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  1. Do you think it would be possible to put this system into the download section, for the "older tanker generation"???
  2. I finally got it to work..My units are now marked in 1960-70 call signs...Thank you EVERYONE for getting my head straight...This is a M1A2SEP...
  3. The winter skins would work if i did not try to put them on and Autumn theme...AAAHHHH I am getting OLD!!!!
  4. Thanks Splash the 1PM1 worked as did the skins for the other 2..
  5. They are in the right place but only the M1A2 SEP works..Find OD skin in reds folder (winter) open with paint add stars and then save in documents/esim/mods/textures/winter/1970..Did i mess up AGAIN??
  6. Why won't these work on my tanks anymore?? Before the last update they worked.. M1a1nonHA.dds M1P.dds
  7. I rebuilt it, works fine now..
  8. When i start a scenario i get mission over then mission stops..What did i break this time??
  9. I think i have it figured out..It seems to be working in one scenario but the plt leaders are still the 1 tank, and the Co Xo are still Co Xo..no 16-26-36-66 -65...
  10. Please don't laugh at me, but i can't get it to work..I got so pissed at it that last night i deleted the sim and now i am kicking myself and my short temper right in the ass..I am now redownloading the sim and will try again...
  11. I am so used to the "old way of doing things"...Things were much simpler..DRIVER STOP THE DAMN TANK!!! GUNNER SHOOT THAT S.O.B. BEFORE HE SHOOTS US!!! so much simpler....I will try and figure things out and thank you for the help...
  12. 16 plt leader 1st platoon 14 plt sgt 12 13 15 26 plt leader 2nd platoon 24 platoon sgt 22 23 25 36 Lpt leader 3rd platoon 34 plt sgt 32 33 35 66 Company commander 65 XO I look at the form in the sim and i cannot figure out what goes where, and that's why i need help..
  13. Mine was in to 60-70's..The platoon leader was the 16 element and the platoon sgt was the 14 element in a 5 tank platoon..The rest of the company was configured as the 2nd platoon 26 platoon leader and 24 the platoon sgt and so forth thru the company of 17 tanks with the Co commander being 66 and the xo 65.. I even made me a skin for the M1A2 SEP in od with white stars along with the M1P M1A1...In my platoon i was on the 14 tank and always pulled point the 16 was 3rd tank back of me... 16 plt leader 14 plt sgt 12 13 15 26 plt lrader
  14. Could i ask you to put one together for me?? 5 tanks per plt..I would need it for the M1P- M1A1 HA and the M1A2 sep... 1st plt 16 plt leader 14 plt sht 12-13-15..2nd plt 26 plt leader 24 plt sgt 22-23-25..3rd plt 36 plt leader 34 plt sgt 32-33-35 Co cmdr 66 xo 65...If you want i can pay for your work...
  15. I looked at the form and honestly i cannot figure out how to use it..I downloaded the team yankee template, but no readme no instructions on how to use it or install it..All of the rest are for 2020 or german..
  16. Is there any way to go back to the old platoon company command structure?? Platoon leader would be 16-26-36 and the Platoon Sgt would be 14-24-34, CO would be 66 and the XO would be 65...
  17. I set the engagement range at 2000 meters for all parties and my gunners are happily blasting away and missing big time at 3800+ meters...What must i do to correct there idiotic behavior??
  18. Getting those things corrected does seem like a waste of my time, seeing as NOTHING will be done to correct it...If i could get a full refund i would sent the sim back to esim..
  19. Having the TC order the gunner to fire at a target thru buildings and missing EVERY time, wasting precious ammo..Idiotic fixation of tankers for grunts and refusing to engage the bigger threat just ahead..Tanker refusing to advance into impact area's when the artillery has stopped firing..Sounds of explosions sounding like REAL explosions, in stead of the "punt punta" sounds we have now...
  20. Trying to guestimate how long it will take for the oic to keep the armored units from driving the thru the guard rails of the bridges...
  21. I am old school, when and airstrike hit and area we had all kinds of instant swimming pools..
  22. I believe it was in 4.125 and the artillery would make deep sounding crump/rumph sounds in the distance on impact..Also which tracked units are mortar units??
  23. How do i get back the older versions of artillery impacts at a distance??
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