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  1. Tip 2 : - Learn to command the tank from the TC seat, not as the gunner. Field of view is so reduced in the gunner periscope... - Pop your head out of the hatch, trust your eyes more than equipment - Disable F8 (external view) as much as possible (that's just no fun ) Tip 3 : - Do not stay put - Hilltops are no friends, keep your silhouette low. Tip 4 : - Play with other (experienced) players in a fully crewed tank
  2. Digging up that post. does anyone know where to find those episodes? I found most of them on youtube from season 1 but no way to find some episodes from s02 (legally or not)... plus netflix doesnt work here... tanks
  3. just to be sure when paiement is available : i'll buy 2 full 3.0 licenses to upgrade my main and secondary license?
  4. [sILLY JOKE EXTENDED]3.0 has been cancelled[/sILLY JOKE EXTENDED]
  5. Why not any of the stuff posted here : http://www.twilighthistories.com/2012/08/17/top-20-weird-tanks-alternate-history-of-design/
  6. I just saw this volcano 3 days ago! eyafjallajökull means Island Mountain Glacier, because it's a glacier on top of a mountain on top of what we can see an island (so said the guide) im sure you are glad to know this!
  7. thanks, got'em! tonight is a girl und panzer night
  8. OMG this is great! I need to find it
  9. that's a lottt of ships! count 3 players a tank, that makes 12000 players
  10. OK, i'm going for a Nasa Super Computer. Do you think it's expensive?
  11. I still got a page with simply the message "ERROR" here when trying to access the gallery... here : http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/sbgallery/main.php
  12. About the Gepard, you already have both Shilkas and Tunguska which can accomplish the same thing. Remove the msls from the Tunguska and you get your gepard!
  13. The T62 i want to return to the basics of tank warfare with of some old piece of steel :gen004: yeahhh
  14. Totally worths every single penny and maybe even more :clap: I'm curious about secondary licences too... Will they be discontinued?
  15. even with the settings set to lowest?! it should be almost like 2.654, shouldnt it? (ie no shadow, no particle effects....)
  16. Thank you very much!!! see MP about the 507RCC
  17. that'd be great! i wonder how those chips perform
  18. besides the new smoke and fire effects?
  19. So we can load a pair of RPG guys in a random pickup truck, drive to an ambush location, dismount them, attack and kill the invader, then drive back in town and have a beer? Looks great That will add mobility to the troops and much more importance to troop trucks
  20. which is nonetheless a hell of a list!
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