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  1. You know, I've been around here for about 12 years now, and this is the first time anything like this has ever happened. Mainly because in the past people had thicker skins, and could deal with things like an adult. There have been many people offended by various things, and some of it was aired in the open, but in the end it was resolved and moved on from. It seems that now, the intense urge of some to be so PC, has in my opinion ruined things. The people who cause all the trouble, are the ones taking offense, to everything anybody says or does, and the rest of us suffer the penalties. I don'
  2. Geez, that's gotta be against the Geneva Convention, or The Manly rules of Warfighting. Where is E.T to say "Ouch" when you need him?
  3. I find easily offended people, offensive.
  4. Chieftain Mk10, and some SADF units (Eland, Ratel, Buffel, Oliphant.) You know simple and not much work......
  5. Hey Midge. Sometimes dropping right out the pan and into the fire is the best way to go. If you ever need any help hit us at OPFOR up on TS. Got some old guard, and we're willing to help.
  6. Big battle on Friday nights. If you need any help with the sim, us guys in OPFOR would be more than happy to help. Just give us a shout.
  7. How about an overlay option in the mission editor to see individual vehicles when you click on a platoon, or even during planning.
  8. Or, that's where that level of maturity comes in handy.
  9. I always thought a lack of over controlling asshats, helped quite a bit. Plus a level of maturity and the realization, that none of this is real.
  10. What he said. We are the OPFOR, resistance is futile.
  11. AWWWWW, that's so cute! Roguesnake and his little toy soldiers. Has a spot cleared off on the living room floor and everything.
  12. That would work, but if you have a sort of narrative for a scenario or something like that, it can make it harder to find a map to fit. Then you have to make one, which I'm sure everyone knows is a very long process if you want it to look even halfway decent. Really it was more thinking out loud, whilst waiting for coffee to kick in.
  13. Right on, I was kidding of course. A good brawl is always fun, which is what that scenario boiled down to.
  14. I was just reading the thread about map making, and something occurred to me. What about the ability to rotate a map in the mission editor. That would put a whole new perspective on a given map. At least for myself there have been many times I've looked through just about all the terrain maps looking for "the right" one, that fits a narrative, and see what I want but it needs rotated 90 degrees. For instance, to make a river with a large city frontage run north/south, instead of east/west.
  15. Vacquero


    Sounds like a plan. Maybe I might make it back over there some day. I really want to go see the "motherland" Scotland.
  16. Vacquero


    Yeah, and there's nowhere within 1000 miles of here that I can get it. That was the highlight of my trip to the UK. Drinking an Old Peculiar in the Imperial War Museum. Good beer, tanks, airplanes and artillery pieces, it was friggin great.
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