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  1. Well, I've finally gotten 4.167 installed on my gaming PC. I'm getting back up to speed - slowly but surely. Hope to see you all at TGIF again soon!
  2. Behavior like that can be scripted in the mission editor. For example: you can have Unit A move to Unit B's position if Unit B's number drops too low. It can take a lot of time, so many scenario designers limit how much scripting they do. But the mission editor is very powerful - and a well scripted mission can surprise you.
  3. The auto-generated and translated captions are far from perfect, but they do get the meaning across.
  4. That's part of why I enjoy using them. It forces you to use different tactics than you might with a more updated tank. Personally, it makes me a lot more cautious - which I think is a good thing.
  5. The first time I tried milk in a hot cup of tea I was sold. Mind you: I grew up in the southern U.S. There is only one type of tea in the South. Sweet iced tea. EDIT: A wedge of lemon stuck on the rim of the glass is optional, but is almost always served that way in restaurants.
  6. Wow, so many old friends returning lately! This is great! Welcome back, Fidel!
  7. I don't care what we're riding in ... as long as you can drive me close enough to hit them with my sword.
  8. I haven't read that book, but I hear it's biased toward Harrison and unduly portrays Maskelyne as some sort of villain.
  9. If no one has responded yet I can send you the file from 4.161. (I still need to upgrade.)
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