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  1. Merry Christmas ! Joyeux Nöel ! et bonne fin d'année !
  2. ok thank you very much! I think I got it. Thank you, my awesome translator... https://www.deepl.com/translator
  3. ok i read. @ Jartsev : i'am running as Admin. (I'm going to download again, and try a reinstall..) @ Ssnake not sure I understand, little head that I am. i made the W10 update. (ps: First bug with sound file... fixed.) after that , what is certain is that I installed SB before the maps. so i'm doing that as described above . I join the log in case. Sorry for my bad english. DebugLog_1.txt
  4. Hello, I have a similar problem, but when I want to change the path to the new one, it doesn't work. A dialog box opens: exception encountered when changing the directory.
  5. Thank you for the job, very happy with this update. In paradise when the Leclerc will playable. 😀
  6. Hello! one year later .... 😁 I complain.... LOL .... The playable Leclerc !!!! The playable Leclerc !!!! but mpow66m , to playing France go to the download section there is a mod whith french's colors.
  7. I'm using just in single player.
  8. Yes it better for me to read your english than your french !! 😄😅 so in french "Je n'ai pas essayé moi-même, mais le principal problème de Dwvac est la mauvaise interprétation des commandes. À moins que je n'ai plusieurs phrases ou mots pour une commande, cela devient bizarre (et parfois drôle aussi)." google translate Jess on my pc crash... i using "vocals" find too, in elite dangerous forum, it work good.
  9. i am not sure, have understood what you mean ( french) but you can use variable with jess
  10. Or Jess , for Elite Dangerous game. http://www.mediafire.com/file/nbn9ihjfioo3v00/Jess_5.5.zip/file
  11. Arvigna

    RC Tanks.

    Hi, I sell cheap, cause the project is not finished. But in France 285 euros. If you are in Australia, it is not a good idea du to the shipping cost.
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