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  1. I've often said that every Pantera song you hear is better than the last one ... no matter in what order you listen to them. 😆🤘
  2. Read the news today while I was at work. I was shocked and sad to hear it. R.I.P., Neil.
  3. Very sad. R.I.P., Ulf. I did notice his absence from the forums. I had very little interaction with him, personally. Can't remember if we ever fought together/against each other on the virtual battlefield - but I think there is a very good chance we did at some point. He was certainly not afraid to say what he thought and felt - and I admire that. And I always appreciated his insights about the Leo 1. I hope his family will know he will be missed here.
  4. Same here. In fact, I use Classic Shell and a few other tricks to make Windows 10 look and act more like Windows 7.
  5. I think some people have been able to get it to run on a Windows emulator such as Boot Camp. I have never used Apple products though, so I would defer to those who have tried it.
  6. There were numerous threads about this happening on Win 7. I remember because it happened to me. I seem to recall some type of fix being posted in one of those threads.
  7. Well, when we got the computer and I set it all up - there was no video going to the monitor. Tried it on another monitor (which I had just bought specifically for this PC) and our TV and with multiple cables on every HDMI and Display Port on the PC ... still no video. I tried to troubleshoot as much as I could and searched the web for suggestions. The only thing that made sense to me was that possibly Windows was not set up correctly to use the DP or HDMI as the primary video output. But that didn't help, because without any display I couldn't make any changes to Windows. 😡 So, I called the seller (EXCaliberPC out of California) and asked them what might be wrong. They had no idea and suggested I send the PC back to them for testing. They emailed me a return label and I sent it off. When they received it, they said they hooked it up and everything worked fine. They stress tested it for 48 hours and were unable to cause any kind of failure. They even sent me multiple pictures of the machine running a benchmarking program. Still, they offered me the choice of a refund or getting the PC back. I told them that my wife still wanted the Trident - but only if we could get it to work, of course. Since it appeared to be working just fine for them, I told them to send it back and we would try everything we could to get it to work with our monitors. The tech offered to set up Windows with an account for my wife and I asked if they could also make sure that HDMI was set to the primary video out. They agreed. They shipped the PC back to us with 2 day service and even included the HDMI cable they had used during testing at no extra charge. When I got the PC back and hooked it up - everything worked perfectly. 🥳 So I installed my wife's favorite game and she's been playing that since we got it running just a few days ago. I have not yet gotten around to installing SB on it (even though she has suggested I go ahead and do it). I will probably install it in the next few days and when I do I will run the benchmarking scenario and post the results in the appropriate thread. I will probably also set all of the graphics settings to their highest levels and test it again just out of curiosity. For now though, my wife says it runs ESO with all the settings maxed just fine. I haven't checked the frame rates, but she says it looks great.
  8. Now that we have a new gaming rig, I'm tempted to check this out. Thanks for all the info.
  9. No problem. Glad to hear you got it sorted! 👍
  10. I believe someone else here had this exact problem. Hang on and I'll try to find the discussion.
  11. Audacity is a good, free audio editing program.
  12. It's in the Wiki: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Camouflage_Schemes
  13. Perhaps it would have taken until after sundown to get any more rounds out of the auto loader. 😁
  14. Well, we finally pulled the trigger on this rig. I think the only differences from the specs I listed in the first post is that this build has: 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 VENTUS OC 8GB GDDR6 Windows 10 Home (64-bit) I will probably end up taking over the old HP Blackbird and installing SB on that. But I will likely also install SB on the MSI for grins.
  15. Well - to be fair - the briefing does say that the section leader should enter his emplacement first to provide cover for the other tank while he moves downhill to his emplacement.
  16. You could ask the participants of an online session not to use the F8 view on the honor system. And if you think that someone is using it anyway, there is the option for the host to take screenshots of what each participant is seeing at any time. I would like to believe that most if not all members of this community would comply with such requests - and the same goes for a group of friends playing together. But, then again, that introduces a potential for conflict and is perhaps too much of a burden on the host to allow him/her to enjoy the session. IDK.
  17. Driving through the dense forest can be very tricky. I was able to get both tanks into the prepared positions before the arrival of the enemy, but I didn't drive straight into the emplacements. I came at them from the back corner where it was clear and straightened out once each tank was in the dugout.
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