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  1. I think the current status quo works, and Please "If it ain't broken, don't fix it!" As for me , I'll honor SB.com and other events i choose to take part in, and will work/play with anyone irrespective who they might be.
  2. lol the answer
  3. OMG , stop !! you're driving me crazy.
  4. Best statement(in my opinion) I've come across from EsimGames this year.
  5. Its not Voodoo , if you understand Networking protocols. But not everyone is expected to know this. Nor should you feel bad about it.
  6. No but you can include the skin files in the zip and provide instructions to the user on installing it. Thank you sooo very much. This is the best instructions.
  7. It's very likely India will buy those.
  8. Bi planes are the best
  9. Move from various vechs and AFVs
  10. DefExpo 2016 live mobility demonstration Arjun Mk II I MBT tank Kestrel 8x8 APC Humvee Tata MPV
  11. I didn't know you felt that way about me. Must get lonely down there.
  12. Justed wanted to share some culture. But got trolled.
  13. Better watch it , before someone decides to send emails on my behalf because they are champions of PeeeCeeee BS
  14. ok , ill give it a goo. Thanks. PS: I still hate you.
  15. I hate your guts. if you ever left your parents basement, i'd kick you ass.
  16. LOL Deja do you just love to troll every thing Indian ?
  17. "This is the regimental song of Assam Regiment ' Badluram ka Badan zamin ke niche hai...aur hamko uska ration milta hai ' ...this is performed by young recruits in their regtl center after every Oath taking Parade on the stadium stairs that overlook the parade ground in Happy Valley Shillong...it's a treat to see this performance... This is based on second world war true story....one solider by the name Badlu Ram died in war but the company Quarter Master forgot to strike out his name and continued to draw rations for him too. Obviously this resulted in creation of surplus ration over a period of few months. Then this company was surrounded by Japanese and cut off logistically. At that time the surplus ration of Badlu Ram saw them through the siege or else they would have starved to death. Thus the song."
  18. Deja , they miss you on Indian Forum. lol
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