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  1. that's very strange there.... the Beta runs while the updated 2.328 is unable....where's the problem?(the error message is still the same one)
  2. I actually got an error message wich tells me" could not reset the direct 3d device"
  3. I'm currently trying to install the codemeter runtime 3.30 on my Vista 64bits. The install is blocked on the HDD free space calculation...I tryed everything(compatibility modes) but it does not works...where is the trouble? Does anyone got the 3.20 in his PC?
  4. Every time I try to update the firmware I got a message telling me the password is wrong(I typed CodeMeter)
  5. Version 1.0


    3 1/64 convoys joining up an going to a city(test mission)
  6. Eliminator


    Version 1.0


    2nd beta version of convoy.sce by Eliminator. added: new routes for both blue and red, Leos 2A5,and 2 triggers. Comms will be welcome
  7. Eliminator


    Version 1.0


    a small town taken by Iraqis tanks and APCs... some M1s so it's gonna be simply a massacre... but for who ? Attackers or Defenders ? depend of you atenkers!
  8. Version 1.0


    the updated varsion of streetfight il also features better ennemy tanks reactions and less AI than the others versions Have fun
  9. Version 1.0


    Like promise , the English version of the small prom in the city lost somewhere in Iraq
  10. Version 1.0


    A small city lost somewhere in Iraq , some ennemy tanks in it.... So it looks such as a promm... You have to take 3 primary target zones stay in it and in the same time search and destroy the ennemy units hidded in the streets It looks easy but its really hard to perform believe me! So its the first version (brieffing in french) and the second will follow (in english) as soon as possible enjoy with this mission and say me what do you think about it
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