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  1. I believe it was in 4.125 and the artillery would make deep sounding crump/rumph sounds in the distance on impact..Also which tracked units are mortar units??
  2. How do i get back the older versions of artillery impacts at a distance??
  3. Did someone say HUMOR?? How would you know if there is a blind man in a nudist colony??? It's not hard..
  4. For those that fought for it, FREEDOM has a special flavor that the protected will never know...
  5. delta6


    How do I remove the diamond emblem/plackard/decale from the N-60A3???
  6. I have no idea where to look so I will post my question here...How do I delete maps from the map editor???
  7. What could be simpler I try to add things to the maps and everytime the system crashes to the desktop..I do not know why and I do not know how to figure out all of the loop holes bells and whistles to make this sim run..Why must the sim be so complicated?? What ever happened to "keep it simple stupid"?????
  8. I know that all of my past scenarios will not work without the proper map...I have decided to just uninstall the sim put it in a drawer and forget about it..
  9. No but if I find one I will tell her its all your fault...
  10. When I try to add anything to a map trees sand dirt rocks water etc my computer crashes...What am I doing wrong this time???
  11. Okay I have done that...I will see how well in 30 days..
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