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  1. He splits like an atom. The resulting reaction, distorts time and space, and a huge rainbow sprinkle doughnut will descend from the heavens. It will be all unicorn farts and rainbows for a brief period of time, then all out apocalyptic type stuff. In the form of mutant tele-tubbies.

    I might be confused here, but through PM's I'm thinking hedge is coming to the dark side.

  2. What exactly was the ban about? There didn't seem to be anything, on any side, that was deserving of a ban. Even if it was just for 24 hours. I am definitely scratching my head over this one. The times we live in I suppose.

  3. Personally, I think it would be more effective to include language that makes it clear that by connecting to the teamspeak server, you consent to being recorded.

    What, is SB going to be a police state now?

  4. A lot of the problem, seems to stem from people getting offended by the people who are different. Some people can laugh and make jokes about life, others take it all entirely to seriously. Then they try to make everyone else conform, to their way of thinking and doing things. SB does not, for the most part, draw the softer sort. Like someone else said, there is a lot of ex-military around, and they can be pretty rough around the edges. I can say the same for myself. Political correctness is the bane of society, in my opinion, and I will not conform to it. That being said, I do not attack people or go out of my way to offend anyone. If anything I've ever said in the forums or on TS hurt somebody's feeling, my answer would be; get yourself a straw, so you can suck it up. There are some people that say things that I absolutely do not agree with, but they wouldn't know it, because I own several pair of big boy pants. And I feel that a larger majority of this community feel the same way. If anyone has to many problems with the community here at SB, leave. They make more sims and games, go play candy crush or the like. SB simulates war, and war is not pretty nor politically correct. You'll find no unicorns or rainbow sprinkles here.

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