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  1. Not willing to talk about ukraine war but here you can have a look inside latest T90M! Maybe enough OSINT will come out of this captured one to feature it into SB, like T72B3 More of it : https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/ukraine-just-captured-russias-most-advanced-operational-tank
  2. I would even say : recrew and switch side to use as a capture vehicle by opposite side
  3. Hi Maybe a known bug or only my local installation, but Scorpion is not playing sound when firing. All other vehicles do. Regards My Video.mp4
  4. An option would be to move the competency of troops into the scenario designer hands instead of relying on gunnery ratings ? Besides, how do this option compares with gunnery ratings ?
  5. it probably existed before, but I just noticed those 2 in the scenario editor
  6. See! https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1607
  7. Heck, the 3.0 was released in 2013, that is 9 years from now!
  8. My take on tests using differents calibers : i hoped schrapnels would do the trick for high calibers M2A2 using HE M1A2 using HE & Canisters CV90 HMMWV with .50 Not a single sagger missile destroyed. Since eny is BRDM instead of inf., no suppression either.
  9. Did some test, it didn't work out using 25mm, canister, heat rounds, mgs. Or I am a bad shooter
  10. Is it actually (and theorically) possible in Steel Beasts?
  11. This is indeed a scary vehicle!
  12. Who knows since lot of informations are classified "All models are wrong, but some are useful" is the saying in statistics. Anyway, even World of tanks proposes an armor model of its own. Is it accurate? I'd say no, but still, it is good enough for what it does. Now, is there a game with a better armor model? Well, there isn't much tanking game out there using "advanced" armor model : GHPC & Warthunder. Are these better than SB in that particuliar topic? I have no idea...but does it matter that much?
  13. Did you use only camera animation ? that is actually very good
  14. If I may add something, in mission rewind/slow motion/backward is just not possible in game since it is real time...but it would be possible in the AAR : you stage what you need while in game and do your camera work in the AAR. Granted, not in the current state as AAR is currently recorded soundless, at something like 2 FPS (and no camera animation support there). I supposed it was due to limitations at the time it was coded?
  15. mmh, I guess I used old M1 and leos for too long (with laser overheating when used too much)
  16. I was wondering how that range was computed, since it cannot be constantly LRFing. Nevertheless, thx
  17. I suppose there is still a bit of intelligence since the range is diminishing with own vehicle mouvement (if that is still range from a point compared with own vehicle speed and direction?) From 3:13 to 3:17
  18. Just curious, how does it range the target? Does it use a LRF or is it AI generated based on the relative size on the display ?
  19. A few questions : What is the guy doing @7:23? About UAVs : - It sounds obvious, but can we kill UAVs by shooting them with MG fire? Will AI shoot at it if detected? - How many UAVs do those scoot guys carry? Can we "reload" it? - I see the battery was recharged automatically when the UAV returned home, I suppose the "virtual" battery was changed automatically? Anyway, those UAV look like quite a useful tool!
  20. Latest video is much better, SB isn't as loud over Grenny's voice; i can hear him clearly now
  21. I want to do that with T72B3 if that is true ^^ :
  22. Those bugs are everywhere
  23. Still 2 weeks to go... Will there be more revelations? 😁
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