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  1. If no one has responded yet I can send you the file from 4.161. (I still need to upgrade.)
  2. That was cool. 😎
  3. My condolences to his family as well. Tjay was a good guy. Man, getting older sucks.
  4. Lt DeFault

    .wav files

    Try this: smell_mod.wav
  5. I could do a mod. But I'd have to test it and see how much of a change it would actually make. I've made similar mods before, but that was probably before the new lighting system. If I just make the interior blue now, it might still be very dark ... and blue.
  6. How about this? ... 😈
  7. That's pretty epic. πŸ‘
  8. TL;DR: Armored warfare and [the simulation of] warfare in general (read: Steel Beasts) is an extremely complicated subject which simply cannot be completely covered in a few tutorial videos. Although - your input on which topics would provide insight into what is most helpful is what is being asked for here and is what would be appreciated. (As I understand it.) Now ... to address your previous statements quoted above: That's just it: SB is complex [and a very powerful sim because of that]. So, the quickest way [IMHO] to learn how to do exactly what you want to do is to have an interactive session with someone who is already familiar with the sim. Don't get me wrong: video tutorials (and tutorials in general) are great and will give you a basic understanding of how different aspects of the sim work - and you can build on that to accomplish your goals. But, that will usually take more time and effort than actually talking (as opposed to typing) with someone who can simply tell you how to do it. And by that, I don't just mean time and effort by the new player. The time and effort it would take to make tutorials of every possible aspect of scenario design to planning and executing a mission in SB would be monumental. I suspect that is why Ssnake is asking which topics are most important to you. Having said that, I personally find that understanding the basics and working [very] hard to figure out how to accomplish the specific task I want gives me an even better understanding of the capabilities of the sim. I have spent many, many hours ... even days or months figuring out how to make a scenario or plan work just the way I want. But for me, that is part of the enjoyment of this sim. (I suppose I'm a bit of a masochist in that regard - but then again, that's what draws me to many of my interests.) If I ran into a specific roadblock, I asked a detailed, specific question in these forums and always got a helpful response. But asking about somewhat broad topics (such as logic) will usually result in [about] three options for the more experienced respondents: Detailing all of the permutations of capabilities of a feature in some type of tutorial. (Literally impossible.) Asking for clarification about what, exactly, it is that the questioner wants to accomplish. Which leads to answers, which leads to more questions, which leads to a lot of typing, frustration and perhaps even a spoiler of what would have otherwise been a very challenging and enjoyable scenario. Or ... Having a chat or MP session including the questioner and respondent in which dynamic situations can be addressed in a much shorter and vastly more efficient time frame to achieve the desired results without involving uninterested/unwanted parties.* * The obvious downside to this option is that other interested parties do not benefit from the knowledge imparted. But I believe this is outweighed by the benefits of such a method. As for the idea that the third option "can be off putting and intimidating to new players", well ... I honestly [and perhaps naΓ―vely] don't understand how this could be the case. As far as I can tell, every effort has been made on this forum to make new users aware that no judgement will be passed by any user, developer and/or virtual unit on said new user's lack of understanding and/or skill in any given area. And every effort will be made to accommodate "noobs" who are willing to take the time and put in the effort required to learn how to be proficient with this sim. And that has been my exact experience here. There are many, many people here who are willing to help you get the most out of this sim, if you just agree to trust that they know the best way to help you.
  9. If you have a number pad on your keyboard, holding the "Alt" key and hitting 225 on the number pad should produce the Eszett: ß. (Just in case you ever find the need to use it again. )
  10. 😬 I think a better translation would be "rapeseed". Even better than that would be "canola".
  11. Shackleton was indeed a larger-than-life figure. But do not forget the incredible feat of his navigator, Frank Worsley. He guided an open lifeboat 800 miles (1300 km) in heavy, stormy seas directly to a relatively small island out in the South Atlantic using only a sextant, chronometer and almanac. He then hiked over icy mountains with Shackleton and Tom Crean for 36 hours to get help for the rest of the crew still stranded on Elephant Island. Without Worsley's navigational skills, all of the men (including Shackleton himself) would almost certainly have perished. Instead, they were all rescued. He also sank a U-boat in WWI. (Note: as a celestial navigation enthusiast, I might be a little biased. )
  12. The feeling of relief you get when things go pear shaped and you remember you have everything backed up cannot be overstated.
  13. These are maps for SB. Example translation: Name: beedenbostel_070113 type of map: deltas base map: Wolf [autocreated base] map delta: beedenbostel_070113 link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qgpC_KholWUKXyNJWtG_azqJ9TXnMp7D/view?usp=sharing
  14. With all due respect: most of us have been able to get SB to work just fine. Sure, there are some hiccups here and there. But if it works for everyone else, maybe the problem is not with the software.
  15. Okay, I know I said I was going to post the benchmark results from the MSI Trident "soon", but I've been busy. I will do it eventually, but from my initial tests it looks like frame rates are pinned at max no matter what SB throws at it. 😍 In the meantime, my father decided to upgrade his gaming rig. (He's 69 years old - lol.) So, he gave me his old one Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4960X CPU @ 3.60GHz (12 CPUs), ~3.6GHz 32 GB DDR3 Ram NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW2 (x2 in SLI mode) 500 GB SSD 4 TB HDD Using a 40" Samsung T.V. as monitor This should be an upgrade from the old HP Blackbird - so I'll probably be using this to run SB. I think it will be interesting to see a comparison between this setup and the MSI.
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