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  1. hello, Just being curious has anyone on the forum from the UK purchased SB via the okaysoft link? http://www.okaysoft.de/sbp.htm Any feedback appreciated. Regards David ebz7350
  2. ebz7350

    New Skins

    hello, Duke (911) I really appreciate your patience with the skin arrangements & my sincere apologies to the forum if such has caused any disruption or confusion. I just added my tag 'ebz7350' as I'm used to this for other WIP, what I can do for future reference & immediate is upload a fresh set of skins as I have such on file as you suggested. Hopefully from what I can see from the images IMO these look ok & I hope the user find such of use too. Thank you all for your understanding of the matter. I'll march off to the Gaurd Room now 'RMP/Provos & Escort' for a Beasting :wink: Regards David
  3. Version 1.0


    Leo2E fictional digital Flecktarnmuster or Fleckentarn skin. Full credits to the original creator of the template. Apology for no screen shots as yet or thumb nails of the Leo2E. Please feel free to comment on any of my uploads.
  4. Version 1.0


    Leopard 2A4. 2 fictional Flecktarn/Flecktarnmuster skins with markings. Both skins added a few more layers altered some colours. Full credits to the original template artist. Please feel free to comment on any aspect of the skin, dirty layers can be removed for clean versions on request.
  5. ebz7350

    New Skins

    hello, Thanks for the replies guys appreciated You learn something new every day eh? I'll save the modification links & have a browse at such when I've more time. Regards David
  6. ebz7350

    New Skins

    hello, Oops :-? I haven't got the sim as yet, only had a temp licence as to check compatibility with my system, which it does work. It's my understanding that such from a template can be placed in the sim as A1 but not playable correct :?: I have a list of vehicle templates that can be skinned as well as playable in the sim. I'll work at both anyway keep me busy in the meantime. Thanks for the reply lads keeping me on the right tracks so to speak.. Regards David Ps. Full credits as always to template creator in this case dejawolfs. I'll create a 'read me' with credits in future contained with any WIP.
  7. ebz7350

    New Skins

    hello, I've finally got around to a meagre attempt on a couple of skins for SB. M1A2 & the AMX-13 (both fictional) patterns designed on the USMil BDU Woodland Pattern. I've uploaded both if anyone wants to try them out (full credits to both original template artists) made a few small changes added a few layers along with a Woodland layer I had on file. I used this on another sim vehicle & looked awesome there, so hopefully works for SB. Giving it a try, if no good I'll remove the files & start again, so all feedback welcomed regardless. I will endeavour to keep the skins as historically correct as possible rather than fictional, just wanted to try out this layer for effect. Regards David
  8. Version 1.0


    AMX-13 Fiction Woodland Skins (2) clean & dirty versions. Based on the USMil BDU Woodland Pattern. Full credits to the original template artist.
  9. Version 1.0


    Corel PaintShop Pro Swatches. Various WWII/Post War Axis and Allies authentic colours.
  10. ebz7350

    File Question

    hello, Thanks Guys it works :-P Regards David
  11. hello, I can now see from the screen shots where I'm working from now. Still requires a few tweaks. I exchanged the number of extra layers to the multi pattern version IMO it does add some dirt effect far better than the Desert scheme (I now prefer the Desert scheme cleaner anyway) as with skinning it's trial & error. Still looking for markings layers. My temporary licence finished today & as I have had only time to connect/set up the sim & test I've had little time since to actually play such, hence unable to set up my own screen shots etc.. Nevermind I'll continue with my attempts at the templates for now, great learning curve. Full credits to the template creator artist which will be added to any finished modifications. Regards David
  12. ebz7350

    File Question

    hello, My WIP template being a .PSD file of layers. I noted the vehicle files for the SB are 'DD' total Noobie here would this be when flattened & saved as a 1024 x1024 .PSD .PDD :question: Regards David
  13. hello, Thanks for the feedback. Lt (Sean) please feel free to upload the .jpeg images many thanks for your screen shots very much appreciated I used .jpeg as these are a WIP & not yet converted to 'dd' as per sim default. I only wanted to share a WIP mod of the skin. As I've not got an actual sim/licence as yet (temporary licence ran out today) I'm using the templates as practice. The skin is still very much a WIP as I now have a image I can study & add + subtract - what I see. Then again maybe a battle weary tank 'optional' mod is not to everyones liking :icon_frown: ? I've got photo's from my Service plus access to files, I'm using for reference the default skins created by the Pro's from SB. I'm adding the layers to the M1A1cammo version as I think these would look more effective on multi cammo. T.Y for your support appreciated ;-) Regards David Ps. I'm using Adobe PhotoShop CS-6 Extended I did have Corel PhotoShop X3 Pro previously still have loads of swatches & other plug-ins compatibles with both to share.
  14. hello, Points taken as said noobie to the sim (not skinning) uploaded a .jpeg of my effort still a WIP - http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/325/p13_fileid/2349 Regards David
  15. ebz7350

    MERDC camo

    hello, Thanks for the link. I'll save the colours for a swatch Regards David
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