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  1. Anyone else going to Tiger Day this week?
  2. I would happily volunteer to help run a stand at any UK events. If it helps I've got a XXXXL Cat Woman suit if that helps on the Cosplay front too
  3. I would happily volunteer to help run a stand at any UK events. If it helps I've got a XXXXL Cat Woman suit if that helps on the Cosplay front too
  4. This looks awesome. I always wondered how an SB demo stand would go down at Tank Fest at Bovington and other Tanky events around Europe
  5. Done anyone know the full results of Iron Spear 2019? I know Germany won but would be interesting to know the full scoring
  6. Indeed. and although my original post was a little tongue in cheek it is only natural Armies do what they can to protect their men and materiel from all threats. And as Ssnake said. In combat the last think you want is a level playing field you want to know your going to beat the other guy. I think hedge hit the nail on the head. How mature and reliable are these technologies? How fragile are they? Do they increase the maintenance and downtimes of the vehicles, do they increase the workload of the crew? How much more specialist support do they need in the field? History teaches us that newer technologies rarely live up to the manufacturers claims in war (look at the Royal Navies issues with Sea Wolf and Sea Dart in the Falklands) This is what makes simulation such a valuable tool.
  7. I'm not that clued up on the latest generation of AFVs out there but after reading up about the T14 and some of the newer bells and whistles available to AFVs in general always makes me think of a story from my youth... Picture it, Mid 80's and the Hoggydog family are off to buy a new car. Soon the choice at the local dealer is whittled down to two Rover SD1s. Both are test driven I and my mother are impressed with the Red one as it has a radio cassette player, electric windows and sunroof and is an automatic. The other is a more basic model. Same car but without the extras listed above. Guess which one my dad bought? That is right the more basic one. "The more there is on a car, the more there is to go wrong and that costs time and money" were his words. This works with all things, With all these radars, laser bafflers, hard kill systems and technology crammed into these vehicles you increase the amount of servicing and the level of expertise needed to carry out these tasks. You put more workload onto the crew and you increase the logistical nightmare in keeping these vehicles in a battle ready state. And the other issue is that much of this tech (sensors in particular) have to be on the exterior of the vehicle and would be vulnerable to small arms/artillery/environmental damage. That stuff is going to go wrong. Just give me a 120mm rifled gun, some Dorchester armour, slap it on a 30 year old chassis and I will see off any iTank! (it probably will need an OS update before firing its gun anyway!)
  8. I shall endevour to make this one, Need a bit more SB in my life Happy to slot in wherever the actress or the bishop requests.
  9. Sounds like you had a dodgy batch of rounds.
  10. I think this randomness is a good thing. Remember in RL there are many issues that could cause these issues to happen, a faulty missile in the case of the TOW or a poorly riveted or welded armour joint in the 25mm issue causing significant spalling in the vehicle. Sometimes the result isn't always what the book (or the weapon manufacturer) says it will be.
  11. This is an example of why SB is a perfect training and demonstration tool.
  12. Thanks for the clarification Jartsev. Would you know what TPKU (Or ТПКУ) Stands for?
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