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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Daru-Sierra Leone Based on the real world location inside Sierra Leone. Daru is a name of a city in SW of this map in Sierra Leone. Since that was the part with woods and other forest i decided to name it. To download this map, please enter f10d6e6d-6ca0-454b-af9b-c9faad01b55e as the ID into the SB Package Transfer Manager UI. Note: this map has not changed since 3/29/2021. It has been uploaded to the map server for easy sharing. Other parts of the map has road network and built-up areas but no forest. Shape data (Roads , buildings by @DarkAngel) Height Data (Me)
  2. I know; that's why I wanted to clarify my pro-nouns just for your benefit. As for my previous comment of the upgrades not being straightforward, this is my fault I did not take the time to read anything and assumed that this upgrade would continue the past trend of being overly complicated. I admit (after reading a few notes) I was wrong. Truly credit is due for you and your team for your hard work, after all these years its finally simple to use. Thank you
  3. Saw this on the news , but I don't know what that attachment is used for on top of BMP-2. Anyone know ?
  4. You made me happy , now just take my money and make it happen. Just kidding. Thanks for the info.
  5. Yes if there was a way to disable the need for GPU before starting a server. It will give flexibility. But could be more complex to implement. Non-GPU dedicated version is for pure server client environment where raw power of processor and large amount of ram could be utilized. But since SB can only use single thread its really not relevant. It would also be useful for someone who wants to host SB session with server living on a cloud platform such as google , AWS etc. We can add a gpu there but it cost lot more. It would be nice to have non-gpu version of exe just for scenario like that. I can dream for now.
  6. +++1 on that. And add - No 3D graphics - Dedicated Server exe. So we can run these on servers without needing GPU.
  7. I don't know how i missed this. This is amazing, thank you.
  8. i guess the question i would ask if eSimGames would allow us to transfer the license to smaller dongle if we bought one ? Thoughts +Snake ??
  9. Is there a compact or more portable version of the dongle. I almost broke mine as it sticks out and i hit it with my leg.
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