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  1. Have you made the concertina deployable in the same fashion as roads??? Will we be getting mortar pits,berms,and smaller bunker emplacements???
  2. Mortar pits,concertina wire deployed as roads are smaller bunker emplacements for the grunts...
  3. How do I remove some of the speech files from sb?? You know the irritating ones that when you first make contact and the projo's start flying everyone wants to retreat...Another one that has EVERY unit calling in that the have reached so and so position or way point...
  4. Thank you Ssnake..Do I have to toggle each vehicle to make it work???Or is there a short cut to do all at once???
  5. How do I make the troops in 113's take up and exposed combat stance while in the 113???
  6. We also need smaller troop bunkers at least a smaller icon to place on the maps..
  7. delta6


    Any thoughts on the new M1A2C???
  8. American military has a saying...We own the night...Why is it in this sim the crunchies and m113's won't shoot at night???I just setup a small scenario in which the time era is the 1960's so no nvd,thermals,etc..The M-60 tanks do have a system that works at night and they shoot the place up but the pc's and crunchies just absorb arty and mortar fire...
  9. I have done that..But when the tc decides that enemy infantry on the other side of your perimeter is more important than enemy armor attacking from his front something needs to be done...Thankfully this is just a sim..In real life a lot of damn fine tankers would be dead because of the tc's behavior...
  10. Assigning a sector/cone of fire and gunner/commander fire within that sector...
  11. Two things I would like to see...1..A 1960's skin for the M-60A3 in olive drab with black stars and 3 track pads on each side of the turret...2. ACAV with the .50 center mount and M-60's mounted on each side by the main top hatch also in olive drab with black stars.....In viet nam the 1st thing to go on a big boy was the pretty white stars..We either painted them black or peeled them off..Then we chopped the fenders stuck a marmite can on the back deck and filled it with beer and ice...
  12. Thank you Ssnake..I did not think there was a fix for it but I had to vent....
  13. What seems to be the obsession for infantry in this sim??? In some of my scenarios I have a heavy amount of enemy infantry supported by enemy tanks and my tanks will not shoot the enemy tanks until they dispatch the infantry....There has to be a way to fix this...It is the feces to lose 1/2 of your units tanks because they would rather focus on a small threat than a real threat..
  14. I am turning myself in for Courtmartial...I just killed my butter bar tank commander for pulling me off of and armored target to engage a bunch of crunchies...The T-62 really messed up my tank but I still managed to kill it to...
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