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  1. It doesn't either. More tests M2s &leo1a5 driver can unbottun, bmp2s' can't (lower realism on those tests)
  2. Hello Maybe a bug, maybe a feature. As a driver (F9) in the M1 serie (M1A2, M1A1) or Late leos (2A6, 2E), i am not able to unbottun anymore, wherever the turret is facing (i remember being able to do so, once upon a time). It works with T72s, T55s, M60 though. Didn't tried with other tanks. thanks
  3. I read somewhere "TheTOS-1A will be ... spectacular. The BM-21, too." Any chance to see those in a video before release or should we be a bit more patient?
  4. Ssnake, Just sent you back the file by email. Here my message in case my mail goes into spam. Regards
  5. looks like you can't receive PM either nevermind, here is my email jonathan-michel at outlook.com
  6. Ssnake, French speaking here, how can I help?
  7. What I'd like to see crewable are these guys, already in game : Because sights already exist on other system and with that small size it must be quite effective Because it is just awesome Because sights on those two must be quite crude but still fun to use : With BMP1, T80 and T90 as well, i would be the happiest man on earth!
  8. Hi, I currently have one main 4.0 and a secondary 4.0. I'd like to upgrade those 2 to 4.1 + get 6 others secondarys, I guess I should choose 8X "Upgrade License from version 4.0" @ $25, am I correct? Thank you
  9. Camera animation function? Is that new as well?
  10. 2 new MBTs not yet identified, T15 and T16 now on stage... Maybe T14 next ?
  11. Well my bad, i missed it! But the free floating camera is a pro feature, isn't it?
  12. That is indeed very good graphics! Btw, how can we disable all intel on screen like time, damaged, bottom panel (for video recording)? Maybe it is pro version only? thank you!
  13. That is neat! What kind of hardware is used for the video? Could I expect something similar or at least not too far with my lone GTX 1800? Thank you, keep going with the good work
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