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  1. Thank you for the job, very happy with this update. In paradise when the Leclerc will playable. 😀
  2. Arvigna


    Hello! one year later .... 😁 I complain.... LOL .... The playable Leclerc !!!! The playable Leclerc !!!! but mpow66m , to playing France go to the download section there is a mod whith french's colors.
  3. I'm using just in single player.
  4. Yes it better for me to read your english than your french !! 😄😅 so in french "Je n'ai pas essayé moi-même, mais le principal problème de Dwvac est la mauvaise interprétation des commandes. À moins que je n'ai plusieurs phrases ou mots pour une commande, cela devient bizarre (et parfois drôle aussi)." google translate Jess on my pc crash... i using "vocals" find too, in elite dangerous forum, it work good.
  5. i am not sure, have understood what you mean ( french) but you can use variable with jess
  6. Or Jess , for Elite Dangerous game. http://www.mediafire.com/file/nbn9ihjfioo3v00/Jess_5.5.zip/file
  7. Happy New year 2017!!!
  8. Arvigna

    RC Tanks.

    Hi, I sell cheap, cause the project is not finished. But in France 285 euros. If you are in Australia, it is not a good idea du to the shipping cost.
  9. Arvigna

    RC Tanks.

    Hi, This is mine when i was some time to work on it.... But now it became impossible for me to continued... I sell.
  10. Happy New Year everyone !!! Bonne Année tout le monde !!! Bona annada totòm !!
  11. Arvigna

    Paris attacks

    Very sad also and thank you for the French people, but also for humanity too. Rue de Charonne, where I worked there a few years....:icon_frown: :mad3::mad3::mad3::mad3:
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