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  1. Okay, perfect. Looks like the wording may have changed on the preorder page, too, for the better. It jives. Unless I just dreamt the part about having 4.0 installed etc.. Thanks!
  2. I purchased the upgrade license only. Is there a way to upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1 without having 4.023 installed? I deleted my install files for 4.023. It sounds like 4.0 must be installed in order to upgrade the Codemeter license. So would I have to download 4.0, install, update my Codemeter, then download and install 4.1? Or is there a way in my case to simply update the Codemeter license, then go straight to 4.1? Does it upgrade 4.0 to 4.1? Or is it a separate installation?
  3. Upgrade 4.0 to 4.1 preordered. I have almost entirely given up on preordering anything these days, but you can't go wrong with a new version of Steel Beasts. And really, if it helps esim (beyond simply cashflow now vs. later), then it's a done deal.
  4. It seems from the CITV when you order a battle position it uses your commander's head facing (forward in this case since you're looking at the screen). Shouldn't it assign the direction you're looking in the CITV? It works this way in the F1 view, with or without binoculars, but not the F3 view. EDIT: it works to "designate target" first, wait for the turret to swing, then order battle position because the turret moves your head. But if I'm unbuttoned, look to the three o'clock position and order battle position, the driver swings right. TC is obviously stating a direction to face, since the driver can't know where the TC is looking. So why, when looking through the CITV independently from the main gun doesn't the TC assign the direction he's looking?
  5. Sure, that makes sense regarding selecting what you want on the panel vs. a toggle. So that just leaves the main point - gunner won't respond to TC's command to switch to coax. I guess that must be a bug. There is some other weird behavior in there (like how sometimes the toggle does work and other times not), but the primary issue is gunner ignoring TC.
  6. When I said "I assume is as intended" about the lack of toggle (back and forth select) behavior I was giving the benefit of the doubt but perhaps that's related and they're both bugs. I figured it was different from the Abrams, but it really shouldn't be since a) it really is a main gun in that sense, and b) Ssnake says it "should toggle between coax and main gun" like it does for the Abrams. So it seems that's not working the way it's supposed to, either. Another strange behavior that I can't reproduce 100% of the time is that *sometimes* the M key from the TC position will actually tell gunner to switch from coax to main gun. I haven't yet figured out when it does and when it doesn't, but twice now I've been in the gunner seat, switched to coax, then moved to TC seat, hit M and it changed back to main gun (last selected 25mm ammo type). So the plot thickens? To reiterate, as I've tested this again today: From gunner seat in Bradley the M key changes to coax, but not back to main gun. You can also switch to coax with the End key. From TC seat, the M key does nothing, and neither does the End key. The Ins, Del, and Home keys work as expected. When pressing the M key, the sim does see it however! I know this because it prints a message about selecting the main gun (regardless of whether the main or coax is currently selected). From TC seat with override, the M key will select coax, however it will not toggle back to main gun. The End key does nothing. Of further note, I tested using an alternate hotkey and the behavior is the same.
  7. In version 4.019, I can't seem to get my Bradley gunner to use Coax. If I'm in the gunner station, the M key or the End key both select Coax (but M does not switch back to 25mm, which I assume is as intended). If I'm in the commander station using override, I can switch to coax with the M key, though the End key in this case does nothing. However, if I tell the gunner to use Coax, the message just pops up "Gun Select: Main" and does nothing. Neither the M key nor the End key work here. Something I'm doing wrong? Bug?
  8. Sometimes all I want is a quick damage and casualty report from an AI unit in my platoon. Is there any way to do that other than jumping to that unit? I suppose if that's possible, then might as well ask for ammo count as well. When I hear a unit is taking fire, as soon as there is a lull, that's the next thing I want to know.
  9. Thanks for clearing that up. Makes sense.
  10. I thought I understood the reload function, but maybe not. Just finished a battle where I expended one SABOT and 4 or 5 HEAT. I am TC, sitting internal, hit reload all. I see the green message flashing that it's reloading SABOT (8|17). Other than showing white solid messages the few times I switched between F1, F2, F4, and F5 views, it's still just flashing that same message and not making progress after a few in-game minutes (tried sitting there with time compression on for a bit, noting no change). Am I missing a prameter here that's inhibiting the relaod? Tank isn't moving. M1A1. EDIT: I tried unbuttoning and suddenly it made progress. TC must unbutton to allow loader to reload? All I saw in the manual was that some vehicles must orient turret a certain way, but I assume if that was the case in the M1 the AI gunner would handle that part.
  11. Thanks - Looking forward to seeing their improvements. I must say they're also much more immersive than in the past! Awesome work!
  12. Maybe a one-time fluke. One thing I did was install my Creative ALchemy dll's I'd used from previous versions of SB Pro, so maybe that will help. I played out that mission, but it was more sounds than just the engine as I found out. I was missing all of my contact calls (I think all communication audio) and some other vehicle sounds. What was left was turret slew/adjust and impact noises on my vehicles. Nearly everything else was gone (in case that is helpful information at some point). I'll report in again if it happens again.
  13. I can't find any other threads about this, but has anyone seen this behavior? I'm about 30 minutes into a scenario with 4 M1A2's and suddenly I lost my engine sounds (while tanks are moving). I have tried switching between all my vehicles, all crew stations, etc., but no engine sounds. I can still hear turrets. It's a little...disquieting.
  14. Version 4.010 M1A2 When I'm in the F1 view, the CITV (picture in picture) is buttery smooth. However, when I switch to the F3 view, the CITV is extremely choppy. Is that expected behavior right now or is there something I can do to improve this?
  15. I'm trying to upgrade to SB 4. When I continue to payment (Paypal being the only option), I get the error: Invalid Required Domain. I am able to log into Paypal in a separate tab without any issues, but I've tried several times to purchase from the eSim site but cannot get through. Any suggestions? EDIT: it resolved itself. Just had to wait a couple of hours.
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