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  1. Apparently Trump wants a military parade in DC. You think those roads are going to be able to take a company of M1A2s going down them?
  2. Still, I believe the fact that arms procurement industry in western democracies was nonetheless accountable to an extent that of the Soviet Union was not was a big factor in how they came out on top in the Cold War. Reading through Steven Zaloga's The Kremlin's Nuclear Sword and David E. Hoffman's The Dead Hand one gets the sense that the Soviet military industrial complex was wasteful and all-devouring to a degree the likes of Lockheed and General Dynamics could only idly fantasize of. You see this with the M-4 Bison (a jet-powered strategic bomber that only had the range to hit CONUS targets
  3. In fairness, in Kelly's Heroes (which is a much better film) in spite of it being stated that the Sherman had the 76mm gun it was unable to take on the Tiger Is in a fair fight, so Fury has some company with that discrepancy.
  4. A friend of mine relayed to me that he knew someone involved with choreographing the fight sequences, particularly the much maligned Tiger-Sherman duel scene. Apparently when the script was picked up a much more dynamic and realistic sequence was planned for the climax, however Tiger 131 had been loaned to the film crew on the understanding that nothing too taxing was demanded from the tank (basically accelerating and reversing little more than 100m in virtually a straight line), thus that scene had to be re-choreographed with those constraints in mind.
  5. If playing as a TC on older tanks that lack CITVs or the Leopard "Peri" don't be so averse to popping you head out of the hatch and scan for targets with your binoculars. An old maxim of Israeli tankers goes something to the effect of "a tank loses 60% of its effectiveness with its commander's hatch buttoned up".
  6. Indeed, part of the reason India stopped at 36 Rafales was because HAL, India's domestic combat aircraft manufacturer, is notoriously difficult to work with for foreign designers and manufacturers. Not content with a frankly incredible agreement for technology transfers and a production contract for 108 of 126 Rafales slated for service in the IAF, HAL overplayed their hand and demanded that Dassault guarantee the work which Dassault inevitably refused. The Indian MOD got around this problem by reducing the order to 36 which can be seen as a sweet spot of establishing the Rafale as a signific
  7. I'm curious as to how it was ascertained that what was fired was a TOW-2A and not some older version like the legacy TOW-2 or BGM-71A/B or ITOW. Was there anything from the footage that distinguished it as that? Had the people who filmed it had a close look at the missile at some point? Was the TOW-2A known to have been supplied to this group of rebels?
  8. Any particular reason why it would have been deactivated? It would seem to me if you were working with the latest and greatest in the Russian arsenal it would be prudent to err on the side of caution, and I somewhat doubt fuel consumption is a concern since urban combat does require that a unit proceed slowly anyways. By the way, can you link to the discussion about Shtora's effectiveness against TOW-2?
  9. Purportedly Relikt was able to defeat tandem charge warheads, so that might explain why the turret didn't get sent all the way back to Nizhny Tagil. What is curious is that the very visible Shtora electro-optical dazzlers did not spoof the missile.
  10. Agiel


    If what was shipped was the laser-guided variant, then I fail to see how countries like Russia or China could have gleaned something from it that they haven't already figured out 15-20 years ago.
  11. A comic book reader iPhone app for French bande dessineé I was quite fond of using had to take some titles off of its service, since with the French being who they are generally had steamier content than us Americans in their comics and didn't have the Comics Code to limit its creative freedom at some point in its life.
  12. From the History Channel Youtube channel, though this almost makes up for the years of Duck Dynasty, pawn shops, and Nazi "aliens". https://youtu.be/pcVzfOmt4Tg
  13. I am designing a scenario for Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations in which a joint NATO force of the United States and Turkey launch a marine invasion on Crimea. It's title: "Operation Thanksgiving" :bigsmile:
  14. What do you suppose that cutout to the left of the T-14's gun on the turret is? The gunner's sight?
  15. it is said that everything within the strike radius of the CVBG remains intact at the Task Force Commander's discretion :gun:
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