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  1. Hi, I work with an operation on a large maps with many details I experience frameraten down to 3.6-4.2. My memory, ram, grafic card is low loaded (less 40%) and dosn't seem to be the bottleneck. I reduced graphics detail settings (like shadow, stars etc) to minimum. Does any have an idea what other than reduce map and details can help me. I aim at a frame rate above 15. KKNISPEL
  2. until

  3. Cant join you this week. Have a good sim
  4. missed family dinner Sunday, unforetunately need to prioritize this, so I can't join anyway
  5. can I email it? I have restrictions on sharing?
  6. Hi Gibson, yes, fire at 1500meter (due to leo penetration). Actually just added them to mission without changing the fire control. They shoot 1 round and then silence
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