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  1. Hmmm, A lot of work has already gone into this, including fleshing out the bulk of the storyline, units and map location long before current events in Ukraine escalated and became a focal point for the world's news services as yet another news story to bring into everyones lounge room. Would be a shame if it was all for nought. To me this campaign is no different to any other MP campaign or scenario that's been played or discussed here in the 14 months that I've been involved with the SB community. If we all decided to be ├╝ber PC standing on moral high grounds, NONE of us would play anything t
  2. Ahhh, so they're going to be the "shoot first, ...apologise later" type of missions :biggrin: :gun::gun::gun:
  3. G'day Mark, +1 for the Aussie armoured bash :biggrin:, happy to help as well.
  4. Right, so we now have a choice of 3 campaigns at the start of next year, hopefully they occur consecutively so the SB community isn't placed in a position of having to choose which campaigns they participate in, especially for those in the community who would like to participate in all 3. What would be even more dissappointing is if there are fewer or no campaigns later in the year because they all occurred at the beginning of the year. So, have I got it wrong? because I'm at a bit of a loss at how 3 groups of people, all trying to run campaigns at the same time in Jan/Feb 2014 benefits the SB
  5. Now it makes sense, thanks for the clarification Lt Default.
  6. Thanks for the reply Brun but I'm still unsure of the time, 8pm E time is 1:30AM my local time, I'll keep checking TS at various times until I see you on there.
  7. G'day Brun, just to confirm your timezone, mil. time zone Echo (UTC+5)? and from 1900-2300, also thanks for making yourself available.
  8. Urban camoflage (hippie pattern #2)
  9. Marcel Marceau's "Sounds of Silence" :bigsmile:
  10. @Delta6, no the skins for the M1A1 will not work on the M1A2 as they are different 3D models. Only skins specific for the M1A2 will work.
  11. G'day Brun, planning on joining NATO again this weekend (and for all of the First Clash missions hopefully), but unable to attend any of the TGIF time planning sessions / briefings. This is in the middle of my Saturday for me and I have all day sporting events that I can't change on these days. I am able to turn up early before missions, is it possible to email or pm NATO players with a map graphic and go through it 30 mins before the mission? cheers
  12. G'day Stratos, If you look in the game, crewable vehicle names are in black and the non crewable vehicle names are grey, if you were wanting vehicles to gun and drive. There is a thread here listing the vehicles, http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?t=19269 and of course all of the new vehicles for v3.002 are listed in the release notes (they come with the sim).
  13. G'day Stormrider, for the check boxes, you can have, cond. 1 AND any of the other conditions, or you can have, cond. 1 OR any of the other conditions, also conditions 2-7 are grouped into 3 seperate groups where you can have 2 different conditions for each group (hope it makes sense). In other words, you can have cond. 2 AND 3 true OR you can have cond. 4 AND 5 true OR you can have cond. 6 AND 7 true what this means is you then have the options of cond.1 true AND any 1 of the other 3 conditions, (so cond. 1 must be true and then you have a further choice of any 1 of 3 seperate conditions tha
  14. This thing cracks me up every time I see it, just needs vision blocks and a water cannon :biggrin:, I'd never be able to drive it because I'd be laughing too hard at everyone's reaction to it. :eek2: :bigsmile:
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