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  1. Not sure thats a GoPro. Check this.
  2. Saw this on the news , but I don't know what that attachment is used for on top of BMP-2. Anyone know ?
  3. You made me happy , now just take my money and make it happen. Just kidding. Thanks for the info.
  4. Yes if there was a way to disable the need for GPU before starting a server. It will give flexibility. But could be more complex to implement. Non-GPU dedicated version is for pure server client environment where raw power of processor and large amount of ram could be utilized. But since SB can only use single thread its really not relevant. It would also be useful for someone who wants to host SB session with server living on a cloud platform such as google , AWS etc. We can add a gpu there but it cost lot more. It would be nice to have non-gpu version of exe just for scenario like that. I can dream for now.
  5. +++1 on that. And add - No 3D graphics - Dedicated Server exe. So we can run these on servers without needing GPU.
  6. I don't know how i missed this. This is amazing, thank you.
  7. ashdivay

    Portable Dongle

    i guess the question i would ask if eSimGames would allow us to transfer the license to smaller dongle if we bought one ? Thoughts +Snake ??
  8. ashdivay

    Portable Dongle

    Is there a compact or more portable version of the dongle. I almost broke mine as it sticks out and i hit it with my leg.
  9. Ability to build ditches and emplacements while in game. Sorry if it exists already. I was thinking it would be nice to have.
  10. ashdivay

    We love photos

    Indian WhAP8x8 Various prototypes New turret With BMP2 Turret
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