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  1. Well, you're awesome, my friend. Good morning from Greece. I continue to practice offline and soon i believe to speak with you in teamspeak!!
  2. Thanks again for your help my friend!!
  3. I also have two questions about Skins. When downloading a Skin and go to put it in the corresponding folder, eg Winter, in there, there are various other folders, eg. at, au, ca, ..red, ..za. I do simply paste in the folder eg.winter, or i have to go to another folder which is inside winter and paste it in there. And a second question: there ia a folder camo in there. In this folder there are other folders such as autumn, desert, winter and woodland. In there what files are placed; Thanks for the help ..
  4. I make this post to find all Greeks dealing with steelbeasts and created the first GREEK virtual squadron. I expect the first answer, from the commander of the new squadron ¨Spyros¨. PS. I send my greetings to my friend Gibsonm and I wish to see him soon in the field.
  5. Thank you for your relay. I found it useful. I started to work with it.
  6. Hi, I'm new to the forum. I work long with other simulators, like dcs world and bms Falcon. I am an officer in the army and am interested to deal with the steel beasts. I want to especially deal with the Mission editor and create new missions (with the military way). I would like to know, if there is a guide for it (i saw videos in you tube), and particularly to the symbolism in '' new graphic area''. (Command and control - tactical mission). Thank you and wish soon find themselves on the battlefield. PS 1. This time trying to learn the gameplay. PS 2. I especially thank Mark Gibson for his help.
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