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  1. *BMP-2 @Simcoe you might want to check out the wiki too; very well done to learn how to play soviet (and other) equipment https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=T-72B1_(m.1984)
  2. Nope, you got M60A3(TTS) (which may acts as proxy for M60A3) No BTR-82 either (but BTR-82A, though) Maybe my version does not include those? i'm at 4.259 (not the latest but close)
  3. Just thinking about it, masking in SB is pretty much the same system than what America's army (the game) used, but with more versitality https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/America's_Army
  4. Seems highly unlikely, the first sentence in the video is "Available in the classroom version of SB Pro". But i may be wrong, of course. Edit : That's a no (which I very well understand) From YT Esim commentaries : I understand that, but we have to keep the classroom version functionally different from the Personal Edition in certain key areas.
  5. If you see a T-72 going backward at 50kmh, there is something wrong for sure ^^
  6. talking about new things, when will there be some revelations? ^^ June is coming close!
  7. I love the visual detail on what hit where!
  8. Well, according to Ssnake, "Yes, the tooth-gapped reactive armor is a giveaway for the T-72B3. Scheduled for development two years ago, arrived just in time ... "
  9. Detecting that thing coming at you at 100km/h is going to be quite a challenge. Well actually so are javelins and other missiles. So updating the list, we might have in next version : - camcopter - loitering drones - drone countering drones - attack drones - T72B3
  10. So theorically, vehicles APS could still updated to intercept at least those loitering drones if they become too much of a nuisance, I suppose ? I hope there still is a way to evade those new threats in Steel Beasts, though!
  11. I didn't even know interceptor drones existed IRL ^^ Can APS be activated by drones if too close?
  12. These are T72B3, aren't they? That design looks awesome ^^
  13. So did anyone get the other model and willing to share? 🙄
  14. Isn't the navmesh video (where the camcopter is) already a 4.3? 😁
  15. So what we can see from differents hints and easter eggs, we might have in next version : - camcopter - loitering drones - T72B3 ?
  16. I was wondering what tank turret it was ^^ is there a single mousepad model or is there several?
  17. Thanks esim! Just got the mousepad! Looks like a very dronny future to me
  18. "And failed to provide to any sources to give us here how your claim "alternative" is in fact what you claim. Some people claim CNN is a new network." There you go : all are main info stream in France. https://www.tf1info.fr/politique/dominion-et-le-trucage-de-l-election-presidentielle-2022-itineraire-d-une-fausse-rumeur-2214045.html https://www.liberation.fr/politique/jean-michel-trogneux-bankruncanada-suicide-de-jean-luc-brunel-la-folle-semaine-des-complotistes-20220222_QCR37FKMUJCKFCHQLEU6VG4O5U/ https://factuel.afp.com/http%3A%2F%2Fdoc.afp.com%2F9AV3TT-1 https://www.nouvelobs.com/vaccination-anti-covid-19/20220125.OBS53654/je-verifie-tout-puis-je-screene-et-je-partage-voici-comment-s-informent-les-antivax.html https://www.conspiracywatch.info/qactus When a person tries to defend/ or in this case why a source is a compirationist, or now the QAnon claim , your loosing the information war. I don't, they do it themselves! https://qactus.fr/2020/11/09/q-infos-magnifique-message-de-qanon-quebec-merci/ There is even a whole section dedicated to QAnon; what else should I say : "but there is no picture that would provide any evidence of frenchies on board." Speculation, Many have seen them, just because you haven't/or have seem them does not prove the link incorrect., it's your view, and we all respect your view on the situation. False, your source states journalists saw foreign soldiers dead on the crash site; they didn't specify they were french. They could have been American, or even Russian for that matter. As I posted, MI-8 being shot down, AND, by both sides. If you, and others can't find them, maybe your sources need to be looked at. We teach this very subject at the school, source creditability, and methods to confirm working theory(s). I didn't say those choppers didn't crash, there is clearly pictures of them; what I said is there is no evidence of French DGSE operators onboard those choppers contradicting what Qactus states in their article title. The claim of spys, QAnon leaves my head spinning, but this statement is the winner. -Can't talk about the russian source, but there is no picture that would provide any evidence of frenchies on board.- With all that said, I suppose you don't read french, then. Sources provided by Qactus are at the bottom of the article, one of them in russian, which I don't read. Even if I can't read russian though, pictures posted on this website doesn't show anything related to frenchs operators. Again, I am not rulling out that this choppers were sent out to exfiltrate French operators; nevertheless the claim by that website is by no mean a proof it happened as they do not provide any (even remotely solid) evidence. Anyway as you say, time will sort this out. Back to the main subject, that is mil videos.
  19. Well, first of all, I didn't say that info was either true or false, having DGSE operators in Ukraine wouldn't surprise me. What I did is pointing out the credibility of such "alternative" source; qactus is known in France as being close to the American Qanon mouvement. Actually, they do even claim their ties with Qanon (here qanon quebec). https://qactus.fr/2020/11/09/q-infos-magnifique-message-de-qanon-quebec-merci/ Please remember that Qanon are the guys behind "QAnon's core belief is that the world is controlled by a secret cabal of Satan-worshipping child molesters" so using them as a reference is dubious to say the least. Now, about the article itself, I read the whole thing; the only "proof" provided by the article is => Means journalists working in Ukraine noticed bodies of foreign soldiers dead in the crash site. As indicated, we are talking about military instructors, who they tried to evacuate along with Azov personnel. They found patches of Tanzania, South Africa and Marroco. No evidence, no picture of any french operator thoughout in any of the sources. Only argument advanced by the qactus is that Macron asked for an evacuation of civilians a few days before this crash + head of DGSE resigned. That is not a proof as far as I know. Their source, https://reseauinternational.net/des-instructeurs-militaires-etrangers-se-trouvaient-egalement-dans-lhelicoptere-de-larmee-de-lair-des-forces-armees-ukrainiennes-abattu-pres-de-marioupol-par-un-stinger-manpads-capture/ doesn't give any more information and is as dubious : https://www.lemonde.fr/verification/source/reseau-international/ Can't talk about the russian source, but there is no picture that would provide any evidence of frenchies on board. My guess is that they made the connection between both events and stated there was DGSE operator on board. But again, this is not a proof whatsoever. So you may be an expert in information warfare, but that kind of sources is not what I could define as trustworthy.
  20. Qactus is an "alternative" information provider; may I even say compirationist. Besides DGSE is more like MI6 or CIA so they very likely have personnels pretty much everywhere around the world (aka spys).
  21. In latest Esim video, I noticed this little guy...
  22. Are there any dedicated AT towed gun still in service in any modern army? I saw Russia used (and lost) a few 100mm MT-12 anti-tank gun but I guess their main purpose was actually artillery?
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