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  1. My wishlist following 4.0 (in order): Playable T-64BV Chieftain Challenger 1 T-80A/BV BMP-1 M60A1 FV438 M2 Bradley (pre-ODS) Non-Playable FV432 T-12 Anti-tank gun ASU-85 Other Working IR search lights ATGM capability for playable T-tanks
  2. How did the gunner's sights on the T-80BV/T-64BV differ from the T72B1? Were they all fixed magnification with relatively the same capabilities (outside of ATGM capability)?
  3. Ssnake, I appreciate the suggestion, but I want to keep to realistic mid-late 80's vehicle match ups. I was under the wrong belief that the Soviets fielded TIS-equipped T-80's in the mid eighties. Still wouldn't turn away a playable T-80BV though.
  4. Looking for clarification here...my understanding is the T-80BV of ~1985 year model was equipped with a TIS. My main reason for wishing for a T-80B is to give the Soviet side a playable TIS-equipped vehicle for mid-eighties and later scenarios. Right now, playing the T-72M1 and (since the gunner sight is essentially the same) future T-72B1, Soviets are pretty much outmatched by NATO time period vehicles when comparing 1 on 1. Fixed magnification sights with no TIS struggle to compete with M1/Leo 2. I know this is realistic, but sometimes I crave a more "even" match up when playing Soviet side in small scenarios. If Soviets did not equip T-80's with TIS in the mid-eighties, when were they fielded in numbers? Thanks.
  5. My 5.0 wishlist: 1) Functional IR spotlights on non-TIS equipped vehicles. Lets the 60's-70's vehicles conduct night fighting. 2) Playable Chieftain and Challenger 1 3) T80B 4) T-12 anti-tank gun. Digging in the T-55 works currently as a substitute. 5) For airborne ops, ASU-57 and ASU-85
  6. M47 Dragon... NICE! Also like how infantry can throw smoke to cover their movement.
  7. I was under the impression that we were getting two new T-72 models. The T-72B1 m1985 and T-72B1 m2012. However, when re-watching this video I noticed that at 0:39 there is also a T-72B1 m1984 shown without ERA. Looking back at Ssnake's screenshot of vehicles from his computer, there is no T-72B1 m1984. Are all three variants of the T-72B1 going to be available or just the previously mentioned 1985 and 2012 models? Thanks.
  8. Nice to see the orange ball of death is gone. Any chance of a quick video showing more of the new animation of tanks brewing up when hit?
  9. So I found and installed two great looking skins today...CZ Studios T72M1 and T-80. Both look well worn, dirty, with camo nets. Excellent stuff. Unfortunately I couldn't get either to work and after about an hour of tinkering, I realized they were several years (and SB versions) old. Does anyone know if anything similar to these skins has been created since 3.0? If not, is anyone working on some? I downloaded some great T64 skins, but it seems nothing "Soviet" has been created for the T55, 62, 72, or 80 in a long time.
  10. Ssnake, reverting back to 8.0 fixed it. Email sent regarding licence reactivation issue. Thanks.
  11. Ok, so I solved my issue in the topic below by reverting my operating system back to Windows 8. Now the game will boot, but it gives me the error "The CmActLicense has to be activated again". I went back to the link provided in the email I got this morning when I purchased the license, but the webpage just says "all licenses are activated" and doesn't let me re-install the license. How do I reinstall the license I purchased this morning and installed? Thanks.
  12. How do I uninstall GPU drivers and where do I find them online to re-install? The thing that keeps confusing me is that DCS still works fine and only SB is affected.
  13. I've been away from playing SB for about 5 months. 2 weeks ago I upgraded to Windows 10. Today I purchased a 1 month licence to hold me over until 4.0 comes out. Installed the licence as normal and went to start SB, but now I get an error message saying "Could not find any compatible Direct3D devices. Your graphics card most likely does not support the minimum functionality required by this program." I've never had this issue before and only change to my computer since last time I played is Windows 10. I've already re-installed SB, installed latest driver for graphics card, directX is already latest update, tried running in compatibility/admin mode. DCS still plays just fine, so I know it's not my graphics card. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  14. Step into my shoes. I deploy next week for 9+ months and it's unlikely ill have personal internet where I'm going. No 4.0 and with a 2yr old and another on the way, no playing time when I get back.
  15. So.....can we get more combat action videos of new 4.0 vehicles? Drooled over the others and just got a new 4K HD TV with WIFI and love watching these videos on it. If requests are being taken, I'd love to see more BMP-2 combat action porn.
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