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  1. Can`t wait for SB 4.0, looks so cool.

    Maybe Esim can write some little Campaigns (maybe with scenarios from the years 1960-1970 or 1980-1990 or 2000-2010...), that will be so cool...that is the coolest!

    For the Single-Players ;)

    And maybe the Players can see if they played a mission or not, with a simply score(from last result) on the mission(single-Scenario) you will play, because i forget sometimes have i played all the mission or not ;( ...and can beaten the last score or not =)

    many thanks to Esim  _jens

  2. Can`t wait for SB4 looks sooo good,

    hope Ssnake put some Campaigns on it for me(and the world-wide-rest :D ). I find it is very cool to finisht some missions as Campaign! Very nice option for single-players...pleaaaase.

    Or a nother point: maybe you can see, if you chose a single-mission, a score from last result of mission, when played before...i think this is very helpfull for overview!? So you can see: have i played this mission before or not.  

    And maybe it comes on XBoxOne with Kinect ;) 

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