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  1. I think the answer you seek may be located in this thread. Apparently, you simply need to use the corresponding .HGT file - as per this post from Ssnake:
  2. How about a solution similar to what Google Earth does with tightly grouped objects? When you hover your mouse over them, the cursor changes and you can click to expand the objects into an "exploded" view. Then, you can easily indicate which object you are intending to select.
  3. I do play a couple of other games sometimes - but they are not combat related. I actually took a break from SB after years of playing single player and online. I'm just now getting back into it. It really is a fantastic sim.
  4. I'd also like to add that many of us have had our dongles (I hate that word) CodeMeter sticks for ten years or more with no problems. *Knocks on wood
  5. If your dongle gets damaged/broken it can be replaced as long as you can send the damaged one back. If you lost it, you would have to purchase another one. I do not have the names of any channels handy, but if you search for Steel Beasts on YouTube, you should be able to find them fairly easily. I'm not sure if Matsimus still has his SB videos up, but that would be a good place to start. Also, there is a thread in these forums titled "We Love Videos" that has many Steel Beasts vids in it.
  6. Required every time you run the sim. Unless you get a time limited license, in which case no dongle is required. You can play on any computer as long as you have the dongle inserted and the software installed. If you purchase multiple licenses, there is a way to play on multiple computers at the same time with only one dongle. There are few dozen single player missions included with the sim - but with a lot of time in the planning phase, you could theoretically play some "multi-player" missions by yourself. There are also missions which can be downloaded from this site. (Note: There are also quite a few multiplayer missions included with the sim and available for download.) There are some tutorials included for about 18 vehicles - although that's not nearly all of the vehicles in the sim. There are also some "demo" missions which demonstrate a few things. The AI can be very deadly. Or not. A lot depends on the scenario design. Never played Steel Armor, but your description sounds exactly like Steel Beasts. You would only have to upgrade if you wanted to play online with other people using a newer version. YouTube has a lot of videos and there is a link to a wiki at the top of this page.
  7. Just out of curiosity: is the UID some sort of hash of the map data?
  8. "... doesn't like beer" ?!?! Blasphemy! 🍻
  9. Although the new map downloader is named "SB Pro Maps Downloader v19", it was listed in my installed programs as (and I think I have this right) "Steel Beasts Map Tools v17". I was initially confused as to whether I should uninstall that program or the one titled "Steel Beasts Maps version 1.0". Ultimately, I uninstalled the former - which I believe was correct as I now have an installed program named "Steel Beasts Map Tools version 19.0". Either way, I'd just like to point out that the difference in naming conventions of the downloaded file and the resulting program may cause confusion among those of us who are less sharp or more inebriated - as the case may be. Thank you!
  10. Lt DeFault

    Removing decals

    Might be a separate decal file. I vaguely remember having to mod some of those.
  11. Sorry, I'd had a few beers.
  12. Here's how it works: (Reference the image below.) If you want one condition to be met to trigger an event, check the first box and set the conditions. Done. If you want two conditions and both have to be met, do step 1 and then check the second box and set the conditions for that. If you want two conditions and meeting either one of them will trigger the event, change the first "AND" to "OR" and do step 1 & 2. If you want three conditions and all have to be met, leave the first "AND", do step 1 & 2, then check the third box and set the conditions for that. If you want three conditions and any one being met will trigger the event, change the first "AND" to "OR", do step 1 & 2, then check box 4 (leaving box 3 unchecked) and set the conditions for that. If you want three conditions and either meeting the first two together or a third by itself will trigger the event, leave the first "AND", do step 1 & 2, then check box 4 (leaving box 3 unchecked) and set the conditions for that. If you want three conditions and meeting the first by itself or the other two together will trigger the event, change the first "AND" to "OR", do step 1 & 2, then check box 3 and set the conditions for that. Etc., etc. ... I hope that made sense (and that I didn't make any mistakes ... it's been a while since I used this feature).
  13. What is this "briefing" you speak of? 🐄💨
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