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  1. Perhaps it would have taken until after sundown to get any more rounds out of the auto loader. 😁
  2. Well, we finally pulled the trigger on this rig. I think the only differences from the specs I listed in the first post is that this build has: 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 VENTUS OC 8GB GDDR6 Windows 10 Home (64-bit) I will probably end up taking over the old HP Blackbird and installing SB on that. But I will likely also install SB on the MSI for grins.
  3. Well - to be fair - the briefing does say that the section leader should enter his emplacement first to provide cover for the other tank while he moves downhill to his emplacement.
  4. You could ask the participants of an online session not to use the F8 view on the honor system. And if you think that someone is using it anyway, there is the option for the host to take screenshots of what each participant is seeing at any time. I would like to believe that most if not all members of this community would comply with such requests - and the same goes for a group of friends playing together. But, then again, that introduces a potential for conflict and is perhaps too much of a burden on the host to allow him/her to enjoy the session. IDK.
  5. Driving through the dense forest can be very tricky. I was able to get both tanks into the prepared positions before the arrival of the enemy, but I didn't drive straight into the emplacements. I came at them from the back corner where it was clear and straightened out once each tank was in the dugout.
  6. I'm sure there would be interest. But I doubt AFV (who frequent this forum) would appreciate it.
  7. I agree with these statements. I used to fly 747s (among many others) in MSFSX and Black Sharks in DCS. I spent months learning every detail I could for each aircraft. I followed procedures as closely as possible. I had printed checklists for each phase of flight. And I loved every minute of it. I actually even had an add-on for FSX that required me to sign for fuel and do things like request extra blankets for the passengers from company operations if the stewardess said we didn't have enough. 😛 Personally, I like SB the way it is and I even wouldn't mind more complexity/realism. I understand eSim wants to attract as many customers as possible and wants to maintain a favorable public image of the sim, and I certainly can't fault you all for that. And I see the crux of the "WoT syndrome". I don't know if there's a good way to convey that SB is not like that at all. I suppose I just wish there was a bigger market for study sims so that none of these problems would matter. I think if you really are into this type of sim, you will spend the time to thoroughly learn each system you're interested in. For me, these sims are a way to sort of "live another life". And the more realistic that can be, the better. As for the complexity of tactics/planning/managing large numbers of units: to me this is also part of the fun. Sometimes I'll spend hours in the planning phase and minutes in the action phase. Things go south and I'm back to the planning phase to tweak what I did "wrong". Adding triggers/conditions/additional routes and options for different contingencies as they arise. But in the end, I usually get a plan that is very good (IMHO) ... and it is extremely satisfying to watch that play out. Sometimes I'll focus on a single mission for weeks until I have what I consider to be "the perfect plan". And being able to crush the enemy while only taking minimal losses is a thing of beauty. Don't get me wrong, I'm no tactical expert, by any stretch of the imagination. But that's one major reason I enjoy this sim ... and IIRC, the reason it was created: it teaches me what works and more importantly - what doesn't. To me, SB is both a hobby and a game. I have devoted a lot of time to it through the years - but it has also brought me many hours of pure fun. Especially in campaigns and any online play in general.
  8. I usually find it fairly easy to screw up and get myself killed in SB. So there's that.
  9. No problem. That was just a quick and dirty test. If you want it darker/lighter/different in any way, let me know (maybe by PM). I'll try to make it exactly what you want.
  10. Yeah, like I thought: it's easy to adjust ... File attached. drv.zip
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