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  1. Many years ago I toyed with using a gamepad for "simulating" the CR2s gunner handle. The problem i had at the time was you were unable to assign different control axes to the two different thumbpads. I now believe this is possible. using the Alt-C dialog.
  2. I hope that modular construction method will make it easier to bring other Soviet/Russian vehicles into the playable fold soon.
  3. The T-72 variants are still my favorite vehicles in the game. Top marks eSim.
  4. Hi, This is my answers as a long time user: 1) Not any time soon. The night aspects of the sim including lighting effects is something on the main wish list but any major improvement is unlikely to be seen in the next year or so. 2) Probably, eSim tend to keep news of any new vehicles in updates quite secret until the last minute. The T- series is a popular addition to the game so i think they would try to provide more. My bets (hopes!) are on playable late T-55 variants & T-64/T-80 but that's just a guess.
  5. Do you have any links for the manufacturer?
  6. Try the same questionnaire but replace M113 with Warrior
  7. hoggydog


    This is very sad, he was a big part of getting me re-introduced to SB after a long time away. His legendary ability to find his vehicles in water when crossing bridges or to end up arguing with his dismounts over where they should be always kept me amused. He lives on in the UK voice pack as the PC commander I believe.
  8. This was one of the best online games I've had in a long while.
  9. I think I'll be ok, me and hedge are meeting up 8pm on saturday to make sure ive got the comms set up and i should have a live gunner to simplify fighting the tank.
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