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  1. Question: I've seen this a thousand times on here [the SB forum] but can't seem to figure out what all of the hype is about. I am curious to know just to get on the same level. Why does everyone and their dog want a cast-turret Leo-1?
  2. I've been stuck on The Battle of the Tanks: Kursk 1943 for a while now. It's extremely informative, especially on the operational to strategic level of war but doesn't delve a whole lot into the tactical fight. It also talks on everything combined arms, not just tanks. Definitely will give you all of the knowledge you would ever want to know about the battle or events that led to it out to WW I. Just a bit on the dry side.
  3. Getch- did you get your CVC there to work as a headset? I have a virtually brand new one (sans Kevlar) at the house that would be perfect for this. Did you have to splice wires or is there a more idiot-proof solution?
  4. Agreed it could get out of hand but that is why I prefaced the post by saying just that. Would have to be handled very delicately. However, the M1A1 did exist with TUSK. May I present to the court Exhibit A: Mosul, Iraq, 2010
  5. More modularity in the vehicles. I understand this has the ability to make things unrealistic with a quickness (Leo 2 with RWS mounted TOW and twin 120mm's would not be the intent here) but if done with the right options for each vehicle it could produce some amazing simulation. Could also cut down on model sizes instead of doing each model, have a baseline then discreet packages for upgrades. For example: In mission editor would select M1 Abrams, then be given options for upgrades: M1A1, M1A1 AIM, M1A1 AIM SA, M1A2 SEP, etc. All of these options could then be fitted with TUSK, plow, rollers, SLAT armor, CROWS, etc. The GUI could also work in vehicle/crew paint/camo schemes to be variable for each vehicle/unit. Apoligies for the yankee references, I know y'all love the tanks of the Vaterland but I try to speak on what I know.
  6. Easy-select vehicle skin and bumper numbers. Essentially rework how the mods are used in the game where one could select in the editor "M1A2 SEP - desert pattern" or "M113 - OD green" etc, for each vehicle/unit as well as easily editable bumper numbers and markings to include importable markings. I imagine this would go along with variable scenario seasons/weather: spring, summer, fall, winter in conjunction with snow, heavy snow, snow on the ground, raining, fog, etc. Maybe that counts as two, apologies.
  7. Perhaps OSRTV? One Station Remote Video Terminal that can tap into friendly streaming UAV feeds via a vehicle mounted antenna. http://www.aaicorp.com/pdfs/uas_osrvt.pdf
  8. aj88buett

    M1117 Stryker

    They are close, especially considering the Stryker's evolution from the Piranha. Mostly looking for the Stryker series for simulation for my current situation. I am still new to this and need to really break in.
  9. aj88buett

    M1117 Stryker

    Has there been any new work done to offer Strykers in the game? They are such a huge part of the US fleet of armored vehicles. Thanks!
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