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  1. Heh heh... you guys got me thinking. Maybe we could do a Yankee localization package: [Thick Jersey Accent] Commander: "Gunner, youse uh...see dat tank over dere?" Gunner: "YO!" Commander: "Screw dat joik!" Gunner: "Fagedaboutit!" [bOOM!] Commander: "Hoo-hah!" [/Thick Jersey Accent] :biggrin:
  2. Well, I see at least one person claims to still play the old version. I remember a time before I saved up for Pro PE. All I had was SB1 and I was grateful there was still extra content available. If it were my decision and I knew there was even one person out there still playing SB1 (and if I wasn't strapped for web space)...I'd keep it up. Edit: Besides...'re-discovering' SB1 was what led me to discover SB Pro Pe. Without it, I doubt I would've bought or even known about the new version.
  3. Yeah, if it still ran on my computer I'd say keep it. But since it doesn't...
  4. Try submitting it. If it gets approved...I'd say it's okay. :biggrin: But seriously, I'm sure it's fine as long as it doesn't violate any copyright laws. (I.e. it's not taken from somewhere else.) There are other alternate/add-on voice packs available in the d/l section.
  5. I don't think this can be overstated. A friend of mine who was naive to the ways of the web once told me his new laptop was "having problems loading web pages" or something similar. When I took a look at it, he had around 15 extra search toolbars at the top of his browser. I asked him what he had been clicking on and he replied, "Everything." :eek2:
  6. I play Black Shark, but not on Steam. It's a great sim. I love it. I upgraded to v.2 from v.1 and I don't remember having to do anything with Steam. But that was a while ago and I know they split the online portion into a separate application now. I do know this: My fiancee plays Skyrim a lot and she can't stand Steam. But as I said, I play 1P all the time, no problem. And I couldn't even tell you where my CD is. If you like flight sims and helos, I'd definitely recommend it!
  7. I use Spybot**, Malwarebytes, and Windows Defender. All are *FREE*, will run simultaneously with no conflicts and they have kept all of my computers running smoothly for years. I also use CCleaner to keep my drives free of clutter and to keep the registry tidy. It's also *FREE* and will back up any changes to the registry so they can be 'undone' if something goes wrong. I use Avast on my Android phone, but I've never had an issue with it so I don't know how it would really handle a virus. Hope that helps. **NB: I suggest opting out of the "Tea Timer" option when installing/updating Spybot. I can't remember why ATM, but I know it was annoying.
  8. Works for me. But I use Firefox and got a pop-up asking which program I wanted to use to open TS server links. TS was the only program on that list. I checked the box indicating I always want to use this program. A quick check in Control Panel>Programs>Default Programs revealed no associations in Windows itself, so I'll wager there's a setting somewhere within IE9 to associate TS links. That is...if you care to do it that way. As Gibsonm said:
  9. @ 10:14 "[With the T-90 FCS,] it's practically impossible to miss." Riiiiiiight.
  10. Lt DeFault

    Gods of the North.

    Hedge, delete everything but the video ID. Like this: [noparse]Z5yVOFokLVY [/noparse] EDIT: Last one still doesn't work in the States.
  11. LEGO had a "Design your own LEGO kit" program for a while. But now it's shut down. There is now a gallery of past creations. Quite a few tanks in there. I agree, though. If this one isn't available now...it should be. EDIT: This guy has made lots of cool stuff, including this: Qo6WYv4KXlo Unfortunately, he doesn't sell the models or the plans. >
  12. At least he's positive and believes in himself. But yeah...he's what you'd call "special". Kind of reminds me of my boss. Hehe.
  13. For what it's worth, I enjoyed it. But then, I play the game all the time so I'm familiar with everything going on. And it's interesting to me to see exactly what a particular player experienced. Especially since I can use what I see to better my own performance. Sort of like a football player watching tapes of old games. (For example: Every time I watch a video of a bunch of guys who play together often or who have trained for this sort of thing, it strikes me how well they keep each other informed. I need to work on that. ) The average viewer who doesn't own the game may want more of a "movie." ...Or they may just like it the other way, too. Kind of a "documentary" of a particular company or platoon. Even when there's not a lot going on, the suspense alone can be entertaining. "Is the enemy around the next corner?" "Who knows?"
  14. Well, that's just great. Sorry. I just browsed their website and they don't currently offer anything similar either. What a shame. It's a great stick. Not that it matters, but the conversion to LH is achieved by simply removing one hand-tightened screw, flipping the palm rest around and replacing the screw. The rest of the stick is already ambidextrous. I've been using mine for around 10 years with virtually no maintenance, but I'm with you on the returns issue. And eBay has them listed at $20-$30 for used? I think I paid around $20 for mine brand new a decade ago!
  15. I've had no problems with my Saitek ST290 Pro. It's simple (6 buttons), very inexpensive and can be easily configured for left hand use. Never had a problem with my X52 either. But I definitely agree with: I tried making a profile for SB once...too tedious. After spending hours making one for MS FSX, no thanks.
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