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  1. In building and testing a scenario, the trees will change from regular tree to date/fig trees in the winter light snow setting.
  2. delta6


    Is there a way to make roads visible in the frozen snow, winter environment??
  3. We need a muzzle flash for the coax on the M1 tanks..
  4. Has the classic 4.1 been sent?? Should i reorder??
  5. A new thingy for russian big boys..Do you think it will stop ATGM's?
  6. I repurchased the classic and hope i can upgrade and i hope it has a code meter stick..If wrong it is just $123.00+ that has been lost..
  7. Which version should i get that has a code meter stick?
  8. Code meter stick (dongle) just died...I was playing the sim and bam black screen and the desktop shortcut is missing.So how much for a new codemeter stick?? I have tried to restrain from swearing but INTERCOURSE!!!!!!
  9. Is there any way to focus the gunners sights?? Mine are fuzzy in thermal and day sights on the M1 series of tanks..
  10. How do i make it work?
  11. Anyone in the mood to pump out an "olive drab" skin for the Jaguar??
  12. Thank you Volcano..Looks like i didn't need the license upgrade after all...
  13. Just installed my new license and the codemeter control panel still pops up on computer startup..
  14. Codemeter warning pops up when starting my computer..Should i ignore or do i need a new codemeter stick??
  15. What happened to my thermals?? I can barely make out targets at 2000m..EVERYTHING is like a deep green fog, day sights are blurred...
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