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  1. Wow, so many old friends returning lately! This is great! Welcome back, Fidel!
  2. I don't care what we're riding in ... as long as you can drive me close enough to hit them with my sword.
  3. I haven't read that book, but I hear it's biased toward Harrison and unduly portrays Maskelyne as some sort of villain.
  4. If no one has responded yet I can send you the file from 4.161. (I still need to upgrade.)
  5. My condolences to his family as well. Tjay was a good guy. Man, getting older sucks.
  6. Lt DeFault

    .wav files

    Try this: smell_mod.wav
  7. I could do a mod. But I'd have to test it and see how much of a change it would actually make. I've made similar mods before, but that was probably before the new lighting system. If I just make the interior blue now, it might still be very dark ... and blue.
  8. How about this? ... 😈
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