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  1. Awesome! That is a very nice addition to opfor!!
  2. Been away for a week, a lot came up in the meantime! Will tunguska and alike also be more accurate? I remember they were not that good at shooting down helos
  3. I wish we had the BRDM-2 AT being playable...but this is no wishlist here How does B3 compare to latest M1s and Leos? I suppose it lacks in the armor department since it still based on the T72?
  4. Not yet, the changes are currently being (gradually) revieled! You might want to have a look here and also subscribe to eSim YT channel for latest videos! https://www.youtube.com/c/eSimGamesDtl
  5. You have a whole thread about this here :
  6. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/new-kf51-panther-tank-packs-big-130mm-gun-aimed-at-aging-leopard-2
  7. or nearly half the price of most current (unfinished and buggy) games or 2 places to go see a movie at the theatre (except the movie is 90min fun while the upgrade is weeks long fun).
  8. Will the tanks ingame also gradually go from 0 to %100 burned?
  9. "don't you dare to call it otherwise" STRIX is fired like a conventional mortar round. The round contains an infrared imaging sensor that it uses to guide itself onto any tank or armoured fighting vehicle in the vicinity where it lands. The seeker is designed to ignore targets that are already burning. Those guided mortar rounds looks deadly. Will we see tanks with flares, one day?
  10. I'd be surprised if France military was part of the customer base; we looooove to do things ourselves, even if we have to pay (a lot of) extra money
  11. 🙃i'm getting old ^^ Yes, there is indeed something; the icon suggest a drone! Looks like this one : If I had to make a guess, i would bet on this little guy (from the pathfinding video) : the camcopter
  12. lol i don't even see a lake
  13. Did he? I went though the topic and didn't see anything besides the T72B3 might be added as a vehicle according to hints from mousepads and latest YT videos
  14. =>What new features will 4.3 have? Subscribe to Esim YT channel to see latest vids regarding 4.3 https://www.youtube.com/c/eSimGamesDtl
  15. EDITED : Well what sounds very likely from the various hints we had until now is : Possible : - camcopter - loitering drones - drone countering drones - attack drones - T72B3 m.2012 - BREM-1 M ARV - M109 CP - M60A3 - BTR-82AT - Leopard 2A6MA2 Confirmed : - BTR-82 [playable] - BTR-82A [playable] - Grkpbv 90 Mjölnir, 120mm twin-barrel mortar with semi-automatic loader - Suppress tactics behavior has been improved - heat blur effects - STRIX round - Multiple level of burned out vehicles
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