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  1. This may have been discussed before but which rounds (in SB) are known to contain DU? Thanks
  2. Sorry folks, am going to have to bail on this one, sorry
  3. We are talking about Germany in the 21st century. The centre if the Euro and the one of the richest countries in the world. Not Somalia! I find it unbelievable that the access to methods of payment like credit and debit cards is any different in Germany than to here in the UK. There may well be a cultural reason as to why electronic money is less trusted and less used but it is still available freely. If folks are unwilling to put a bit of effort in or do not want do because of personal reasons that's fine. But dont dress it up as any other reason.
  4. Maybe i was too dismissive. And I should not have commented on esims relationships with its customers but I have tried to help and now just believe some are being awkward to try and make a point.
  5. Fine. I just find it hard to believe you can not use your regular bank card to make a purchase. I can understand wanting the extra security offered by a CC. Or the personal convenience of using PayPal. But FFS we are talking about 40 euro payment to a reputable company for a unique product. If doing things a little differently than you are used to is too much then it's your loss no one else's. I doubt esim will miss your custom. At the end of the day they don't have to offer SB as a commercial product and the amount of crap like this Ssnake has to put up with around the time of updates would test the patience of a saint. I would have given up long before now.
  6. What on earth do people want esim to provide? Their ecommerce service will work with credit and debit cards. This is a pretty standard practice. As paying by cash and bartering with bloody donkeys isnt an option what other system do you think there should be???
  7. Man everyone else is looking forwards and I'm just looking backwards for old coldwar stuff. Happy to wait for another update though
  8. It's only been 6 years. (besides the more we mention the CR2, the more the subliminal thoughts will get into Ssnakes head that the model in SB needs finishing)
  9. I just thought I would resurrect this post as there has been a bit of interest on another post about internal pics of a CR2 Might be of interest to some
  10. I know this is quickly becoming a critique of the European banking sector but do not most bankcards have a visa or maestro element? I'm sure you could pay with that. If not how on earth do you cope in the 21st century? Places in the UK are beginning to look at you like you have herpes when you pay with cash.
  11. I'm 70% i'll be around tonight at the usual time. If the original mission stands i would be better off in a CV90 as I'm hella rusty in a Leo
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