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  1. Yeah it's all been through the Beta install. For some reason I haven't even touched the 2.328 version for a long time. I was able to open it in the editor, but if I tried to test it crashed. Same goes for several other scenarios, including stock scenarios that came with SB. I dunno, me stumped!

  2. For some reason I'm having problems with scenarios not loading up. I try to open one up, it goes through all the loading screens, then an error message pops up for about 1/16th of a second, and it's back to the main menu. It doesn't seem to be prejudiced as to which scenarios it will and won't open. One day it won't open one, the next it will. This is happening with the Beta and 3.265 or whatever it is. What gives?

  3. Right now I have an old Dell P991, that everything I can find says is a 19" flat crt. Alas the old beast is trying to die on me, and I'm thinking about buying an LCD monitor. I'm thinking I want to get a 20" or 21", but I don't know about the wide screen aspect. I seem to remember hearing that wide screens tend to look like stomped dog feces on regular resolutions, as in they stretch stuff out to make it fit. On top of all that, does SB work with a wide screen? Thanks in advance.

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