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  1. Wow, 13 years for a thread resuscitation that has to be a record? The various models of T72 (T-72A is my goto) are still personal favorites of mine along with the rest of the Soviet/Russian crewable gear. I find it vary rare I create a scenario not built around a Soviet MRB now. However give a man a crewable T72 and soon he will want that all elusive T64!
  2. I have a number of scenarios just for chilling in. Mainly in some of the vehicles with gorgeous interiors
  3. Hmmm, Hedge's attempt at humour seems to have missed the mark by some margin. That's you on Santa Ssnakes naughty list Hedge!
  4. Jeyzus! Is he still butthurt over the criticism his SB preview video got a while back???
  5. Hi guys, I'm afraid I will have to pull out this week due to real life issues. I believe Crusty is unavailable also.
  6. Just found out CMSF2 and a number of expansions are heading to Steam and other digital DL providers very soon.
  7. I don't think you'll ever get anything with the fidelity of SB in a WWII sim. Remember SB is primarily an active military training tool. Unless you have a time machine, there is no market for that in regards to WWII equipment. I'm not saying there can not be a good WWII Tank sim. Just it will be very different from SB as it will be being made entirely for a commercial market
  8. Sorry folks I'm a doubtful for tonight. If that changes I'll see you at 7. If not start without me.
  9. Hmmm, although I would love CR2 to get this level of upgrade, I'm not holding my breath.
  10. That is almost exactly what I'm looking for. ( a few km over to the ENE) what is the original source?
  11. Thanks guys. I'm guessing what i was looking for (an OS 1:25000 equivalent paper map of the Fulda area) doesn't really exist. The more I learn about Germany the more I'm intrigued.
  12. So what is the most common commercially available map scale 1:50,000?
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