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  1. Hello Possilibity to decrease the repair time by a factor of X (decided by the mission designer) when Engineers are around & when they are not. Besides, we lack triggers that can be activated multiple times : unless I am wrong, once a trigger has been activated, we cannot use it again since it stays on by default. What I mean is "special triggers" which can be turned on (it then activates an event); then is automatically set to 0 ready to activated again to trigger that same event later. Finally, 1 or several ingame counter that can be increase by 1 each time an event/condition/trigger is true; possibility to trigger events / condition when that counter reaches what the mission designer decides.
  2. Thank you, it works fine, I was looking from the infantry side From the vehicle option menu => Load troops. Here are the happy folks
  3. Not exactly the same topic but still infantry & transport related; I am pretty sure I once saw a "Mount" option somewhere but I am not able reproduce it; how to embark troops not affiliated to a transport, be it (empty) chopper, truck or pc ? Both trucks and chopper are empty in the exemple below, infantry group is 6 people strengh and would fit into. I deleted both squads related to the transports.
  4. Check that out, this is quite well done!
  5. Hello! If I had wishes, have those vehicles playable : I am no programmer here but : Easy to do (iron sight or weapon system already implanted) - Wiesel Tow - 3.5T truck G - ZU-23-2 - 1.2 Technical T - RCL Less easy but most system already included in other variants - BRDM2-AT - Leopard 1 A2 - T55 AM More difficult - AMX 13 - BMD 2 - BMP 1 - PT76 - Shilka Complex systems - T80 - T90 - Leclerc - TTB Regards
  6. Back to the topic, there might be a release this very year?
  7. He certainly was! (unless you are his wife then you are an a**hole) If you haven't checked this, have a look at this expedition : https://www.amazon.com/Endurance-Shackletons-Incredible-Alfred-Lansing-ebook/dp/B00IC8VF10
  8. Same for me, I got a xmas card too, that is customer care at its finest
  9. Well, a balance between red and blue can still be achieved by a good sce design, if needed. http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=AFV_Fair_Matchup
  10. This is no Warthunder; never has SB team claimed the game to be balanced in any sort. But if a mission is too difficult, just go in the mission editor and transform all armatas into T90s [Troll on]Besides, maybe it's time to admit the M1A2 is not the top dog anymore 😁 [Troll off]
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