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  1. I wish the units crossing bridges would not cut it this close..
  2. And that is why the Jaguar is my antitank missile platform..
  3. Woodland summer theme and the desert is middle east fortified..Summer season should be bone dry...In 4.023 in any season the dust and smoke was abundant..
  4. 155mm strikes on woodland and desert themes..Small amount of grey smoke no dust..
  5. Where has the smoke and dust from H.E. rounds going off??? We had it in 4.023 but now all I have is some pale grey smoke..
  6. I like the tracers and line item concertina...Will they work in 4.023??
  7. delta6

    Removing decals

    Thank you RENEGADE-623...
  8. delta6

    Removing decals

    That will work...How do I do that???PLEASE send it if it removes the G2 I need the decal...Why the developers put the garish G2 on a beautiful Big Boy is beyond me...
  9. Select the unit and highlight scroll to ammunition check on the rpg and a list will appear giving you a selection from the RPG 7 on...I like the German shoulder fired weapons..
  10. delta6

    Removing decals

    I have tried deleting the decals and making them transparent all to no avail...Do you know how to remove them and the G2 on the M1A2???
  11. I am one of those that "is not to bright"..I have found the main map folders in the sim it has all of the height maps I need but I do not know how to make them work...
  12. I am one of the "not to bright ones" and all of my scenarios were built on height maps...And I do not know how to access them with the new system... I have found the folder but I don't know how to use it..
  13. How do I remove the diamond decal??
  14. How do I gain access to the height maps??
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