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  1. Jara4

    Paris attacks

    +1 It is necessary to destroy all terrorism at its roots.
  2. +1 Due to RL limitation I am not able to take a part in sessions past 22:00 local time (CET). Weekend days are out of limit either. :icon_frown:
  3. Great job, KT, thank you!:luxhello: Even such noob as me can get it very well.
  4. Hey Duke, I am little confused by mission time: 10th of April 2045 UTC - it will be already DST in Europe, so, in Germany will be UTC+2. It means local time in central and west Europe will be 2245. That is too late for me :-(.
  5. I am Czech, but honestly I have never been in this museum. More info also here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_museum_Le%C5%A1any
  6. :thumbup: BTW, Sun (the some as Moon) low above horizon appears bigger - it is optical illusion.
  7. Wed night is OK, but, sorry for my stupidity, TGIF refers to Thank God It's Friday ?:bigsmile:
  8. Transport cancelled and tanks returned:
  9. I would like to join either, but, because I am from rather different time zone it seems quite unreal? Anyway - what date and time? P.S.: I have no SB MP experience so far, just SP.
  10. She is really competent - 7 kinder .
  11. I can everyday, except on Saturdays. BTW, that is not going to change anyway, no matter what online event we are talking about.
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