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  1. I have seen the same in Leo 2 A5/6 and the CV-90 35 DK. Will try to reproduce and investigate - thought it was how it was supposed to work
  2. Choosing "Pahkajärvi" and driving around that really shows how uneven the terrain are. Looking real good! But again, would have loved a little pre-made scenario so I could just play along (But I understand why there is not)
  3. I went through the map list in the select map (scenario editor). And could not see it?
  4. Hi Is there a scenario showing off the new terrain and maybe some of the new units? I've been away from SbProPE for years and clicking through the scenarios they all sound familiar even after so many years I just want to take it out for a spin not create anything my self (yet). Thanks in advance. Mark
  5. Mine says the same. Tried the download package but it told me it was not found
  6. Isn't the secondary licenses more expensive than last time? I own three and I can see that I paid $5 for each, now its $25...
  7. Nice, thanks! I will check it out when I'm home again. Cheers Mark
  8. Hi, I have a CodeMeter stick with more than one license. I can't remember how many.... So where can I see this? And is it possible to upgrade them all or some of them...The $25 per license is little more than I can afford right now Thanks in advance. mark
  9. Hi, I'm wondering if this has changed in any way?!?!? Since I have now witnessed a lot of red suicide units with this route between two way points, especially T72B, BMP2 and BRDM-AT (Taking fire from M1, Leo1 and M-60). They just charge right at the waypoint even though 1 and 3 is killed in the unit - not firing, deploying or the like. Just targets. Have any of you seen this? Thanks Mark
  10. Cougar_DK

    Bugreports 2.538

    Thanks for clarifying this
  11. Cougar_DK

    Bugreports 2.538

    Were are the tutorials located? I still have an old install on my laptop and can grap the files from there :biggrin:
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