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  1. Our happy slaughtering will start on Sunday 05/11 approximately at 20:00 GMT. We are really looking forward to meet UK Armour again, even if we get our behinds kicked ... Great guys
  2. wow, now that's skinning quality !!! More this, less other :luxhello:
  3. Uh that's a great idea, why not make use of the already existing speech api, nice thx Lt DeFault Time to plunder and torch Microsofts SDK's again, hooray :luxhello::luxhello::luxhello:
  4. thx Gibsonm, i will implement this patrolled region behavior for some troops or 3rd party bad guys The workaround 'copy to other side and back again' sounds like a quest for a hobbit But actually thats a nice idea and it does'nt take that time at all. Sure, it's the commanders job to tell the driver, wehere to go. But ehm as long as we don't have a voice command feature like in hawx it would be a fine feature. But well, not sooo necessary, i give you that. Ok, taking in mind the driver would drive through roundabouts :bigsmile:... maybe that waypoint thingy was a dumb idea:c:, forget it. But
  5. Well the NavMesh used by SteelBeasts in particular is something, i do not fully understand. I mean, how SB uses it. With that explanation from unity3d, it is starting to get clearer **** A navigation mesh (also known as the Navmesh) is a simplified representation of world geometry, which gameplay agents use to navigate the world. Typically an agent has a goal, or a destination, to which it is trying to find a path, and then navigate to that goal along the path. This process is called pathfinding. Note that Navmesh generation (or baking) is done by game developers inside the editor, while t
  6. haha, you got it, right :bigsmile::luxhello::bigsmile:
  7. sure, right, the route command would be the current way to do this, absolutly. It's just a thought, rather than to draw lines in the map during battle, it would be great if a setting of "quick waypoints" would be possible, where the driver ai can actually "surprise" me In a way of 'giving the ai some personality' if you know what i mean :bigsmile:
  8. ah, do you mean setting a waypoint with "lase to set waypoint"? What i meant was, oh how do i put this: When i'm commanding a unit, i wish i could go to map view, set a few waypoints, which the driver then steers to (without bumping into trees or stuff:)) Ok nothing too important maybe, but it's the little things ...
  9. To get back to what Azure Lion asked in the beginning: What would you like to see in Steel Beasts? - Scenario Editor: AI patrolled regions (maybe the possibility in the scenario editor to specify a region for specified units with some extra markers to tell them, how long they should stay at the marker) - Scenario Editor: the allmighty copy and paste functionality - InGame: On the fly waypoints. When commanding a unit, it's always very time consuming to steer the vehicle to a designated area. Why not give the possibility to just set some waypoints in the map and let the driver do his work? O
  10. Ok, scenario is approved now
  11. Yes, the same problem occurred twice now, as soon as the going gets tough, network synch is getting very shaky...
  12. Ok, i have uploaded the scenario. Name is: "Quo Vadis (3.002)" Should be approved in a few hours http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/262 It would be great if you could take a look at this taking in mind, there are massive network synchronization problems now in 3.002 Back in 2.654 it ran very smooth bit now nobody can see the correct position of the other, not in map nor in external view... I don't know, if this problem is pointing to the map, the unit count or whatever.... Well, maybe i should write this scenario new from scratch other than converting old scenarios ...
  13. Version 1.0


    This one was my first scenario, so be kind ;) Scenario description is in german, now google translator, do your worst ... ;) 1.) LAGE a.) Feind: Fdl Kräfte stossen im benachbarten, westlichen Gefechtsabschnitt schnell Richtung Norden vor. Zweite 104 mit PzGren 112 tritt seit einer Stunde auf Feind an. Im Raum um Pfreimd wurden vor 5 Stunden feindl. Truppenbewegungen gemeldet, vermutlich baut Feind Versorgungslienien für weiteren Angriff auf. b.) Eigene: Wir, die 4.te Kp/PzBtl 104 und Teile PzGrenBtl 112
  14. Thank you, i will upload the scenario, maybe you guys can find the error(s)
  15. Good morning ok, the message regarding the hotkey file is gone now. I just exported the settings to this std.hkf file under: "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\options\std.hkf" so the messages regarding the error can be ignored as well? [10:05:11,056] ERROR: ConfirmDevice failed: D3DCREATE_PUREDEVICE I'm just looking for any cause of problems because yesterday i hosted a scenario that i have written for 2.65 and we had massive problems with network synch between clients. No one could see the real position of the other tank, whether on map nor in F8. Constant network
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