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  1. did they start wining after you quit ?
  2. Twitch is for teenagers, grown ups use YouTube gaming. hehe
  3. Again it should be completely up to Host. Yess !!! Lets make it happen. Maybe we can adapt it for TGIF. Good for Kanium for jumping on this opportunity. Again , lets have a TGIF version of this so everyone else can enjoy it.
  4. Its unfortunate that some individuals bring their emotional bleeding heart baggage along sometimes. Loss of human life is no joke , but its important to separate SB from emotional BS of real world. However , GeoPolotical background info is important for a scenario like this . Understanding , socio-economic , cultural ,religious and political cause and effect of players actions add to the scenario depth and feel. In the end , people can choose to take part or leave it alone based on their preference , emotions etc.
  5. how can we achieve asymmetrical hybrid scenario in SB ? perhaps scenarios where players have to fulfill rolls of AR crews supporting AI/Player controlled inf. Do we really need ARMA style inf controls ? in my opinion no.
  6. Political statement / Offended sensitivities ? I think if a designer maintains balance rhetoric in scenario briefing. it will work out. Other than that , hiding from reality is not the way forward.
  7. I think something similar was done in the past. But i am thinking a UN Armored Patrol moving to liberate a group villages but evey-time a CMdr needs to evaluate the situation and decide weather to engage or not. each engagement will have certain effects and scoring..........lot of possibilities to consider..... even without full scale Combined arms i feel we can possibility bring more diverse , non-typical but actual real world scenarios in picture. I am considering current middle-eastern engagements as a template. thats great idea Hedgehog , lets pump some gas into it and make it roll.
  8. or even a UN force navigating complicated political situation in a african country. Sudan ???
  9. Its not that i don't want to, it's a time zone issue. But from what i understand Rolling Thunder is MP Co-op. I prefer H2H.
  10. lol but I am going to Ignore your attempt at derailing this thread. Great idea , perhaps recreation of WW2 battles from East with slightly newer equipment. Vietnam battles , or even possible invasion of Australia . What about Current Syrian Conflict ? Thats a great Idea. Soviet forces vs Mujahedeen.
  11. you're close , time zone yes , who hosts it ? i don't care anyone. And the most important > Scenario - something different and unique.
  12. Its not for me . but the community needs more spice.
  13. Kt. i have hosted and played my own scenarios 50 million times, i am trying to say it would be nice to be surprised by someone new with something diffrent, "other people than the usual suspects" would be great. And i am extremely bored of my wishes, lets have Russian or Germans post some scenarios.
  14. Thank you all for your replies. I was thinking more along the lines from parties who aren't already doing a MP-OP every other night. Something new . I am sure both Kanium and Aussies have great missions. Aussie time is too inconvenient for Eastern US. It would be nice to have some new individual or party make a mission/event for a change. Would also love to see PzBn organise some missions. Where are the Russians ?
  15. Hi are there any non-gamey MP Ops on the horizon for SB ? Anyone have anything in the making ? Any ideas ?
  16. I volunteer TH as the CO of whichever side has the Soviet equipment.
  17. Another vid of Indian Naval Sea Harriers on its Carrier Vessel. New Carrier Vessel is seen in the back ground.
  18. Indian Navy retired its Sea Harriers, Replacing it with Mig-20kub
  19. Also , Application Data might be hidden.
  20. Greetings, Gibson, When you have a moment. Please have a go at Google.com . A simple Search of "what is 2100 CST in UTC ?" gives you the following result : UTC / Z CST CDT 0300 UTC 2100 (9 p.m.) CST 2200 (10 p.m.) CDT 0400 UTC 2200 (10 p.m.) CST 2300 (11 p.m.) CDT 0500 UTC 2300 (11 p.m.) CST 0000 (midnight) CDT 0600 UTC 0000 (midnight) CST 0100 (1 a.m.) CDT Hope i could help. With Regards Ash
  21. wow Snake , you just gave us peasants hope , now we expect greatness in future.
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