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  1. Not related again, but is there any "Resupply if" like a Revive/ repair if? I found a way to force loading a missile by the AI by setting intial load at 1 or 2 missile only, then with a custom resupply. However, I do not find a resupply condition anywhere
  2. Ok, I will look forward to it! Update, i made a bit more testing and find out why AI Leos and other do not spot targets beyond the 4k range : this all has to do with visual range, by default set to 4000m. Both Leos or Chally do not spot targets beyond 4k when visual range is set to 4000m, even when we human can see and ID target from TC thermals. However T72B3 & M1A2 are not affected (as much - when visual range is set to 10m, everyone is blind -) and can still detect and report. When visual range is set beyond 4K, AI can detect target much further. Leo 2 AI can spot up to 5k, M1A2 way beyond that. AI holds fire for all tanks but missile-loaded-T72B3 between 4-5k, including M1A2. But yes, M1 & Chally can still fire when human controlled. However, even human controlled, why cannot Leo2A6 fire beyond 4km? Rounds will just not go. Human controlled M1 on the other hand, can fire up to 5k, but beyond that, all rounds land short. Anyway, thanks for the explanations!
  3. OK i made some tests : below 4Km, if target if spotted right away => APFSDS is loaded and fired between 4Km and 5km, if target if spotted right away => missile is loaded and fired above 5km, target is never spotted neither by TC nor gunner (while it is visible and we can lase it) => APFSDS is loaded, no fire. Ultimately it means that, unless a target is spotted right away between 4 and 5km, AI never loads missiles, not until it runs out of conventional ammo - AI doesn't shoot APFSDS above 4km - AI only loads missiles if target is between 4 and 5km so if APFSDS is already loaded, it won't unload then reload missile
  4. Hi, I made some tests about spotting target from afar : while M1A2SEP is able to spot targets from at least 5km and mark it on the map, Leo2A6M2 is unable to do the same. Actually, M1A2 TC marks (and directs gunner to target) between 5 and 4km (but does not fire until 4km); Leo2A6 TC does not see anything (while we clearly can see targets when manually controlled). Does target identification need the gunner to see it as well (considering the relatively bad optics on the Leo gunner)? Also, Leo2A6 gunner cannot engage at more than 4km, even when manually controled ? M1A2 CITV and target reported: Leo2A6 TC periscope : no target reported. Actually, to be reported in Leo2A6, targets have to be at maximum 4km . Not related, but what is the condition for AI T72B3 to load missiles instead of APFSDS, especially at mission start? Regards.
  5. I think he speaks hebrew if I refer to the screenshot he provided (these are hebrew caracters, aren't they?). Screenshot by Lightshot (prnt.sc)
  6. Everything is above or on their website https://www.esimgames.com/3165-2/. 1 month : $9.50 4 months : $29.50 12 months : $49.50 unlimited : $115.00
  7. The game is installed as it is. But you still need to buy licence to play it. Once again, this is not a free to play like warthunder, but a licenced game which requires a licence to run.
  8. Well, two solutions : Either you bought an unlimited licence, you got a codemeter dongle like this one via post services : Or you bought a time limited licence (let's say a month), but then you were also provided with a specific link, I suppose? (I am not familiar with time licences) BUT if you didn't buy anything yet, you need to buy a licence here https://www.esimgames.com/3165-2/ Either this one : or one of those : If you haven't bought anything yet, I suggest you start with the 1 month limited licence to try the software out. Besides, just to clarify, SteelBeasts is not a free2play like Warthunder or World of tanks; you have to buy a licence to play it.
  9. downloads file below (location is where your browser is configured to put downloaded files) : which after execution transforms into : I don't understand what you don't understand. Anyway, if you don't have a licence, you will not be able to do much, though. You cannot launch the software without said licence.
  10. No. Use the Bundle Installer on the Downloads page. https://d3kqqh9t9bjzpf.cloudfront.net/SteelBeasts/4379/SBProPEBundleInstaller_4379.exe
  11. Back the wish list : - A real time AAR with camera control enabled (latter only available in mission editor) - T90M Wet dream WW2 tanks
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