improve the optics and give unclassified datas
  12. Yes I saw this. This yould be great to not have it for base maps only, to have really map specific textures
  13. If you want to customize a map, just add the custom textures files in maps/package/name of base map/name of delta map/actors/textures/woodland
  14. @Gibsonm edited procedure as requested, as it seems people are dumb enougth not to be able to adapt the procedure for their own case... It's my last contribution for international communauty.
  15. French manual, and french translation of the software itself for 95%, is a contribution of french 507RCC virtual unit.
  16. I think you did not read carefully. I said to add (not replace) between the tag <servers> </servers> in the config.xml , where are all the servers configs, each starts and end with <server> </server> (without final S). For those that have not already modified the file, they just overwrite the file with yours, and they are done. The others extract the necessary data. Currently there is not a bunch of maps servers other than originals one.
  17. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!-- please see the 'readme.html' documentation shipped along the Windows Service application! --> <configuration version="1"> <!-- a list of available servers. the child elements to be used are protocol-dependent! --> <servers> <server> <url>https://esgm-maps.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com</url> <SSL>true</SSL> <!-- optional, if 'SSL' is set to 'true'. Actually verify the SSL certificate provided by the server (RECOMMENDED!).. --> <VerifyPeer>true</VerifyPeer> <!-- optional, if 'VerifyPeer' is being used. This is the absolute path to the file holding all valid server certificates --> <!-- <CertificatePath/> --> </server> <server> <url>ftp://newdev.hg4vs.org</url> <username>mappackages</username> <password>***********</password> <SSL>true</SSL> <!-- optional, if 'SSL' is set to 'true'. Actually verify the SSL certificate provided by the server (RECOMMENDED!).. --> <VerifyPeer>true</VerifyPeer> </server> <server> <url>https://sbcomcommunitymaps.s3.amazonaws.com</url> <SSL>true</SSL> <!-- optional, if 'SSL' is set to 'true'. Actually verify the SSL certificate provided by the server (RECOMMENDED!).. --> <VerifyPeer>true</VerifyPeer> </server> <server> <url>ftp://507RCC.ddns.net</url> <username>********</username> <password>*********</password> <SSL>true</SSL> <!-- optional, if 'SSL' is set to 'true'. Actually verify the SSL certificate provided by the server (RECOMMENDED!).. --> <VerifyPeer>false</VerifyPeer> </server> <server> <url>ftp/darklabor.diskstation.me</url> <username>*******</username> <password>************</password> <SSL>true</SSL> <!-- optional, if 'SSL' is set to 'true'. Actually verify the SSL certificate provided by the server (RECOMMENDED!).. --> <VerifyPeer>true</VerifyPeer> </server> </servers> <directories> <!-- optional. If not specified or empty %TEMP% will be used --> <!-- <tempfolder>g:\temp</tempfolder> <persistedjobsfolder>g:\temp</persistedjobsfolder> --> </directories> </configuration>
  18. You add this to the existing servers in the config.xml If they have already alternates servers, they know how to add the code to their config.xml
  19. Finally I choose not to make a video, but explain in plain text. Step 1: Create a FTP You can use a ftp server software like FileZilla or a NAS. FTP with FileZilla server FTP with NAS Step 2: create a domain name -Use a Dynamique DNS service as NO-IP to create your domain address ("MyVUname"). They have a small program (DUC) that keep the DDNS up to date with your external ip. -try to acces to your server via a ftp client ( ie filezilla client), using domain name, designed user account name and password. - if not succesfull verify that you firewall or anti-virus allow ports and applications. Step 3: send configuration parameters to clients - modify C:\Program Files\eSim Games\Steel Beasts Map Transfer Tools\Service\config\config.xml Between the <servers> </servers> tag, they have to add your server configuration (start with tag <server> and end with </server>), like this <server> <url>ftp://MyVUname.ddns.net</url> <username>SBMapuser</username> <password>SbN33dY0u!</password> <SSL>true</SSL> <!-- Set VerifyPeer to true if you have a certificate from certificats Agency (CA) only, either set to false) --> <VerifyPeer>false</VerifyPeer> </server> - Save - Open Task Manager/Services and Restart the SBMappackageDownloadService. Done
  20. Cd 《full adress of folder of the map package deployer》 Packagedeployment.exe p "《full adress of folder of map you want to deploy》"
  21. I have made a map server for 507RCC. This is how to create map package for use with map deployment tools. Will do wednesday a "how to create server configuration files" video
  22. Darklabor and I made a maps server for 507RCC. We can host your maps the same way they are host here.
  23. sadly we have to use a vismod (strv122) for Leclerc in our missions.
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