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  1. Yeah I do, but the problem is I don't enjoy SBPe anymore, single player. I can't figure out how to get my modem set up to play MP, and most of the time games are to late for me anyhow (I get up at 4:30am every morning). On top of all that my g-card dosen't like SB anymore.
  2. Well hell, is there anything else out there worth a damn, that will run on XP?
  3. Between T34 vs Tiger and Steel Fury, which is the better as far as realism and enjoyment goes? Which one looks better graphically? Which one is more user friendly?
  4. And some peoples Gheyness just increases, one point at a time. Is it possible to have gheyness rating of at least 9 or 10 Thomas?
  5. Vacquero


    My Blackmouth Curs, Woodrow and Maggie. The calf isn't mine.
  6. Doesn't a person having to ask about how Ghey they are automatically increase the subjects gheyness? I would also think that trying to implement one's own gheyness levels would automatically increase their gheyness. Dark we might have a whole new unit of gheyness to work with here, one that might surmount a Thomas. Would it be Thomas squared, or cubed? You be the judge.
  7. I saw this one thought it would work
  8. Case solved, but in an entirely different manner. Hooked up my old monitor, and set up dual display. I'm glad to hear there is a way, that's less of a pain in the ass to fix all that. @Ssnake: I don't think it's SB that was crashing per se, but my POS grapchics card. I am sorely dissapointed with it, ATI X1650pro, it will soon be replaced with an NVIDIA card.
  9. Having a problem with SB crashing in windowed mode, because of my widescreen setting I think. So I changed the resolution to what I thought would work, well I was wrong. Set it to 1400X1050, and I can't see the bottom part of the screen. Therefore I cannot change the damned resoulution because I can't find the 'OK'. What can I do?
  10. My job, my Cur dogs, guns, and some leather work.
  11. Thanks Tacbat. Fixed it. Had to reseat one of my RAM sticks, found that one out on ASK Leo I think. I guess the one beep was a POST code. Although I have no idea what was wrong, or exactly how moving a stick of RAM fixed the problem, it's fixed. Yay!
  12. Not really SB related, but I know there are a few guys around here that know their buisness. This morning shortly after getting up, I was surfin the net and my PC froze up. I tried ctrl+alt+del but in the end I had to use the reboot button on my PC. Now when I try to turn it back on, it just beeps at me constantly and nothing comes up on the monitor. The beep is one long one, about 3 to 4 seconds. If I need to provide more info let me know.
  13. Hell yeah. I thought you were in Afghanistan again..... Que es?
  14. Hey LS! Nice to see you around. The Battledog tradition carries on, as I got a new pup. She likes to lay next to the subwoofer to.
  15. We are never done! We're just......... um...... done.
  16. I found it while trying to find some comfy shoes. I allways liked tanks and such, it is the calvary you know. I bought it then and there but I didn't get to play it for about 3 months, since I was out on a wagon in Arizona. After I got home though, I dove in. Played SP for three years until the summer of '04, I think it was, then jumped in feet first in MP. Got my ass handed to me for quite some time, but that's the best way to learn. Got PE right about the time it was released. Haven't played MP much since.
  17. Here's something weird, I can open it now. I imported a breifing, then deleted it..... only it didn't delete. But the scenario loads now, I'll keep holding my breath.
  18. I think it would be nice to get the PC's and dismounts working together. I hate it when computer controlled PC's run off and leave their dismounts, or when a PC get's hit and the infantry just sit's there. Plus I'd like to see the option to set number of tubes for pre plotted artillery strikes.
  19. Got Fraps on the problem. Well with my scenario (the new one) I get no error message in the editor, it just crashes back to either the menu or desktop. I tried A Patrol on the Plains (Scenario by Werewolf) got a screenie. Error starting new game..... That's the error message. edit; I ended up getting the same error message for my scenario.
  20. It's not even showing an error message now. I changed the theme, and it still didn't work? I'll see if I can get fraps to work though.
  21. Ok yesterday, I could open that scenario I couldn't open. I restarted the whole operation anyhow, and now it won't open. This makes the whole idea of SB less than attractive. I edited the scenario in Beta and Beta only.
  22. This is really a recent development, right after the Beta was released I made the rounds pretty heavy duty and all was well. What get's me is the fact that it will crash on one scenario one day, and won't the next. Sometimes it's even a matter of 20 or 30 minutes, between when it won't and when it will, and then there are some that never work.
  23. Yeah, it usually pops an error message up on SB, but to quickly to see what it says.
  24. No worky. No tellin what's the prob, thanks though.
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