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  1. In a scenario I made for SB1, where a soviet MRB is was attacking against a reinforced company of US equipment. I had an M1 that got immobilized by a near miss by an ATGM. The rest of the company withdrew to their secondary BP's, all the while 3 companies of tanks come rolling into the little valley where my M1 was stranded. Well I jumped in the gun and started unloading, figuring I'd take a few with me. I kept firing until I took a hit that stuck the turet, and then I proceded to watch an understrength MRB unload on that helpless tank. Hit after hit the M1 took but no kill. Pretty soon I noticed several platoons of t-80's shooting their coax and HMG's at me. Then it was pretty much all the soviet equipment in the valley. I came to the realization that they'd unloaded everything they had on that one tank, and it was still alive and.... well it wasn't kicking.

  2. So stop your childishness and grow up, because you're breaking our balls and maybe more for the development team wich as other thing to do.

    Not that I agree with whomever it is causing the problems on TS. The only person or persons that are making this a problem for the devs, are the ones choosing to air their dirty laundry in public. Personal problems are best solved personally.

  3. No kiddin Hedge. Are we not grown-ups, or some semblance thereof? Why have there been multiple crybaby threads regarding this stuff? It'd be nice if people would grow the hell up and solve their problems themselves, instead of running and tattling like toddlers. I mean that for both sides of the argument. Sean has bigger problems to worry about than policing TS, which would be denying somebody their god given right to dislike somebody. Grow up people, solve your own personal problems. That's why they call it a "personal" problem.

    PS. In case nobody knows it, there is a mute option for specific players on TS. I've used it before, and I'm just a dumbass cowboy.

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