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  1. I don't know how i missed this. This is amazing, thank you.
  2. ashdivay

    Portable Dongle

    i guess the question i would ask if eSimGames would allow us to transfer the license to smaller dongle if we bought one ? Thoughts +Snake ??
  3. ashdivay

    Portable Dongle

    Is there a compact or more portable version of the dongle. I almost broke mine as it sticks out and i hit it with my leg.
  4. Ability to build ditches and emplacements while in game. Sorry if it exists already. I was thinking it would be nice to have.
  5. ashdivay

    We love photos

    Indian WhAP8x8 Various prototypes New turret With BMP2 Turret
  6. Yep ! Who knew he use to ride vespa's
  7. I found a picture of DARK when he used to be a Vespa scooter riding MOD back in UK.
  8. Why no pre-order like Steam does ? Get with the times dude !
  9. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be the first CO from Blue/Green side to win this mission.
  10. Waiting for @dejawolf and @Damian90 to do their usual Indian trolling.
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