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  1. Yes I understand static IPs, and I know a PC get served a new IP every time it restarts, and not the router. My PC has used since I've set up my internet, so regardless of if I have a Static IP actually set or not, it's yet to change, so it's a non-issue for now.
  2. Rotareneg you are a legend. That actually worked, for the first time in my Steel Beasts ownership I've gotten it to work. Thanks heaps man. *It also may have been due to me going into options > network and setting it from All Available to just IPv4, either way thanks everyone for the help.
  3. I won't come on today, but I might this week or so. Could you leave the TS IP in this thread for me? Thanks
  4. Yeah I retrieved that local IP from cmd ipconfig
  5. Well here are my current settings. Any more suggestions before I need to come on TS to fix this?
  6. I tried port forwarding to my internal port, both my default gateway and also my internal IPv4. Neither allowed my friend to connect unfortunately.
  7. Would you be able to tell me here why it's wrong? I might not have time to join up on TS :\ Also I don't have a static IP address but I've added the rules today without a restart to my router. I'd really prefer to not have to ring up Telstra again to try and get a static IP set up. Last time I did they were too incompetent to actually do it, and since I'm on NBN, the option to add it through the account isn't present. And yes I know I am doing this because I am trying to host.
  8. Hello, does anyone have experience with port forwarding with Telstra? I've tried countless variations of the port forwarding and nothing works. canyouseeme.com can't see my ports, friends cannot connect to me etc. Here is a picture of my current port forwarding settings. I would put a port range for 2300-2400 however the Telstra modem doesn't actually support port ranges. Obviously the best ISP in Australia /s. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with port forwarding with a Telstra router (Technicolor TG800vac) ? I can't find much in terms of other forums or anything like that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Never mind, my dongle arrived this afternoon! Sorry to trouble you guys, but thanks for the speedy replies. I'll hope to play with you guys later on if I can, but I also have; Far Cry 3, Metro Last Light and Flaming Cliffs to play. Anyway, thanks again
  10. It's all sent, should be in your email account. Hah, tbh I don't really follow the NRL, or any sport for that matter, either.
  11. Great to hear! I'll send an email about the demo license now. And the last sentence was a reference to State of Origin. :'P
  12. So I CAN get a demo license, even though I've already purchased the game? I didn't think I'd be allowed to. I'm in Queensland btw. How many in a row are we up to now?
  13. Alright, thanks for that. I don't suppose there'd be any change of me being able to get a demo license? I'm just really anxious to play.
  14. Hi First of all, sorry if this is the wrong thread Anyway, I ordered my dongle 2 weeks ago on Wednesday, and it still hasn't arrived. I live in Australia, and I was just wondering if there was any reason that it could be taking so long? I'm very anxious to play. Thanks
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