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  1. 'Tis better to be pissed off, than on.
  2. There's an eyelash in my eye and it's really pissing me off.
  3. Yeah, that was my first thought. I think in SB, this dude would've been dead within the first few seconds. Don't get me wrong, this looks like fun for a more casual player. And I enjoy Cold Waters for the same reason.
  4. I met Billy Corgan once. At a Camelot Music CD store in the mall. Must've been in the mid '90s. Very nice guy.
  5. I like making missions for myself.
  6. My condolences to his family. Rest in peace, Derek. We'll miss you.
  7. My father [maybe a Captain at the time ... he retired (grudgingly) as Lt. Col.] was stationed in Bad Kreuznach around 1979. I was very young and barely remember it. But all of my memories are fond ones. Someday I'll go back. If I do, I'm definitely buying Nils a Bier. 🍻
  8. But think of the possibilities! "SB Universe"! We could have tank battles on Proxima Centauri b.
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