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  1. The Patreon demo currently has one, playable from either side. I've been playing as a patron since January of this year and it's come a long way. Right now, my biggest gripe is that there is no separation of crew duties yet, so the gunner can't independently track targets while the commander searches for new ones. You the player have to do everything yourself. The commander's cupola views are also incomplete, so as the TC, your only view is as turned out. Both of these are on the roadmap for EA to be implemented. 3rd person view will be restricted to only when the TC is unbuttoned. And several new simulation-centric features are to be added. While this isn't going to be a professional-level sim akin to Steel Beasts, it's certainly going to be more than an obnoxious, frenetic clickfest like WoT.
  2. Hey guys. LONG time, no post. I've been playing more and not needed to say much. Just popping out of the hatch to ask what skin this is for the M1A1? I've been looking around and haven't found it. Thanks!
  3. No, there isn't. What's the bug?
  4. Hey, Wrench! Nice to see a familiar face. Welcome to being a treadhead. Gary, nice to have you here. Before long, I'm sure with your background, you'll be teaching US things about tank ops. If I may suggest, there are plenty of Cold War missions that focus on large unit defense in depth and some are quite challenging. The Fulda Gap series is good. Also, the NorthAG 1966 scenario is a fantastic showcase of scripting. Welcome fellas. Good luck and have fun.
  5. As an avid late Cold War player, I support the idea of including the late model AMX-30s. I might be an American, but I can appreciate tanks from everywhere, and European designs have a particular curb appeal. I would also not be adverse to crewable Centurions and Chieftains, early T-80 models like the BV (which has to go down as a favorite Soviet tank), and the M60. For more modern stuff, I LOVE the look of the LeClerc and the Challenger 1 and 2 tanks. And as a serious pipe dream, the M1A1HC with CCIPs and USMC-specific equipment like the 8-shot smoke launchers and MCD would be nice, but unlikely as within game limits it would not be functionally much different than the HA. Features I'd like to see, well, some selectables. For example Being able to select add-on armor packages where applicable with the click of a switch like we get with mine plows would not be a terrible idea either. This could solve the TUSK and other applique armor issues. Same with CCIPs being an option on applicable vehicles. Another feature I would like to see is individual unit numbers showing up on vehicle hulls. Just to use a US example, the CO's tank is 66, 1st platoon's leader tank is 11, etc. Instead of all tanks being numbered by the default decal. This would make it easier to ID the vehicle visually without having to refer to the map.
  6. Any info on how much of that diesel engine's horsepower is diverted for cooling? The GT diverts only 30hp to cool itself vice 160hp for the equivalent diesel during XM1 development.
  7. Agiel! I remember you from the Sub Command and Dangerous Waters forums at Subsim! Welcome!
  8. Dammit! Now I need new pants... I love the Abrams, but I wasn't the biggest fan of the A2 until just now. Awesome work, guys!
  9. Still working on this one, but no new progress pics. Does anyone know where in the skin the rear towing hookup is? I cannot locate it and it cannot remain pristine.
  10. Thanks! WIP Update. Added the attachment frame for the exhaust snorkel, one of the distinguishing features of the HC. Here is a shot of the front of the turret showing the unused MILES velcro
  11. Working on a skin using the excellent Captain_Colossus desert M1A1 as a basis. This scheme is based on a USMC M1A1HC photographed at 29 Palms, California. The machine in question was beat up, rusty, and pretty abused, and I kinda liked the look of it. Unfortunately, since we don't (yet) have the USMC Abrams tanks in the game, the M1A1HA will have to suffice. Aside from the rust, scratches, and dirt, I have made a custom decal set to represent 3rd plt, A Coy of whichever unit this tank belongs. There is no number on the bustle board. Also included is velcro tape (in shoddy condition) on the turret used to secure miles gear and a few other small details. Still WIP. Hope you like it,
  12. Thanks for the permission. Yours is actually just as easy to work with, and the color is better vs. the stock skin. I wanted to circumvent the need to recolor the stock one myself before I made it look like it was sitting glacis deep in a saltwater bath for a month. Will post on a new thread when there is progress. Thanks again!
