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  1. Getting those things corrected does seem like a waste of my time, seeing as NOTHING will be done to correct it...If i could get a full refund i would sent the sim back to esim..
  2. Having the TC order the gunner to fire at a target thru buildings and missing EVERY time, wasting precious ammo..Idiotic fixation of tankers for grunts and refusing to engage the bigger threat just ahead..Tanker refusing to advance into impact area's when the artillery has stopped firing..Sounds of explosions sounding like REAL explosions, in stead of the "punt punta" sounds we have now...
  3. Trying to guestimate how long it will take for the oic to keep the armored units from driving the thru the guard rails of the bridges...
  4. I am old school, when and airstrike hit and area we had all kinds of instant swimming pools..
  5. I believe it was in 4.125 and the artillery would make deep sounding crump/rumph sounds in the distance on impact..Also which tracked units are mortar units??
  6. How do i get back the older versions of artillery impacts at a distance??
  7. Did someone say HUMOR?? How would you know if there is a blind man in a nudist colony??? It's not hard..
  8. For those that fought for it, FREEDOM has a special flavor that the protected will never know...
  9. delta6


    How do I remove the diamond emblem/plackard/decale from the N-60A3???
  10. I have no idea where to look so I will post my question here...How do I delete maps from the map editor???
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