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  1. It's been a little while in coming but here's in my Tank simpit work in progress. It consists of AFVsim CR2 gunners control handle CH Combat stick BBJ button box A PC past it's prime. I still need to map some of the controls and sort out attaching the button box to the desk or PC but I'm happy with it so far.
  2. sorry for the late reply, I think armament first, crewable if possible
  3. What would folks use as a Rosomak proxy?
  4. hoggydog

    Button Boxes

    Are you telling me sewing skills are not required in the Australian military? When I joined the Royal Navy we had to bring quite a comprehensive sewing kit and were taught basic uniform repairs!
  5. hoggydog

    Button Boxes

    ordered this one, it seemed a reasonable price. Let's see how it works
  6. hoggydog

    Button Boxes

    Does anyone use a button box? Any issues or tips for using one?
  7. Thanks guys. and thanks for that excellent article/letter.
  8. Were the gunshields used in Europe?
  9. Hi folks, I'm looking for any decent images or videos (or books) about the M577 in American service. If anyone k is of a good image and or info website please let me know.
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