  13. Captain_Colossus, Can I use your unmarked desert M1 as a basis for another skin? I am would like to make the rustbucket seen in the link below and your desert skin is the closest color match. Thanks. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/61/M1-A1_Abrams_1.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/10/M1-A1_Abrams_Heck.jpg
  14. I'm pretty new, so my wishlist might be a little weird. Don't know if anyone has mentioned these before. Totally never expecting to see any of this, and I'm happy with what already exists. 1) Usable stowage. The tank would be limited to maybe 5 total items. These would be assigned as part of the loadout in the mission editor. Commanded use would fall under the TC's vehicle menu. Items and use would be as follows. Snorkel attachment: Deployable to allow the vehicle to ford bodies of water (within limits, depth would probably be a product of width of water obstacle. For example, a track can cross a stream that is 10 meters wide but not a lake). While deploying/stowing, driver and loader vulnerability is increased. In case of M1, turret locked forward until snorkel removed. Medical bag: allow revival of 1 injured crewman. 1 use only. Camo netting: deployable to hide vehicle in ambush situations. While deploying/stowing, driver and loader vulnerability is increased. Net can be left in place. Damaged/destroyed nets cannot be restowed and must be discarded. Spare parts: specifically a spare road wheel, spare tread, and spare sprocket teeth. Can be used to make repairs without the need for a recovery/repair vehicle. While repairing, crew vulnerability increases. 1 use only. Tow bar: allows stuck/stranded tanks to be towed by other tanks without the need for recovery/repair vehicle. 2) Dismountable crew. I'm not talking about being able to get out of the vehicle and run around. But to dismount a crewman and had him move to set up an LP/OP would be very useful in cases where infantry is not available. His position would be left vacant and unusable until his return. This would drastically increase situational awareness for small armor only units. Balanced of course against the risk of losing a crewman. I would also support the option to shift crew positions, so that if, say, the gunner is killed, the TC can take that position and the TC position will no longer be playable. Don't judge me. I have only been playing for 3 days and haven't had a chance to uncover all the features yet. Lol.
  15. Agiel, I see what you mean about SA. Right now, I'm probably doing the foolish thing in that I am riding out of the TC's hatch. Good way to get myself killed if I'm not careful. But buttoned up as the TC, I feel very limited. I only have two minor complaints thus far. The first is kind of a stupid one. The gunner takes a LOT of initiative. That's totally okay right now. I'm still trying to memorize the key commands, so if he wants to blast away at targets of his choosing while I try to remember which button does what, fine by me. The second is that AI pathfinding leaves a little to be desired. Granted, it's a HECK of a lot better than vehicle pathfinding in ArmA2, but twice now in two separate scenarios I have lost -3 to a bog. So far, I'm loving every second of it. Can't wait to kill my first non-tutorial target! Gibson, thanks for the suggestion. After looking at the wiring on the plug end of a CVC, I have no clue how they adapt it easily. They do not look easy to adapt. The same cannot be said for flight helmets, where for $15 you can buy an adapter jack so long as your comms are USAF G/A plug or an older U-174 and not the 3-prong system used by USN/USMC. I will look into that headset next time I am in Fry's.
  16. While we're on the essentials, anyone got recommendations for a good headset? Once I am proficient enough as a TC and gunner, I'd love to get involved in multiplayer. I have heard of some guys adapting CVCs. Aside from increasing immersion, is there an advantage to doing this?
  17. I'm following this thread with some interest as well. I have been watching SB develop since the original was released and have been wanting to purchase SB pro PE for about 6 years now. I finally did and I'm just waiting for the dongle in the mail before I break into it. As an avid player of Bohemia Interactive's titles (Operation Flashpoint, ArmA, and ArmA 2) what actually attracted me to Steel Beasts was not the importunity to rumble around a 3rd world country in an M1A2 taking on poorly maintained T-series tanks with dismally trained crews (Armored Fist 2 and 3 were pretty lacking I thought), but instead the ability to play in the original M1 Abrams with the 105 rifle in Cold War scenarios. I came across the videos posted by tanit and Cobrabase and finally decided to jump in. While I think a lot more US players would be attracted by the M1A2 as a playable, I also worry about those who would expect it to be an invulnerable killing machine that rolls over T-72s as though it was at a monster truck rally. I don't mean to step on anyone's toes with this comment. It is not directed at anyone (and I'm too new to this community to be purposefully passing out insults), but too many years of seeing gripes in other simulator forums about the lack of the latest God-machine have worn me pretty flat. I'm not here for the A2, but the much more common A1 and the 105-equipped M1. I'll be perfectly happy when and if eSim decides to add it. Frankly, I'd rather have the option to add CIPs to the HA for modern scenarios, but I can be patient. I'm here for what SB has and not what it might have eventually.
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