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  1. If I had live in the US I have bought the whole gunner panel and the controller. Oh, and there is a commanders .50cal sight too (from a simulator). Hope somebody make a good use these stuff!
  2. Sorry, I still not get it why not. It makes no sense. :confused: But of course I won't push it. I will find another method to measure the panel size. Any way, thank you for the responses!
  3. I don't know what is so top secret about an aluminium cover plate size? :bigsmile: I only need this plate size. X or Y. Any of them is good. :clin:
  4. I'm just thinking about it. I will never be a tanker, so why not add a little more immersion to this simulator? So to speak, i need only the "X" or "Y" size. If any of them are known, I can calculate the rest. I thinking about only one monitor behind the GPS eye hole. It is for displaying the TIS, and the GAS as well (switching like F2 / F3). An USB joystick interface card can operate the gunners panel switches (32 functions).
  5. Is there anyone who can tell me the M1A1 (or A2 - no difference) gunners panel size or somebody who can measure it, please? X = ? , Y = ? Prefered units: mm, inch Thank you!
  6. TIR: Game update! I never have to use this function yet. Problem solved! :luxhello: Thank you!
  7. How can I enable TrackIR in SB? What did I miss? -Upgraded to SB v3.028 -Track IR software is running, Track IR is on and working. -Launch SB -controls menu, track ir is selected -launch a mission -3d tc view .... and nothing.
  8. I own lifetime license from 2013. I switched to SB v3.0xx on my PC, it is all OK. But sometime I have to use SB on a laptop. It turned out that my laptop graphic card is not compatible to run v3.xx. Program starts OK, but when entering to 3d world, it is all black. So I wanted to switch back to older version. I have the v2.640 installer on a dvd, but the v2.654 patch is missing. Sadly I can't download it any more. Is there any way to download the v2.654 patch? Thx!
  9. Need keystrokes for every functions. So I can make a steel beast simpit. :biggrin:
  10. I started to make the Battle for Rumaila 20x25km area. I didn't find a good height for this. So I made on a flat height, becouse the area in real life is only 0-1m elevation. MAP picture. It is faaaar from complet... http://kephost.com/image/F34s So, if a height map will come out for this area, I have to edit the map agen. No way
  11. If I create a map with roads, buildings etc. on a default flat height, is it possible to add a height map later?
  12. Is there a height map for the area, where the 1991 gulf war's Battle of Rumaila has taken place? gps: 30.660760, 47.320410
  13. I use the palm switch too on the x52pro pinkie switch. Holding the switch is override, just pulling once is zero the lead.
  14. What is this function (on picture) that we can see on the CTP? http://kephost.com/image/FJ9Z Will be any more CDU functions implemented in future Steel Beasts 3.xxxx? THX
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