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  1. An alternative solution maybe : be able to place vehicle emplacements and obstacles in the planning phase, maybe limited by a deployment area and number/type of obstacles the scenario designer decided
  2. What he said, yes, i wrote too fast ^^
  3. For once I can give an answer : if the bubble is empty, that means the point you are trying to observe is visible to the platoon leader. If not, the bubble is plain black. [corrected] From 3:52 onward
  4. Btw, a question that I don't think needs a topic on it's own but still relevant on ammunition storage : why does the Leopard need to have the turret backward when reloading the ready rack, while the Abrams doesn't?
  5. Found it ingame; 2 versions a 37mm and a 120mm !
  6. How to drive a T-55 ^^ (in french though)
  7. Je pense qu'il peut être aussi intéressant de travailler sur le wiki, je l'utilise personnellement beaucoup, notamment la partie utilisation de certain véhicule (je regarde vers toi, le BMP2)
  8. Bonjour à tous qui parlent la langue de Molière, Afin d'aider à promouvoir le soft dans nos contrées sauvages et suite aux récents appels de traduction d'Esimgames, j'aimerai prendre les devants et souhaiterai monter une équipe de traducteurs pour aider à la fois aux projets d'Esim à venir, par exemple les récents sous-titres, mais également lancer une traduction du wiki ou d'autres éléments. Pour les intéressés, contactez moi, pm, mail... jonathan-michel at outlook.com
  9. More wishes to come : I'd like a small new mechanic in the scenario editor : A variable we have some control on When scenario is started : variable Y = 10 (or whatever the sce designer wants it to be) When an event or condition is true, Y = Y + 1 (or 2 or 100) When an event or condition is true, Y = Y - 1 ( or 2 or 100) Idea is, for exemple, to spawn a unit if Y=10, an other if Y=20; when either unit is spawned, decrease value of Y by 10 or 20 I'm sure we could find multiples others applications for that small mechanic.
  10. More money? ^^ More seriously, I'd gladly pay a few bucks for a vehicle (like a kickstarter of sorts); after all, I did pay about €40 for a custom Tiger 2 for warthunder a few years ago but afaik, this is not how Esim works
  11. I was browsing the first pages of that wish list topic, quite a lot of wishes have actually been granted! Just in the first 2 pages : M1A2, weather effects, T55, IPM1, Leo2A6, Cheiftain MK5, Marder, Mortar carriers, Warrior, "Some little crew dudes stickin out the tanks", AH-64D, Infantry AI improvements...
  12. I think it was already the case back in the days, but have the full list of damages substained displayed in the AAR (instead of only "heavy damage", "light damage"...) Besides, - why do we sometimes see tanks transparents? => answer : only when explody things hit them - why do I see only 2 crews in my tank while sometimes none in others (like below) or the whole crew?
  13. Well thank you, can't wait to see the 2A7+ in SB, then
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