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  1. Camera animation function? Is that new as well?
  2. 2 new MBTs not yet identified, T15 and T16 now on stage... Maybe T14 next ?
  3. Well my bad, i missed it! But the free floating camera is a pro feature, isn't it?
  4. That is indeed very good graphics! Btw, how can we disable all intel on screen like time, damaged, bottom panel (for video recording)? Maybe it is pro version only? thank you!
  5. That is neat! What kind of hardware is used for the video? Could I expect something similar or at least not too far with my lone GTX 1800? Thank you, keep going with the good work
  6. Thank you! 🙄 Now you tell me, i didn't noticed that. I think I'm getting old
  7. Hello, What map are you using for that campaign? I am looking for both the scenario and the map and couldn't find either of them Thank you!
  8. What about a WW1 Mark smthg tank? After all, Esims logo represents it
  9. From crewable tanks of SB, only shot kal, M60A3, M1 (IP), M1, Leopard AS1, Leopard 1A5 / DK & Chally 2 can use them. I guess they were not implemented for the others tanks.
  10. Not willing to create a new topic so I just revive this one : are modern tank still using smoke shells for the main gun ? (Like they do in the Fury movie against the tiger tank)
  11. Any idea how the leo 2E compares to the last leos A7/A7+? I don't understand why they removed the german rounds from the ballistic computer, probably some political issues?
  12. Hi, Could you tell me what are differences in terms of armour & firepower between those two? I read 2E is uparmored on the roof? 2A6 is not in the wiki Thank you!
  13. Well, even on my old HD4000 with I5, SB runs quite OK (on low definition and small missions though)
  14. Ssnake, Do you think requierements of the next version will be similar to that of 4.0? I am thinking about getting a new computer which I think runs 4.0 quite smoothly (with GeForce GTX 1060) Thank you!
  15. Did you pay 25$ just for the landscape upgrade you don't know anything about? I didn't. I paid for the whole lot included in 4.0, that is tons of new vehicles, lot of them crewable (T-55 ), and lot of other cool new features! Check out the release notes, that is what you paid for! http://www.steelbeasts.com/updates/SBProPE_4-0_RN.pdf Is the landscape upgrade such a big deal to you? In the next version, you might have so much more than the landscape upgrade, well worth 25$ to me (if same price). Just my 2 cents..
  16. Hello, I am trying to randomize spawn location of player units within a zone but can't figure out how to do so. What I'd like to do is : Mission started with 1/A spawned randomly in custom Zone 1, when 1/A is destroyed, 2/A is spawned randomly in the same zone. When 2/A is destroyed, 3/A is spawned randomly and so forth. For now, everything works except the random spawn location. Units do spawn but only where I put them in the editor. Am I missing something? Is the spawning ability only used for traffic? Thank you very muc
  17. For crewable vehicles, what about those ones : Wiesel TOW BRdM-2 AT the M60A1 or M48 and this guy, for the fun of it :
  18. What about more scenario editing tools, like upgrading triggers ? For exemple hierarchy among triggers - If trigger 1 is activated, trigger 2 is no longer available for user to activate. - If trigger 1 is activaged, child trigger 3 and 4 are now available for user to activate Besides, having a small overview of the terrain map before loading it into a new SCE would be awesome (my computer is quite slow to load). Would make it easier to choose between the multiples ter maps.
  19. Hello, I wanted to reinstall SBPE after a system crash, but can't donwload back the installations files. http://www.esimgames.com/downloads/ redirects to a forbidden page. Is there any alternative links? Thank you
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