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  1. Canadus

    Cold Waters

    Hach, those memories. If I only could find my copy of DW...
  2. Nah, with all that Diesel-Gate nonsense & the discussion about Diesel here in Germany I`ll better keep myself off. Waking the neighbours at 5AM in the mornings, when firing up that engine, is another thing...
  3. Damn... bought a BMW yesterday. On a second thought, I'm not sure, if the Leo would have fitted into my garage...
  4. Wow, thx for that vehicle list.
  5. Thanks for your answers so far. Had expected that I would have to do some Trial and Error here. I'll drop some info in the comment section of each file... Dennis
  6. Is there a sort of overview - for a more or less unexperienced newbie like me - of which skins can be downloaded & installed with the latest version of SB? (eg can i use a leopard1 skin, made for 2.6, or a skin made for 3.x without any problems) Rgrds Dennis
  7. Have sent you an e-mail. Thanks for the fast response. Dennis
  8. Hi all, maybe I'm plain stupid or just have overread the info about how to re-install Steal Beasts, when updating on a new version (4.010). I have downloaded all new install files, uninstalled Steal Beasts (old version 4.005) and then re-installed 4.010. I have not re-installed the codemeter software, as it was still installed. How do I / What do I have to do, to re-activate my license, as I suddenly have to different licenses in my codemeter-software?! One is not activated, the other one is said to be invalid. I'm a bit confused right now. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction... Grtz, Dennis Edit: I should add, that I have re-installed in a different location than before. Maybe that's part of the problem? I'll upload a screenshot. Maybe that will help explaining my problem...
  9. Go Canucks... wooot wooot. But what satisfies me even more, is the glorious defeat of the US team, by Team Europe.
  10. Oh yes that would be awesome. Post WW2 sim with the Command2 engine under the hood. Wishing for something like this for years... Dennis
  11. I had the strong feeling, that the price was rather going up, than down. But the Warthog is a fine piece of equipment, I'm sure. If I was a DCS addict, I would most likely own one myself...
  12. The Warthog is selling for approx 330€ here in Germany... That's a hell of a price tag. Although I thought about getting one years ago, when I still was playing FSX occasionally, the price held me off. The TM Flight X however, is just 1/7th of the Warthogs price. If you spare the Throttle and just go for the Stick, then its just 1/10th of the Warthogs price. Costumer reviews are also very positiv on the Flight X. Most likely I would go with that Stick / Throttle Combo (with a more or less up-to-date system, the old flightsim-virus is showing up... ). Dennis
  13. Same here... I'm on the constant lookout for Command getting a reduced price tag. Flashpoint Campaigns is also on my list. For the moment I'm investing most of my "PC-time" into getting better at mastering SB; alot of reading PDFs about controls, gameplay, tactics, amoured & infantery warfare, etc... After some years out of the "warfare business", it's really so much fun getting used to it again.
  14. Was playing DW years ago (I might even have the cd's somewhere... beside 688i & Sub Command), but wasn't aware of that "sonar-issue"...?! Oh Fleet Command... that brings back so much memories. I should have the original cd somewhere. Does it still run on modern computers? Why can't someone develop such games like these today? Or ist there just no market for such sims, not even a niche one... Am I really that old? Dennis
  15. I got Harpoon 4 years ago, but never really found a good entrance to it... The Commanders Edition was a bit shallow, while the Advanced Naval Warfare Edition was (and is) absolutely outdated in terms of graphics. You need quite some workarounds to really have fun playing the game, because the engine has its limitations and to get the game running on modern hardware isn't that easy either. Wanted to try out Command some time ago, but heard more negative things than positiv. Database was said to be broken and so on. But during the last few days, I got the impression that the devs have really updated and improved the game. Will definiterly give it a chance, when the price gets reduced. Same for Flashpoint, as this is also high on my "most-wanted" list for some time. Greetings, Dennis
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