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  1. Don't forget just how clueless you are about SB too Hedge
  2. hoggydog

    Button Boxes

    Works like a dream for DCS and other things build quality is good too with a nice long lead. However, trying to get SB to accept more than one controller requires more Joy2key fuckery than i have time for atm. Someone did post an excellent tutorial on how to do it elswhere on the forum I just need to find the will and the time.
  3. Thanks Ssnake. I had come across the village of Burkardroth (and the wooded hills to its west) as Team Yankees . At the moment that seems like the most likely place unless anyone else has further info. Shame its just off the bottom of the current SB Fulda map.
  4. I have always had a bit of an obsession with Team Yankee (it was one of the first propper novels I ever read) and have always wanted to pin down the real locations that the fictional ones in the book were based on. I have come across an interview with the author in which he describes the location for Team Yankees first battle but unfortunately I can not understand one of the key words. If you watch the video from around 2:30 he is describing an area between Fulda and Shweinfurt and all I can hear is "horror row" Maybe it makes some sense to either native Germans or old cold war vets?? Hope someone can help. Ben
  5. hoggydog

    is SB my new sim

    Welcome to the best tank sim in the world!
  6. Hi guys, I'm a maybe for this one, Happy with an M1 Ben
  7. Some of us old UK armour boys meet up on the odd Thurday evening. It may become more regular if real life permits
  8. I need to set a day aside to have a good look at this. I have a control handle, joystick and button box i want to get working all together. Thanks for the tutorial. I'll let you know how i get on.
  9. A contact report button would be useful (when working without enemy map updates) once pressed it would give you a co-ordinate report on all current enemy contacts.
  10. Thanks Rota, User error again. I thought i was recording .wav files but my PC was converting them to some other shitty format.
  11. There appears to be a button to add a file type for a mission event. I presume this is to add an audio file however i can not seem to get this to work, nor have i seen it use in any scenario. Is this feature live and if so, what format does an audio file need to be in?
  12. Watched you playing this the other night. Looks an awesome mission.
  13. It does indeed have it's flaws but it's very much a work in progress. I think it still hold promise and the groundwork already there is sound. Steel Fury is an awesome WWII game but I can't get it to work on my system anymore.
  14. Why is the basic M1 model in game not in the MERDC camo scheme? I presume the plain green is historical but what is the context to this?
  15. A strange list. I know all list of this type are subjective but this is plain weird
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