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  1. delta6

    Group move

    I tried that but no go, also tried redownload complete uninstall then reinstall. Still a no go..
  2. delta6

    Group move

    Apocalypse..Yes company of big boys..@ It worked before in the planning stage..(before microsoft update)
  3. delta6

    Group move

    I have lost the group move function on scenario planning..I would place a company sized element on the map and set a route for them to go, and all of the platoons would get a route line..Now that function is gone...What did i break this time??
  4. I have windows 11 and just thought some would want to know "no" problems yet..
    I would prefer different unit markings, but this is great!!
  5. Russia just attacked Ukraine from 3 direction's. North, South, and East..From foxnews..
  6. Do you think it would be possible to put this system into the download section, for the "older tanker generation"???
  7. I finally got it to work..My units are now marked in 1960-70 call signs...Thank you EVERYONE for getting my head straight...This is a M1A2SEP...
  8. The winter skins would work if i did not try to put them on and Autumn theme...AAAHHHH I am getting OLD!!!!
  9. Thanks Splash the 1PM1 worked as did the skins for the other 2..
  10. They are in the right place but only the M1A2 SEP works..Find OD skin in reds folder (winter) open with paint add stars and then save in documents/esim/mods/textures/winter/1970..Did i mess up AGAIN??
  11. Why won't these work on my tanks anymore?? Before the last update they worked.. M1a1nonHA.dds M1P.dds
  12. I rebuilt it, works fine now..
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