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  1. How does it affect multiplayer games when we have different players with different rating and difficulty settings?
  2. Pour changer la langue, il faut aller dans "options" => "language" et choisir le français. Comme le dit Ssnake, une fois l'option choisie, la langue parlée par l'équipage des blindés est le français (dans ce cas), idem pour une bonne partie des textes. A noter néanmoins que tous les briefing avant mission ne seront pas forcément traduits. "I think we have French in audio too." Yes, french audio is working fine.
  3. I am just pointing out the possible observation biais towards arty efficiency or tank on tank rarity when only looking at videos posted; that does not mean that arty as tank killer statement is not true; but may be overrated. As Ssnake suggested, trying to identify/count on oryx of what killed each tank is likely the best current solution. Let me try to do that.
  4. I think arty as a main tank killer is a biased feeling; granted there is a gazillion videos of drone directed arty taking out stuff. But recording a tank on tank engagement via drone is almost impossible but the few very short range ambushes. If long range engagement are recorded, what we will see is either the tank firing at something or the receiving end taking hit. Even if the crew had a camera on board (usually a gopro), we wouldn't see much besides the tank firing or taking hit due to wide field of view of the camera, making the target way to small to see on video. That is, if the crew puts the video online while on the frontline. Add to this the ease of uploading drone videos on the internet (since drone operators are not usually direclty on the frontline). Same is actually true of javelin missile, there is like what, a couple of videos of javelin taking out tanks? Does that mean there is no use of them or that no drone or no one recorded those hits? My point is, i don't think tank on tank engagement is that rare but there is almost no way of recording them properly. That said, you are very likely right; i still do have the [i]feeling[/i] arty is the main killer there..
  5. Maybe is it also a step toward no crew at all
  6. Not willing to talk about ukraine war but here you can have a look inside latest T90M! Maybe enough OSINT will come out of this captured one to feature it into SB, like T72B3 More of it : https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/ukraine-just-captured-russias-most-advanced-operational-tank
  7. I would even say : recrew and switch side to use as a capture vehicle by opposite side
  8. Hi Maybe a known bug or only my local installation, but Scorpion is not playing sound when firing. All other vehicles do. Regards My Video.mp4
  9. An option would be to move the competency of troops into the scenario designer hands instead of relying on gunnery ratings ? Besides, how do this option compares with gunnery ratings ?
  10. it probably existed before, but I just noticed those 2 in the scenario editor
  11. See! https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1607
  12. Heck, the 3.0 was released in 2013, that is 9 years from now!
  13. My take on tests using differents calibers : i hoped schrapnels would do the trick for high calibers M2A2 using HE M1A2 using HE & Canisters CV90 HMMWV with .50 Not a single sagger missile destroyed. Since eny is BRDM instead of inf., no suppression either.
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