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    How do I remove the diamond emblem/plackard/decale from the N-60A3???
  2. Free up space...
  3. I have no idea where to look so I will post my question here...How do I delete maps from the map editor???
  4. What could be simpler I try to add things to the maps and everytime the system crashes to the desktop..I do not know why and I do not know how to figure out all of the loop holes bells and whistles to make this sim run..Why must the sim be so complicated?? What ever happened to "keep it simple stupid"?????
  5. I know that all of my past scenarios will not work without the proper map...I have decided to just uninstall the sim put it in a drawer and forget about it..
  6. I wish I knew how to do that...
  7. No but if I find one I will tell her its all your fault...
  8. When I try to add anything to a map trees sand dirt rocks water etc my computer crashes...What am I doing wrong this time???
  9. Okay I have done that...I will see how well in 30 days..
  10. I found the ticket "to make it easier to find it should be highlighted " now how do I enable java??? Disregard...I called Geek Squad and it took them 10 minuted to make it work with the temp license...Now where do I get the full license??
  11. Come on people I have bought this sim 2 time at $139.00 per purchase..Since I last ordered it I have enjoyed zero time behind the gun...I need help figuring out all of the hoops and loops I must jump thru to make it work...
  12. Brand new computer..Could it be a corrupted file??This is nothing..I cannot get the license to work as well...I found something in your e-mail about a ticket number.Where would I find that??
  13. I click on the map installer and the adobe reader pops up...
  14. When I click on the map installer 2 messages popup 1.Adobe reader file not supported or file damaged..2.insert disk 1 check OK..What disk??
  15. I have all of the files and maps but when I try to install the maps via the map installer adobe blocks me...I have done this before but the old memory cell are slowly vanishing...
  16. I am trying to install the maps but honestly I have NO idea what the heck I am doing...Looks like the installation of this sim is way beyond my computer experience...Color me stumped/confused...
  17. delta6

    Game disk

    Thank you I have those downloaded...Now for the waiting for the codemeter stick or dongle..
  18. delta6

    Game disk

    In my recent move from Nevada to Idaho all of the Steel Beast setup were lost..I have just bought the whole package again but need to know will I need the game disk for installing..
  19. I wish the units crossing bridges would not cut it this close..
  20. And that is why the Jaguar is my antitank missile platform..
  21. Woodland summer theme and the desert is middle east fortified..Summer season should be bone dry...In 4.023 in any season the dust and smoke was abundant..
  22. 155mm strikes on woodland and desert themes..Small amount of grey smoke no dust..
  23. Where has the smoke and dust from H.E. rounds going off??? We had it in 4.023 but now all I have is some pale grey smoke..
  24. I like the tracers and line item concertina...Will they work in 4.023??
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