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  1. No updates sense 10/24/22,.Is this mod still being worked on??
  2. I am not to sure but i think it can be found in the woodland, textures, red folder..
  3. Any idea for a release date for the mods?
  4. Are you going to use the closeup artillery explosion sounds i gave you??
  5. I need to know how i make the carried troops in 113's to unbutton so they can fight from the vehicle..
  6. Now that is where i get into problems.."Cut it with some freeware"..I don't know how to do that and that is why i need you to impliment the files into your mod..
  7. Close artillery explosions, picked them from the internet..Esim has a good tank sim but the artillery close in are way below par..If you can work them into your sound files for all to use..
  8. Can you put these in?? 067045733-explosion-explosions-incoming-.wav
  9. I have listened to the sounds and i have never heard "punta,punta.punta" for and high explosive sound..If those are supposed to be airbursts, not going to happen..Everytime i was under fire all of the explosions were loud, sharp, and cracking..The airburst should be a CRACK sound with a flash not punta punta..
  10. For REALISTIC arty impacts far, med range, close in go to the internet and find some real artillery sounds and impliment them into this sim..
  11. The H.E. sounds close in sound like double explosions not one (bangbang)
  12. delta6

    Route way points

    Looking forward to the update..At max close up the dot is still a very, very, small dot..
  13. Is there any way to make the small black dots on your route march bigger?? Asking for and old man with poor eye sight..
  14. I use the M1P for my scenarios, with a full loadout of M900 Ammo..I see that it now takes up to 7 of those rounds to kill a BMP1..Has something changed that i don't know about?? It takes a max of 3 to kill T-64B/62/55AM's..I have tried heat and mpat just to see every round fall short or over shoot the targets..The damage model needs some work as the vehicle fires prevent me from seeing the damage..All of my scenarios are in low light to dark vision..
  15. Did you know that today is national beer day?? So have a cold one as the site is updated..
  16. Those that are whining about the release..Give it a break troops, it takes time and patience to make these improvements..If i had you in my platoon you would be on point as a mine detector!!!
  17. Sounds like a bunch of kids on Christmas morning, can we open them now??CAN WE, CAN WE??
  18. I know that this ? will be kinda stupid but..Will 4.3 be on a disk or a forum download?? Asking for a friend..
  19. Something i saw on the news..Russian MBT's have a wire screen on top of there turrets to neutralize top attack missiles..
  20. I put them in dug in positions loaded up with missiles clear field of view with enemy armor rolling by and they just sit there..Targets are 3100 meters out, fire at will..Seems like they can't find will..
  21. Will the Jaguars work now??
  22. delta6


    I changed back to 4.265..I now have my primary atgm unit again, the jaguar..
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